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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morcha meet from Jan 2...CPRM plans plains rally, awaits nod

SHEEM NEWS:Fire broke out at the residence of Lata Yonzon in Rousey Bazar, upper Dungra of Kalimpong at 7.30 pm. 
Morcha meet from Jan 2
VIVEK CHHETRI,TT, Darjeeling, Dec. 30: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, which does not want to be caught off guard when the Srikrishna Committee report is made public next week, has announced a series of political programmes starting with a public meeting on January 2.
The Srikrishna Committee submitted its report to Union home minister P. Chidambaram today.
Morcha general secretary Roshan Giri said: “We are closely monitoring the developments on Telangana. A discussion took place between the members of the central committee and the study forum in Darjeeling today and we have decided to hold a series of meetings till January 5.”
The first such meeting on January 2 will be held in Kurseong, followed by rallies in Mirik, Darjeeling and Kalimpong on successive days. “On January 6, when the report is made public, we will again hold a central committee meeting to analyse the emerging situation,” said Giri.
The home minister had set up the committee headed by retired Supreme Court judge B.N. Srikrishna to examine the situation arising out of the demand for Telangana.
Chidambaram, after receiving the report from Justice B.N. Srikrishna in New Delhi, today said the government would consult political parties before making the report public.
Morcha president Bimal Gurung, while addressing party supporters a couple of days back, had said: “We cannot be hoodwinked into accepting an interim set-up while the government goes ahead with the creation of Telangana.”
The Morcha’s decision to start mobilising support even before the report is made public is a likely cause of worry for both the Centre and state. “It will not be a surprise if the Centre and state decide to send in extra forces to the hills in the coming days, given that the situation could spiral out of control,” said an observer.
The Morcha, too, cannot afford to sit idle and talk about accepting the interim set-up if the Srikrishna Committee report is favourable for the formation of Telangana. “It would be suicidal for the Morcha and the party understands it wells.”
CPRM plans plains rally, awaits nod
TT, Siliguri, Dec. 30: The CPRM is planning to kick off its second party congress by holding a public meeting at Baghajatin Park here on January 9, a day after a proposed rally of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha at the same venue.
“We had held the first party congress in 1997 and the second one will begin at a community building on Sevoke Road on January 9. Around 400 delegates from different parts of the hills will attend the congress that will continue till January 12,” said R. B. Rai, the general secretary of the CPRM. “Authorities have already granted us permission to hold the party congress indoors, but we are yet to receive the nod for the public meeting.”
The CPRM is the second largest party in the hills after the Morcha and was formed by a breakaway faction of the CPM.
The Morcha applied for permission to hold the rally at Baghajatin Park on January 8 to synchronise with a meeting announced by the CPM in the hills. The CPRM fears that if the Morcha is denied permission to hold the rally, they, too, will not receive a positive response.
“The Morcha has sought permission to hold a meeting at Baghajatin Park on January 8. There are least chances that the administration will grant permission. In such a scenario, law and order problems will crop up and at the end, we will also be denied the nod,” said Rai.
The CPRM leader said the party congress would discuss the ensuing Assembly polls, the situation in the hills and the demand for a separate state.
The Bangla O Bangla Bhasha Banchao Committee has vowed to disrupt the meetings organised by the two hill parties in Siliguri.
“We have come to know that the separatist parties are trying to create tension in the plains again by holding rallies,” said Mukunda Majumdar, the president of the Bhasha Banchao Committee. “We have already sent a letter to the district magistrate through the Siliguri subdivisional officer, requesting that none of the hill parties be allowed to hold meetings in the plains.” “If the administration grants permission to the parties, we will be on streets and prevent them from holding the meetings,” he added.
Tea clash injures four
TT, Darjeeling, Dec. 30: Supporters of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the GNLF clashed at Ambootia tea garden yesterday evening, leaving four persons injured and the estate shut today.
