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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

GNLF back in Kalimpong ... छैटौं अनुसूची, प्राधिकरण स्वायत्त शासन नै हो-सासद पाठक ... श्रेष्ट गोर्खाहरूको मत संग्रहको निम्ति असममा व्यस्त... RSP leader assaulted, finger at Morcha

Headline News, KalimNews: GNLF supporters and leaders of Kalimpong came back to Kalimpong this afternoon in 44 vehicles from Siliguri and other areas.Most of the GNLF leaders and activists had left the place fearing attack by GJM cadres. In view of the forthcoming assembly election they are back for good. 

Meanwhile Tshering Sherpa former councillor of DGHC who hails from Kafer area of 24th Constituency rejoined GNLF resigning from ABGL.
Saman Pathak Rajya Sabha MP visited Kalimpong and addressed a press conference. Addressing the conference Pathak said that CPM is in favour of regional autonomy of Sixth schedule proposed by center and GRA proposed by GJM. He further said that status of linguistic minority should be granted to all the Gorkhas of India.
Repeating the statement of Pranab Mukherjee, Finance  Minister CK Kumai of GNLF said in Kalimpong that GNLF is always in favour of Sixth schedule proposed by the center.
Report of attacking an independent candidate Shibani Oraon backed by CPIM(L) in Patibari divison of Lish river TE - Western Dooars by ABAVP supporters is filed  to Returning Officer of Malabazar.
Shibu Soren JMM Chief is coming for election campaign at Hasimara, Birpara, Nagarkatta, Chalsa, Mal and Kalchini from 13th April to 15th March. 5 candidates of ABAVP backed by JMM are contesting in seats of Dooars 
GNLF returns with rally numbers -Making presence felt with 2000
VIVEK CHHETRI AND RAJEEV RAVIDAS, TT, April 6: The GNLF today managed to mobilise more than 2,000 supporters in the hills who snaked their way through Darjeeling and Kalimpong after three years with the message that it was not yet ready to be written off in the region.
Not that there was no GNLF activity in the past few weeks. Subash Ghisingh’s outfit had brought out rallies in Kurseong and Mirik in recent times. Around 100 party supporters had also brought out a procession in Darjeeling town when Bhim Subba, the party’s candidate for Darjeeling, filed his nominations.
But today was the first time the GNLF organised a proper rally in Darjeeling and also in Kalimpong since 2007.
The rally in Darjeeling, led by Subba with nearly 2,000 supporters started from Ghoom-Bhanjyang, 11km from town, and meandered its way to Batasia before turning around and ending the show at 14th Mile near Rangbull. A district intelligence official said there were more than 1,600 people in the Darjeeling rally alone.
In Kalimpong a convoy of 40-odd vehicles carrying nearly 500 GNLF activists rolled into the town this morning, effectively kick-starting its election campaign for the Assembly seat where its candidate Prakash Dahal is locked in a five-cornered contest. While the Morcha has fielded Harka Bahadur Chhetri from the seat, the Left Front candidate is Bikram Chhetri. Tribhuban Rai of the ABGL and the Congress’s Santi Kumar Sharma complete the candidate bandwagon for the constituency.
In fact, the contest is five-cornered for Darjeeling as well where the Morcha has fielded Trilok Dewan and the Congress, Nakul Chandra Chettri. Madan Tamang’s widow Bharati Tamang is the ABGL candidate for the constituency where the CPM has fielded K.B. Wattar.
Some of the GNLF leaders have set foot in the hills after more than three years. They were forced to leave or rather hounded out after the Morcha started running its writ in the region. Most of them have been living in Siliguri since.
In Kalimpong, the convoy of vehicles with GNLF flags on them went straight to Shaheed Park at 10th Mile where the party leaders, including Kalimpong candidate Dahal, former Kalimpong municipality chairman C.K. Kumai, former councillors Roshan Rai and Dawa Sherpa, and Maurice Kalikotey, interacted with the journalists.
Tshering Sherpa, who had quit the GNLF and joined the ABGL last year, was also part of the group.
Dahal later told The Telegraph that Tshering Sherpa, who is also a former councillor, had rejoined the GNLF. “Many people from Kalimpong had come to take us from Siliguri. We have come back for good, and there is no question of returning (to Siliguri),” he said. Kumai also echoed Dahal. “Even after the elections are over, we will stay. We have come back to our homes to live in peace,” he said to the applause of party activists.
The GNLF’s sudden spurt in activities is also expected to start another round of battle among anti-Morcha parties in the hills. Till date the CPRM and ABGL were considered the two largest parties in the region after the Morcha but observers believe that the Assembly elections would be the final test of each party’s strength.
Dahal sounded confident of doing well in the polls but many believe that the GNLF role lies more in giving a good fight to the Morcha.
“The GNLF might give a good fight especially in Kurseong subdivision but it needs to be seen whether they can really overthrow the Morcha there. In Darjeeling and Kalimpong, the GNLF still has to mobilise its supporters better,” said an observer.
GNLF sources said there was a possibility of party president Ghisingh reaching Mirik on April 9 before addressing a meeting in Darjeeling on April 14.
Bengal minister lampoons Mamata's 'secret formula'
IANS, Kolkata :Lacing wit with sarcasm, a West Bengal minister Tuesday attacked Mamata Banerjee for her knack of blaming the state's Left Front government at every opportunity, and offered to hand over the reins of the state to her for three months for solving the state's problems with her "secret formula".
State Housing Minister Gautam Deb, who has been in the forefront of the Marxist counter-assault on the aggressive Trinamool supremo, took pot shots at Banerjee's claim of bringing peace in Jungle Mahal (Maoist-affected forest areas of western districts West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia) and the hills in the north within three months.
"If she can really bring peace in three months, then we will request her to become the chief minister for three months and bring the much needed peace. I will request the chief minister (Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee) to hand over the reins to her for three months," he said.
"If on her call, the Maoists drop their guns and take up harmoniums and start singing 'bhajans', then she must be given a chance," he said.
Taking a further dig at the firebrand leader, Deb said: "I wonder what is her secret formula? Not only do the Maoists listen to her, but also the Gorkha Janmukhti Morcha (GJM) leadership, that has extended olive branch only to her."
"She should share her secret formula with all. The whole country will be benefited," added Deb.
The GJM has been spearheading the movement for a separate Gorkhaland state to be carved out of parts of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts.
In an over-hour long media conference, Deb used audio visual clips to offer a point by point rebuttal of Banerjee's allegations.
Reacting to her claim that the Maoists were the product of the CPI-M, Deb said: "The Maoist leaders openly say they want her to be the chief minister. She openly meets them. How can then she claim that they are products of the CPI-M?"
Deb, at his sarcastic best, described the Trinamool Congress as a brain dead party.
Returning Banerjee's jibe that the CPI-M was in coma, he said: "If we are in coma, then her party has suffered brain death. A comatose patient can wake up, but not a brain dead patient."
"If we are like a comatose patient, then why is she bad mouthing us? Shouldn't she respect such a patient? Who on earth bad mouths such a person?" he asked.

