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Sunday, December 18, 2011

GJYM to organise rally in hills and Siliguri ....Barla makes U turn on catcall

GJYM meeting in Mungpoo
D.K.Waiba, KalimNews, Mungpoo, 18 December: "Nothing can stop us from demanding Gorkhaland and it is the only issue of GJYM". "We will start our agitation in an intellectual and technical way", declared the Youth Secretary Priyawardan Rai of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha during a meeting in Mungpoo.
Priyawardan Rai
In the meeting as expected and announced earlier Bimal Gurung GJM President was not present nor any of the top brass leaders except Asha Gurung, GJNM President. She relaesed 'Gorkhaland' the magazine of GJYM , 'Samarpan' an audio cassette and GJYM and T shirts inscribed " I am Bimal" In the meeting GJYM announced its series of agitational programme. From 1st January a month long signature campaign and from 7th January organising of public meeting in hills and plains were the highlights (On 7th January at Kurseong, On 15th at Mirik, On 22nd at Kalimpong, On 29th January at Siliguri and on 5th February at Darjeeling)of the programme . On 12th February it will again declare the future course of action, declared Rai in the meeting.
Barud Thapa a central committee leader of GJYM also threatend the government that if its demand is unheard then government may face security problem as this area is located in the sensitive border area. 
Rally plan for statehood - Siliguri among venues of Morcha meetings
VIVEK CHHETRI, TT, Mungpoo, Dec. 18: The youth wing of the Gorkha Janmuki Morcha today announced a series of public meetings to “strengthen its grassroots” and a signature campaign, as part of its statehood agitation.

The agitation programme till February unveiled at a Yuwa Morcha public meeting in Mungpoo does not have any strikes or blockades, though it includes a meeting in Siliguri.
The rallies in the hills are expected to be free of trouble, especially when the Morcha, jointly with the government, is trying its best to woo tourists to the hills.
The Darjeeling Tea and Tourism Festival has been lined up from December 20 till January 5 to extend the winter tourism, which is usually confined to the Christmas-New Year calendar.
But the meeting in Siliguri on January 29 might stoke up tension as in the past. Any attempt by the Morcha to hold a public event in Siliguri had been ruled out by the administration, on the fear that it would face local resistance.
Observers believe there will be no breach of peace if the Yuwa Morcha decides to hold the meeting in Pintail Village or any other place on the outskirts of Siliguri. “It all depends on the selection of the venue,” said an observer.
The youth wing’s posturing at the Mungpoo meet was more directed at the Centre. “We are trying to send a message to the Centre and they should take our agitation seriously. Else, this small agitation (today’s meeting) could turn out to be something unmanageable,” Yuwa Morcha general secretary Priyabardan Rai told the rally. “The Morcha cannot be fooled like other parties. In the past, hill leaders had accepted the Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council only to see three new states of Jharkhand, Uttarakhand and Chhattisgarh being formed.”
The Yuwa Morcha has lined up its public meetings in Kurseong on January 7 and Mirik on January 15. The Kalimpong rally will be held on January 22. The last meeting in this phase of the agitation will be in Darjeeling on February 5.
At the meeting, Rai said: “Our agitation will start by strengthening our grassroots and we will hold a series of public meetings across the hills. We have not yet forgotten the Sibchu firing (in which three Morcha supporters were killed) and the lathi-charge on our ex-servicemen (in Siliguri). “We will also start a signature campaign across the hills and the plains for a month from January 1 (for statehood).”

Asha Gurung at the meeting in Mungpoo on Sunday. Picture by Suman Tamang
Party president Bimal Gurung and other senior Morcha leaders like Roshan Giri were absent from the Mungpoo rally. But prominent faces of the Nari Morcha, including Gurung’s wife Asha Gurung, were on the dais.
The Yuwa Morcha had announced its plan to renew the Gorkhaland movement on November 22 after the Uttar Pradesh Assembly passed a resolution for the division of state into four.
Jiten Rai, the vice-president of the Yuwa Morcha, said: “It must be understood that the demand of Gorkhaland is the oldest in the country; much older than the cry for Telangana.”