The injured included the secretary of the Morcha’s garden unit, who was admitted to the Kurseong subdivisional hospital with three other party supporters. Following an FIR filed by the Morcha, Yuddha Chhetri, Paras Gurung, George Gurung, Naresh Gurung and Prabhu Chhetri were arrested early this morning. All the five GNLF men were granted bail by the court of the additional chief judicial magistrate in Kurseong later in the day.
Jumbo raid
TT, Malda: An elephant from the forests of neighbouring Jharkhand entered a village near Kaliachak on Thursday and damaged crops. The animal, aged 10-15 years, had crossed the Ganges and entered Khatiakhana. In another incident, a tusker blocked the railway tracks in Chapramari wildlife sanctuary and held up the Kamakhya-bound 3248 Up Capital Express for around 10 minutes on Thursday evening.
Border route
TT, Siliguri: Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee will inaugurate a land customs station at Fulbari on January 22. Currently, there are two trade and transit routes to Bangladesh at Changrabandha and Hili. The route at Fulbari will be the third.
Garden work
TT, Jaigaon: Work will resume at Ambari Tea Estate at Banarhat in Jalpaiguri district on Friday. The decision was taken at a meeting held at the office of the deputy labour commissioner in Jalpaiguri on Thursday. The management had announced suspension of operations on December 20 following an agitation by the workers. There are 1,311 workers in the estate.
Girl killed
TT, Balurghat: Shraboni Roy, a Class I student, died when she was knocked down by a tractor near Danga forest on Thursday afternoon. She was taken to the district hospital here where doctors pronounced her “brought dead”.
प्रथम कर्मापा दुसुम केनपाको 9 सौओं जन्मोत्सव पालन
कर्मापा विषयमा कुनै भ्रम छैनः राज्यपाल देवआऩन्द
बौद्धगया,31 डिसम्बर।  तिब्बतीय बौद्ध परम्पराको पहिलो अवतारी (टुल्कु) तथा काग्युपा बौद्ध संप्रदायको प्रमुख पहिलो कर्मापा दुसुम खेनपाको 9 सयऔं जन्मोत्सवको अन्ताष्ट्रिय स्तरको कार्यक्रममा उपस्थित बिहारका राज्यपाल देव आनन्द कुँवरले कर्मापा विषयमा विभिन्न तत्वहरूले भ्रम सिर्जना गरिरहेको बताउँदै अब उसो भ्रमित हुनुपर्ने अवश्यकता नरहेको बताए। उनले भने, यस विषयमा कुनै भ्रम छैन, भ्रम संस्थानहरूमा हुन्छ बौद्धधर्मको पालनमा हुँदैन।