विधानसभा चुनाउको बहानामा- फर्किए गोरामुमो नेताहरू आफ्नो घर
आरोहण, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,6 अप्रेल । गोजमुमोले सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउन नसक्ने भएपछि नै हामी पहाड़ आएका हौं। मोर्चालाई मौका दिइयो, किन भने मोर्चा गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउँछु भनेर गठन गरिएको थियो। गोर्खाल्याण्डको विरोघ कुनै पनि गोरामुमो नेताले गर्न नसक्ने भएकोले सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउनेलाई बाटो छोड़िदिएका थियौं। तर उनीहरू पनि सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउन नसक्ने भएपछि अनि प्राधिकरणमा झरेपछि पार्लियामेन्टमा अल्झिएर बसेको छैटौं अनुसूचीलाई नै पारित गराउन गोरामुमो अघि आएको हो-तीनवर्षपछि कालेबुङ टेकेका गोरामुमो नेता सी.के कुमाइले शहीदपार्कबाट भने।

छैटौं अनुसूचीको मुद्दाको कारण नै पहाड़बाट निर्वासित गोरामुमो नेताहरूलाई छैटौं अनुसूचीले नै गृह प्रवेश गरायो। विधानसभा चुनाउ र यसको निम्ति लागू गरिएको चुनाउ आचार संहिताको भरपुर फाइदा उठाउँदै कालेबुङका निर्वासित गोरामुमो नेताहरूले आज आफ्नो घरको आँगन टेके। छैटौं अनुसूचीको दाबी गर्दा गोरामुमोलाई जात फुटाउने अनि बहुसंख्यक र अल्पसंख्यकबीच फोटो ल्याउने कुटनीति राजनैतिक वर्चस्वको निम्ति अप्नाएको आरोप लागेको थियो। जनताको आकांक्षा नरहेको छैटौं अनुसूचीको विरोध गर्दै सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउने हुङ्‌कार गर्दै विमल गुरूङले गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चा गठन गरेपछि मोर्चाले सबै गोरामुमो नेताहरूलाई पहाड़बाट लखेटेको थियो।