Barla U-turn after catcall - Tribal leader says growth, not GATA, is his priority
ANIRBAN CHOUDHURY, TT, Kalchini (Alipurduar), Dec. 18: Tribal leader John Barla today said his priority was to work for the development of the adivasis after a section of community leaders cut short his speech in a meeting and demanded that he should spell out concrete proposals.
Barla said working for the tribals now preceded his pursuing the formation of the Gorkha Adivasi Territorial Administration (GATA), a set-up that seeks to include the Dooars-Terai region in an arrangement for the hills.
The dissident leader’s announcement comes a day after he was expelled from Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad for batting for GATA without the state committee’s approval. Local leaders of the Parishad today confronted Barla at a meeting here and wanted to know what his priorities were.
A commotion among the 150 odd Parishad and tribal trade union members could be heard from outside the Kalchini Athletic hall club soon after Barla began to speak. The media had not been allowed inside. Barla was forced to stop. The sound system was then switched off and the meeting progressed till 4.20pm.
Sources in the meeting said angry Parishad members wanted to hear from Barla about a movement that would benefit the tribals. “We have to chalk out our priorities. What is the aim of the Parishad? Is it GATA? Or is it the Sixth Schedule? We have been fleeting from one issue to the other. The Gorkhas have struggled for years. Why should we give up our struggle so soon,” said a member of the Progressive Tea Workers’ Union, an affiliate of the Parishad.
After the meeting, Barla, told the media there was some confusion among the audience about the way the movement was going.
“I will now work solely for the development of the adivasis living in the Terai and the Dooars and not concentrate on GATA. On December 21, we will have a meeting at Banarhat where we will discuss how the PTWU would proceed.”
Asked why Barla was called to a Parishad meeting when he has been expelled, trade union leader Basant Bhagwar said it had been planned much earlier. “Besides, he is a trade union leader as well. He is the chairperson of the joint action committee of the trade union of the Parishad and the Morcha.”
“We had convened the meeting to discuss the manner in which the other trade unions (Citu, Intuc) are causing confusion among the garden workers and eroding our support base,” he said.
Earlier during the day Barla had told The Telegraph that he was “not bothered” about his expulsion. “I am feeling relaxed. I have no immediate plans to form a new organisation. I plan to go to Delhi in the first week of January and meet Somji Bhai Damor, the president of the Parishad’s central committee. I will apprise him of the ground reality in the Terai and the Dooars,” he said.
On Friday, some adivasi leaders of the Dooars had threatened to form a new wing of the Parishad if Barla was expelled. It would be named the North Bengal Adivasi Vikas Parishad, they had said.
जलढाका उच्चतर माध्यमिक् बिधालयको वाषिर्क खेलकुद सम्पन्न
मनि तामङ,कालिमन्युज,जलढाका१८ दिसम्बर| जलढाका उच्चतर बिधालयको वाषिर्क खेलकुद शुक्रबार सम्पन्न भयो| सोही अवसरमा बिधालयले दक्षिण सिक्किम न्युलाइट एकाडेमीका प्राचार्य् लोपसाङ लामालाई सम्बर्द्धना पनि जनायो| बिधालयकै खेल मैदानमा आयोजित उक्त कार्यक्रमको मुख्य अथिती लोपसाङ लामा रहेका थिए| विशिष्ट अतिथीको रुपमा कुमुदिनी बिधाश्रमका उपप्राचार्य वाइ एस घिसिङ रहेका थिए| जलढाका थाना प्रभारी दावा सेर्पा,गोजमुमो तोदे ताङ्ता जोनल समितीका अध्यक्ष मिङमर लामा आदीको उपस्थिति रहेको खेलकुद समारोहमा बिधार्थीहरुले एकसय मिटर दौड, स्कीपिङ, रिले रेस आदी खेलहरुमा अंशग्रहण गरेका थिए|
कार्यक्रम अवधिमै बिधालयले शिक्षण पेशामा समाजलाई दिएको योगदानको कदर गर्दै दक्षिण सिक्किम न्युलाइट एकाडेमीका प्राचार्य लोपसाङ लामालाई प्रशस्ती पत्र,स्मृति चिन्ह प्रदान गरि सम्बर्द्धना जनायो|सम्बर्द्धना पत्र सह शिक्षिक अरुण कुमार राईले पठन गरे|कार्यक्रमका प्रमुख आर्कसण कुमुदिनी होम्सका व्याण्ड प्रर्दशनि रहेको थियो|व्याण्ड टोलीले व्याण्ड प्रर्दशनि गरेर दर्शकहरुलाई मुग्ध पारे|उक्त व्याण्ड प्रर्दशनि जलढाकाको इतिहासमा प्रथमचोटी आयोजना भएको थियो|यता बिधालयको वार्षिक पारितोषिक पनि यसै दिन बितरण गरियो भने खेलकुदमा पहिलो,दोस्रो अनि तेस्रो बनेका बिधार्थीहरुलाई मुख्य अथिती अनि अन्य अतिथिहरुको बाहुलीबाट बितरण गरियो|कार्यक्रमलाई शह शिक्षिक सागर छेत्री अनि बरशा तामङले संचालन गरेका थिए भने,स्वागत सम्बोधन प्रधानअध्यापक प्रकास चन्द्र राईले राखेका थिए|

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