crpf at kpg.jpgयता गोरामुमोले दाबी गरेको छैटौं अनुसूचीको मुद्दा पार्लियामेन्टमा बीलकोरूपमा प्रस्तुत भइसकेको थियो तर यसको निम्ति दलीय अनि जनसहमतिको खॉंचोको कारण यो मुद्दा थॉंतीमा रहेको थियो। थॉंतीमा रहेको छैटौं अनुसूचीको बील पारित गर्नुपर्ने माग गर्दै अहिले गोरामुमोले दलीय वर्चस्व स्थापित गर्ने प्रयास गरिरहेको छ। विधानसभा चुनाउमा अंशग्रहण गर्दै गोरामुमोले पहाड़ भित्रिने कार्यक्रमलाई तीब्रता दिइरहेको छ। आज कालेबुङका खॉंटी गोरामुमो नेताहरू जसलाई यहॉंबाट विभिन्न प्रताड़ना दिएर खेदाइएको थियो, उनीहरूले कालेबुङ टेके। मोठ 47 वटा वाहनमा लगभग चारसय समर्थकहरूसित  गोरामुमोका नेताहरू सी.के कुमाई, मौरिस कालिकोटे,रोशन राई,दावा शेर्पा, छिरिङ शेर्पा तथा अन्य स्थायीरूपले कालेबुङ बस्न आइपुगे। उनीहरूको सुरक्षाको निम्ति अर्धसैनिक बललाई प्रशासनले तैनाथ गरेको थियो। पूर्ण सुरक्षासित आइपुगेका गोरामुमो नेताहरूले तीनवर्षपछि कालेबुङ देख्न पाए।
दस माइलको शहीदपार्कमा शहिदहरूलाई श्रद्दा चढ़ाउन वाहनबाट उत्रिएका गोरामुमो नेताहरूमध्ये केन्द्रिय समिति सचिव सी.के.कुमाईले मीडियालाई सम्बोधन गरे। तिनले भने, हाम्रो माग छैटौं अनुसूचीको आधारमा दार्जीलिङ हिल काउन्सिल हो। सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड हुँदैन भनेर अनि छैटौं अनुसूचीबाटै गएर अन्यत्र राज्य गठन भएको इतिहासलाई पछ्‌याउँदै गोरामुमोले गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति नै छैटौं अनुसूचीको बाटो भएर हिँड्ने प्रण गरेको थियो। 
crpf cadet at kalimpong.jpgविश्वमा नै गोर्खाहरू ट्राइबल हुन्‌। छैटौं अऩुसूचीबाट नै लक्ष्यमा पुग्न सकिन्छ तर सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउँछु भन्दै विमल गुरूङले अर्को दल खोलेपछि अनि गोर्खाल्याण्डको नाममा जनता पाएपछि हामीलाई खेदाउने कार्य भयो। हामीले ठीकै छ, कोही सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउँछु भन्दैछन्‌ भने, ल्याएर देखाओस्‌ भनेर हामी बोलेनौं। हामीले धेरै गुमायौं। क्षति भयो। गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति सह्यौं। तर अहिले मोर्चाले सोझै गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउन नसक्ने मोर्चाले नै स्पष्ट पारेपछि, मोर्चाले गोर्खाल्याण्ड ल्याउन नसक्ने स्पष्ट भएपछि छैटौं अनुसूचीकै मुद्दालाई अघि लाएर दल पुनर्थापित गर्न पहाड़ आएका हौं।

तिनले गोरामुमोले दाबी गरेको मुद्दाको बील पेश भइसकेको अनि अब यसलाई पारित गराउनुपर्ने रहेकोले नै गोरामुमोले विधानसभामा अंशग्रहण गरेको जनाए। छैटौं अनुसूची भए नै गोर्खाल्याण्ड पुगिन्छ। केन्द्रका प्रणव मुखर्जीले केन्द्रको विचार स्पष्ट पारिसकेका छन्‌। सुवास घिसिङ र राजिव गान्धीबीच भएको राजनैतिक सम्झौता र समिकरणलाई घिसिङले अझसम्म अक्षुण्ण राखेका छन्‌। हाम्रा उम्मेद्वार प्रकाश दहालको जीत निश्चित छ किन भने हामीसित जनता छन्‌। उनीहरूलाई केवल एकत्रित गर्नु मात्र छ। अब हामी स्थायीरूपले यहीँ बस्नेछौं। गोरामुमो अनुशासित दल हो। कतै अशान्ति हुने छैन। अब अशान्ति अरूले नै गर्न सक्छन्‌ तर सबैलाई प्रशासनले पूर्ण सुरक्षा दिनेछन्‌-तिनले भने।पाठक चुनाउ प्रचारको निम्ति कालेबुङमाः पहाड़मा विकास गर्न पहाड़का दलहरूले नदिएको आरोप
छैटौं अनुसूची, प्राधिकरण स्वायत्त शासन नै हो-सासद पाठक
मनोज बोगटी, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,6 अप्रेल ।माकपा पहाड़मा स्वायत्त शासन बहाली गर्ने पक्षमा रहेको माकपाका राज्यसभा सांसद समन पाठकले बताएका छन्‌। तिनी आज भाकपा उम्मेद्वार विक्रम छेत्रीको निम्ति चुनावी प्रचारमा कालेबुङ आएका थिए। जगन्नाथ भवनमा पत्रकारहरूसित बोल्दै माकपा पहाड़को सर्वाङ्गिन विकासको पक्षमा रहेको तिनले जनाए। तिनले भने, माकपा पहाड़को समस्याको स्थायी समाधान चहान्छ। यस अतिरिक्त पानी, बाटो, विजुली, शिक्षा, पर्चापट्टा, कृषि यस्ता आधारभुत समस्याहरूको समाधानको निम्ति हामी कटिबद्ध छौं। तर अहिलेसम्म पहाड़मा माकपा स्थापित छैन। माकपाबारे गलत प्रचार गरिएको छ। हामीलाई कुनै पनि विकास कार्य गर्न यहॉंका क्षेत्रीय दलहरूले दिएको छैन। यहॉंसम्म कि राज्य सांसदको कोषसमेतको प्रयोग गर्न यहॉंका दलहरूले रोक लगाएको छ। वेरोजगारहरूको निम्ति कुनै पनि रोजगार उपलब्ध गराइनमा क्षेत्रीय दलहरूले वाधा उत्पन्न गरेको छ।
तिनले पहड़ाका समस्याहरूको एक मात्र समाधान स्वायत्त शासनले मात्र हुने बताउँदै भने, भारतको कम्युनिष्ट पार्टी संघीय भारतमा साना राज्यहरूको गठनको पक्षमा छैन। साना राज्यहरूले कुनै पनि समस्यालाई न त सम्बोधन नै गर्न सकेको इतिहास छ न त यो देशको विकासमा लाभदायक नै रहेको छ। यसकारण हामी पहाड़मा स्वायत्त शासन होस्‌ भन्ने पक्षमा छौं। तर हाम्रो यो सोंचलाई कार्यरूपमा उतार्न नदिन पहाड़कै दलहरू बाधा बनेको छ। पहाड़मा माकपालाई जिताएर जनमत दिन सके माकपाले पहाड़को निम्ति धेरै गर्न सक्ने बताउँदै तिनले अझ भने, यसैकारण यसपल्ट पनि विक्रम छेत्रीलाई पहाड़का प्रतिनिधि बनाएका छौं। पहाड़का क्षेत्रीय दलहरूले उठान गरिरहेको छैटौं अनुसूची होस्‌ वा प्राधिकरण होस्‌, माकपाले भनेको स्वायत्त शासन कै अर्कोरूप रहेको बताउँदै पाठकले भने, नाम फरक हो, तर चिज हामीले भनेकै हो। तिनले गोर्खाहरूको चिन्हारीको निम्ति छुट्टै राज्यको आवश्यकता नरहेको बताउँदै भने, नर्थइष्टमा बीस लाख गोर्खाहरू छन्‌, यहॉं पॉंच लाख रहेको ठाउँमा राज्य नै भए पनि उनीहरू देश फर्किन सक्दैनन्‌। उनीहरूको निम्ति त्यही नै मूलथलो हो जहॉं उनीहरू बसेका छन्‌। गोर्खाहरूलाई जातगोष्टीले एक गर्न सक्दैन। उनीहरूको चिन्हारी सुनिश्चित गरिनुपर्छ भने भाषाको आधारमा मात्र गर्न सकिन्छ। किनभने भाषाले मात्र गोर्खाहरूलाई बॉंधेर राख्न सक्छ। यसकारण भारतभरिका गोर्खाहरूलाई भाषिक अल्पसंख्यकको दर्जा दिइनुपर्ने माग माकपाले गरिरहेको छ। माकपा नेता तारा सुन्दास पनि तिनको साथमा थिए भने माकपाले जगन्नाथ भवनमा नै एउटा कर्मी सभा पनि गर्‍यो।

पहाड़मा माकपालाई जिताएर जनमत दिन सके माकपाले पहाड़को निम्ति धेरै गर्न सक्ने बताउँदै तिनले अझ भने, यसैकारण यसपल्ट पनि विक्रम छेत्रीलाई पहाड़का प्रतिनिधि बनाएका छौं। पहाड़का क्षेत्रीय दलहरूले उठान गरिरहेको छैटौं अनुसूची होस्‌ वा प्राधिकरण होस्‌, माकपाले भनेको स्वायत्त शासन कै अर्कोरूप रहेको बताउँदै पाठकले भने, नाम फरक हो, तर चिज हामीले भनेकै हो। तिनले गोर्खाहरूको चिन्हारीको निम्ति छुट्टै राज्यको आवश्यकता नरहेको बताउँदै भने, नर्थइष्टमा बीस लाख गोर्खाहरू छन्‌, यहॉं पॉंच लाख रहेको ठाउँमा राज्य नै भए पनि उनाीहरू देश फर्किन सक्दैनन्‌। उनीहरूको निम्ति त्यही नै मूलथलो हो जहॉं उनीहरू बसेका छन्‌। गोर्खाहरूलाई जातगोष्टीले एक गर्न सक्दैन। उनीहरूको चिन्हारी सुनिश्चित गरिनुपर्छ भने भाषाको आधारमा मात्र गर्न सकिन्छ। किनभने भाषाले मात्र गोर्खाहरूलाई बॉंधेर राख्न सक्छ। यसकारण भारतभरिका गोर्खाहरूलाई भाषिक अल्पसंख्यकको दर्जा दिइनुपर्ने माग माकपाले गरिरहेको छ। माकपा नेता तारा सुन्दास पनि तिनको साथमा थिए भने माकपाले जगन्नाथ भवनमा नै एउटा कर्मी सभा पनि गर्‍यो।

लीगमा टहल्नको निम्ति गएको थिएँ- छिरिङ शेर्पा

मनोज बोगटी, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,6 अप्रेल । गोरामुमोको कुनै प्रमुख कार्यक्रम थिएन। यसै कारण यसबीच म गोर्खालीगमा टहल्नको निम्ति गएको थिएँ। अब गोरामुमोको कार्यक्रम शुरू भयो। 24 न. समष्टीका जनताले मलाई पार्टीमा फर्किने अनुरोध गरेकोले उनीहरूको निम्ति नै म पार्टीमा आएँ। म मात्र होइन म जस्तै अरू पनि पार्टीमा फर्किने छन्‌। किन भने गोरामुमोको बेला अब आयो- लीगबाट गोरामुमोमा नै फर्किएका छिरिङ शेर्पाले आज यसो भने। 24 न. समष्टीका पूर्व पार्षद शेर्पाले गोरामुमोमा फर्किनुको कारण खोल्दै यसो भनेका हुन्‌। तिनी गोरामुमोले गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति केही गर्न नसकेको भन्दै गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति कटिबद्ध रहेको दल गोर्खालीगमा सामेल भएका थिए। तर गोरामुमो नेताहरूको पहाड़ फक्रिने क्रम शुरू भएपछि तिनी फेरि गोरामुमोमा नै फर्किएका छन्‌। तिनी आज अन्य गोरामुमो नेताहरूसित नै कालेबुङ फर्किएका छन्‌। लीगमा गोरूबथानका पूर्व पार्षद के.एन. सुब्बा पनि सामेल छन्‌। तिनी लीगको कालेबुङ समितिका अध्यक्ष पनि हुन्‌। छिरिङ शेर्पा अनुसार तिनी पनि गोरामुमोमा फर्किने सम्भावना छ।
श्रेष्ट गोर्खाहरूको मत संग्रहको निम्ति असममा व्यस्त
मनोज बोग़टी, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,6 अप्रेल।भारतभरि छरिएका गोर्खाहरूको मत कंग्रेसको पक्षमा संग्रह गर्न नेश्नल गोर्खा फोरम फर गोर्खाका संयोजक सी.के.श्रेष्ट अहिले असममा व्यस्त छन्‌। तिनले एक विज्ञप्ती जारी गर्दै भनेका छन्‌, असमका जम्मा 126 वटा विधानसभा आसनमा नेपाली भाषी गोर्खाहरूको मत 16 प्रतिशत छ। प्रतिशतको आधारमा हेर्नु हो भने 126 वटा आसनमा गोर्खाहरूले 18 वटा आसन ओगट्‌नु पर्ने हो तर उनीहरूले एउटै आसन पनि पाएका छैनन्‌। टङ्‌कबहादुर राईले कंग्रेस पार्टीको टिकट विधानसभाका अध्यक्ष भएको नाताले अनि एस.आर. सुब्बाले आफ्नो दाज्यू एम.के. सुब्बाको नाताले पाएका छन्‌। यसरी भारी मतदान गर्ने गोर्खाहरूले तर कंग्रेस पार्टीबाट कुनै राजनैतिक संरक्षण भने पाइरहेका छैनन्‌। यी सबै हुनुको मूल कारण हो नेपाली भाषी गोर्खाहरूको कंग्रेसप्रतिको समर्थन अनदेखा हुनु अनि अघोषित हुनु। 

तिनले गोर्खाहरूको  मत सङ्‌ग्रहको मुद्दालाई असमका गोर्खाहरूको हितमा पहिलोचोटि उजागर गर्ने काम नेशनल गोर्खा फोरम फर कंग्रेसले गरेको सी.के. श्रेष्ठले बताएका छन्‌। एक प्रवीण राजनैतिक सचेतक अनि सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता श्रेष्ठले कंग्रेस एक राष्ट्रिय पार्टी भएको कारण राष्ट्रभरि छरिएका गोर्खाहरूले आफ्नो मत कंग्रेसको पक्षमा खसाल्नुपर्ने बताएका छन्‌। तिनले उल्लेख गरेका छन्‌-पूर्व घोषणा गरेर गरिएको मतदानको अनदेखा नहोस्‌। यसो गर्नाले गोर्खाहरू राष्ट्रको मूल राजनैतिक प्रवाहमा सँगसँगै सामेल हुनेछ अनि उनीहरूको राजनैतिक सुरक्षा कायम हुनेछन्‌। यसै विषयलाई मध्यनजर गरी गोर्खा फोरमले भारतव्यापी रूपमा अबउसो जहॉं जहॉं चुनाउ हुन्छ त्यहॉं त्यहॉं कंग्रेस पार्टीलाई समर्थन गर्ने प्रण गरेको पनि तिनले उल्लेख गरेका छन्‌। यसै शिलशिलामा तिनी अहिले छिमेकी राज्य आसाममा सम्पन्न भइरहेको चुनाउमा गोर्खाहरूको मत सङ्‌ग्रह गर्न व्यस्त छन्‌। प्राप्त जानकारी अनुसार यस अभियानलाई आसाममा मेपाली भाषी गोर्खाहरूले मात्र होइन त्यहॉंका आसामी अनि आदिवासी समुदायले पनि स्वागत जनाइरहेका छन्‌। गोर्खा भोट नभनेको पनि 16 वटा विधानसभा समष्टिमा निर्णायक रहनेछन्‌-तिनले भनेका छन्‌।
RSP leader assaulted, finger at Morcha
TT, Alipurduar, April 6: A youth leader of the RSP was thrashed and his wife and sister were shoved around by a group of alleged Gorkha Janmukti Morcha members in Chinchula tea garden last night.
Gopal Pradhan, the secretary of the Revolutionary Youth Federation’s Chinchula unit, was admitted to Alipurduar hospital and an FIR was filed against five Morcha activists.
The incident occurred at Pradhan’s grocery shop around 9pm. He was at the shop with wife Sandhya and sister Purnima when the five men came and called him out.
“They asked me why I, along with my wife and sister, had taken part in a rally for the RSP’s Kalchini candidate and shouted slogans against Gorkhaland on Monday. I replied that the rally had been organised to call upon people to maintain peace in the region and cast their votes for the Left Front candidate. The Morcha men said what I had done was wrong and started beating me. My wife and sister were pushed and shoved when they tried to save me,” said Pradhan from the hospital bed.
Sandhya lodged an FIR with Kalchini police against Deoraj Gurung, Panchu Lama, Monu Thapa, Sunil Thapa and Sanu Bhai Lama.
“I suffered an injury on the right eye and doctors suggested a CT scan. The attackers had threatened that they would kill my family members if a complaint was lodged against them,” said Pradhan.
Denying the allegation, Ashoke Lama, the convener of eastern Dooars committee of the Morcha, said: “None of our supporters was involved in the incident. The attack on Pradhan could be the result of personal rivalry. The RSP is unnecessarily dragging our supporters into the case.”
The police went to Chinchula, 37km from here, in search of the five Morcha supporters, but none of them were at home.

High court nod to loud campaigns - Relief from April 9, but bar stays in Darjeeling
TT, April 6:The Bengal election — or a part of it — will regain its lost voice four days earlier than scheduled, if a high court order today goes unchallenged.
The ban on loudspeakers in public places will be lifted in north Bengal this Saturday, cutting short the quietest election process ever that made some crave for the familiar sounds of the political spectacle and others relish the peace.
Not to mention the relief of countless politicians who are nursing sore throats. The high court order sent many politicians, including Mamata Banerjee, to chalk out schedules and make the most of the extra time.
Mamata will launch a “carpet-bombing” campaign from Malda on April 10, a day after the mike relaxation.
The restriction that confined microphones to covered areas was originally supposed to end on April 13, when the CBSE exams end. However, that would have left candidates only three days to campaign using microphones as north Bengal goes to polls on April 18. The last day of campaigning falls on April 16.
Calcutta High Court today passed an interim order allowing political parties to use loudspeakers for election campaign from April 9 between 10am and 8pm in six north Bengal districts except Darjeeling town.
The ban will continue in Darjeeling town till April 13 as it has several CBSE schools.
The order, passed by the division bench of Chief Justice J.N. Patel and Justice A.K. Roy, followed a petition filed by Union minister and Trinamul Congress leader Mukul Roy.
“All other examinations except that of CBSE Class XII will be completed on April 8. There will be one CBSE Class XII exam on April 13. So, my client approached the high court seeking an order allowing the use of microphones from April 9,” said Billwadal Bhattacharya, the lawyer appearing for Roy.
The state pollution control board submitted a proposal that said the ban could be relaxed in north Bengal during two windows of 6am to 9am and 6pm to 9pm.
Roy’s lawyer said the purpose of political parties would not be served if loudspeakers were not allowed throughout the day.
The court then passed the interim order but added that “there should be a specific law on the issue”. The court has asked the Election Commission to file an affidavit on the subject and scheduled the next hearing on June 24 by when the poll process would be over.
Moving the petition, Roy’s counsel had said “the right to expression is a fundamental right and no government notification can take it away”. He said such a ban did not exist in Kerala and Assam even though the CBSE exams were being held there also. The bench said: “There should be a uniform rule across the country.”
Congress leaders in north Bengal are relieved. “Even a senior leader like Pranabda (Pranab Mukherjee) who campaigned in north Bengal for two days till yesterday faced this problem (of sore throat),” said Shankar Malakar, the Darjeeling district Congress president and candidate from the Matigara-Naxalbari seat.
CPM leaders, too, conceded the throat effect. “We can’t deny that the ban on loudspeakers created problems and some of us suffered throat problems,” said Jibesh Sarkar, a CPM state committee member from Darjeeling district.
The Trinamul camp is also excited. “The extra days of campaigning with loudspeakers will surely help us,” said Gautam Deb, Darjeeling Trinamul president.

SMU lash on Non teaching staff
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, GANGTOK, April 6: A backlash is imminent on those non-teaching staff of Sikkim Manipal University for extending support to the All Sikkim Democratic Labour Front (ASDLF) in its two-day bandh call in Sikkim which ended today morning at 6 am.
The ASDLF, a frontal organization of the ruling SDF party, had conducted the 48-hours general strike to protest the discrimination of Sikkimese workers by the private companies, power projects and educational institutions including the SMU which runs an engineering institute, a medical college and other educational units in the State.
The bandh call had been supported by the non-teaching staff of the SMU who already has several issues with the university management. On the first day of the bandh, there was a vociferous argument between the bandh enforcers and SMU management.
Having defied the SDF bandh call, the SMU has now turned its attention towards those employees who had ‘proved themselves disloyal to the organization’ by throwing its rule book on them. A circular was issued today by SMU pro vice chancellor Brig Somnath Mishra to the non-teaching staff of Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT) recording that ‘severe disciplinary action’ as per the university rules ‘will be initiated against such defaulting employees’.

As per the university service rules, an employee has been forbidden to be a ‘member or associated with any political party or organization which takes part in politics or subscribe aid, take part or assist any political movement or activity or contest for membership of Panchayat, Boards, Municipality, Legislature or Parliament’. The employees have also been ruled out from establishing contact with the press or the media or cause to be published any material which can lower the image of the university in any manner.
Quoting media reports, the SMU authority said that ‘some some non teaching employees of the SMIT are indulging in such activities in contraventions to the laid down rules in University Service Rules thus proving themselves disloyal to the organization’.
“It is to be noted that severe disciplinary action under the rules will be initiated against such defaulting employee”, said the SMU pro vice chancellor in his circular.However, sources within the non-teaching staff have claimed that such rules had been framed within themselves by the SMU management. Most of the employees are vague of such regulations which were never spelled out to us before or after our appointment, they said. They reiterated that the SMUY has not fulfilled its commitments to the local Sikkimese.
Chidambaram is set to visit Darjeeling on April 16
Amitava Banerjee, HT: Union home minister P Chidambaram is set to visit Darjeeling on April 16, the last day of campaigning before the first phase of assembly polls on April 18, to pitch for Congress candidates in the Hills. Despite Darjeeling going to polls in the first phase, hectic electioneering has strangely been missing from the Hills. However, Chidambaram's visit is likely to infuse the much-needed thrust to the election campaign in the Hills.
"We were informed by West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee president Manas Bhuniya that P Chidambaram would be arriving on a one-day campaign tour of the Hills on April 16," said Lawrence PT Lama, president, Darjeeling Congress Town Committee.
Lama said that the home minister would touch down at Bagdogra and would be flown to Kalimpong by helicopter to briefly campaign for Congress nominee Shanti Kumar Sharma. From Kalimpong, he would head straight for Darjeeling, where he would campaign for Congress nominee Nahkul Chandra Chettri. Both events would be in the form of outdoor public meetings. He would wind up all outdoor events before campaign phase runs out on the day.
Chidambaram would then proceed to Kurseong by road, where he would later address an indoor campaign meeting for Congress candidate Chabi Chandra Rai. From Kurseong, he would head back to the Bagdogra airport by road before flying out. "This is the tentative itinerary of the home minister," said Lama.
With Congress hardly having a presence in the Hills and not being counted among the strongest contenders in the poll battle, the home minister's visit could be aimed at wooing the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) for a post poll alliance.
With the state polls likely to be a closely contested affair this time, the GJM could emerge as a prospective ally of the Congress-Trinamool Congress combine, should they return a favourable mandate, feel observers.
TT: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is always in the news for the wrong reasons. The hunger strike unto death by the social activist, Anna Hazare, will inevitably bring to mind a form of protest that was used with great effect by Gandhi. But circumstances have changed and any comparison between Gandhi’s fast and that of Mr Hazare is entirely misplaced and unwarranted. It is undeniable that Mr Hazare’s cause is noble: he wants the eradication of corruption and he thinks this will be possible by appointing a lok pal who will act as an anti-corruption ombudsman. There are, however, two points to consider. First, it is by no means certain that the establishment of the post of lok pal will lead to a substantial reduction in the level of corruption. The creation of an ombudsman at the state level — the lokayukta — has not resulted in the reduction of corruption. The mere introduction of a new institution by itself means or achieves nothing. Second, the proposals of Mr Hazare and his supporters do not differ in a fundamental manner from those that the government has put forward. Mr Hazare differs from the government only in some of the details. In other words, Mr Hazare is telling the government only his proposals, and no others, are acceptable to him. There is a kind of intolerance embedded in this attitude.
Gandhi’s fasts — those that were undertaken as a protest and not for self-purification — were all under conditions of authoritarianism which denied Indians the right to protest and even those of citizenship. Conditions in independent India are radically different. India is a democracy and is thereby ruled by representatives of the people. There exist democratic modes of voicing demands. In fact, the very idea of the lok pal emerged through a democratic process and is envisioned as a means to strengthen democracy in India. The idea was mooted and has the approval of the representatives of the people. Mr Hazare’s fast is an infamous attempt to deny and defy this entire process. He wants to bypass the democratic institutions in the name of cleansing the democratic system. His fast is tantamount to an act of blackmail, especially as his demands are not fundamentally different from those of the government. Mr Hazare has no moral right to protest through a hunger strike. He and those who sail with him are undermining democracy in India.

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