समारोहमा विशिष्ट अतिथिको रूपमा उपस्थित राज्यपालले  तिब्बतीय बौद्ध परम्पराको पहिलो अवतारी टुल्कु कर्मापा दुसुम खेनपा रहेको बताउँदै उनकै मार्फत मानवहितको निम्ति कर्मापा परम्पराले कार्य गरिरहेको बताए। उनले भने, यस्ता महान व्यक्तित्वको जन्मोत्सवमा 17औं कर्मापा थिन्ले थाई दोर्जी अनि समरपा रिम्पोछेले मलाई कार्यक्रममा उपस्थित हुने मौका दिएकोमा अतिनै हर्षित छु अनि विश्व मानव समुदायलाई केवल बौद्ध दर्शनले मात्र शान्ति प्रेम र भाइचाराको पाठ सिकाउने बताए। उनले अझ भने विभिन्न संस्थानहरूले बौद्ध धर्ममा भ्रम सिर्जना गरिरहेको छ तर त्यो सबै भौतिकता मात्र हुन यसकारण भ्रमको पछि नलागेर विश्व मानवको हितमा मानवतालाई बचाउऩे एकमात्र माध्यमको पछिलाग्नु पर्छ।
उनले बौद्ध धर्मका प्रणेता शाक्यमुनी बुद्धको भूमीमा उपस्थित देशी तथ विदेशी अतिथिहरूलाई बौद्ध धर्मको मानव प्रेम अहिसा रे दयालाई मानवताको निम्ति प्रयोग गर्ने आह्वान गरे। उनले सम्राट अशोकको उदाहरण दिँदै भने हजारौं मानवको हत्या कलिङ युद्धमा भएको थियो तर उनले त्यो युद्धपछि परिवर्तन भएर बौद्ध परम्परालाई प्रचार गर्ने सबैभन्दा ठूलो प्रचारक बने जसले प्रेम र दया कै भरमा विभन्न मुलुकमा बौद्ध धर्मको प्रचार गरे भने सम्राज्य विस्तार गरे। मानवताले नै सम्राट बने। यसैले विश्वमा अब मानवतालाई बचाउने एउटै बौद्धवाद मात्र रहेको दावी गरे।
प्रत्यक्ष अऩि परोक्ष रूपमा उनले 17औं कर्मपाको दावेदार थिन्ले थाइ दोर्जीको पक्षमा आफ्नो मत स्पष्ट पार्दै अन्य कुनै भ्रममा नपर्ने आह्वान गरेर कर्मापा विवादमा नयाँ मान्यता स्थापित गरिदिए।
कार्यक्रमलाई सम्बोधन गर्दै मुख्य अतिथि थिन्ले थाई दोर्जीले बौद्ध दर्शनले मानव मात्रको कल्याण गर्ने तथा विश्व शान्ति र समस्त चराचरको शान्तिको कामना गर्ने बताए। उनले भने बुद्धले बुद्धत्व प्राप्त गरेर विश्वमा ज्ञानको ज्योति फैलाउने कार्य गरेका थिए। जुन मानव कल्याणको निम्ति रहेको छ। यसैगरि कार्यक्रममा कर्मापाको आध्यात्मिक पथप्रदर्शक सामरपा रिम्पोछेले तिब्ब्तमा पहिलो कर्मपाको जन्म र अहिलेसम्म 17औं अवतारको विषयमा व्याख्यान प्रस्तुत गरे। कर्मपाको उत्थान नै मानवताको रक्षा र कल्याणको निम्ति भएको तथा ज्ञान र आध्यात्मको निम्ति रहेको बताए। अर्कोतिर कर्मपाको गुरू छेन्पो दोर्जीले पनि कर्मापाको अवतारबारे आफ्नो वार्ता प्रस्तुत गरे।
अर्कोतिर विश्वभरिका हजारौं भक्तहरूको उपस्थिति रहेको प्रथम कर्मापाको जन्मोत्सवमा लखनाउका नाट्यकर्मीहरूले तथागत नामक नाटक प्रस्तुत गरेका थिए भने भक्ति संगीत पनि प्रस्तुत गरेका थिए। कार्यक्रममा बौद्ध गयाका प्रमुख मन्दिरका मुख्य भिक्षु चालिण्डा लगायत गण्यमान्य व्यक्तित्वको उपस्थिति थियो।
BJP to raise Sikkim government corruption issue

Diwash Rai, KalimNews, JmÝVmoH$, 30 {Xgå~a& AmJm‘r 7 OZdarXo{I 9 OZdargå‘ nydm}Îma ^maVH$mo JwdmhmQ>r‘m gånÞ hþZo ^maVr¶  OZVm nmQ>uH$mo g^m Ad{Y {g{¸$‘ amÁ¶‘m ^BahoH$mo ^«ï>mMmaH$mo ‘wÔmbmB© nwZ… CR>mCZo gmW¡ ¶g~mao ^maVr¶ OZVm nmQ>uH$mo Ho$pÝж g{‘{VH$mo ܶmZmH$f©U JamCZo ^maVr¶ OZVm nmQ>u {g{¸$‘ emImH$m ‘hmg{Md nX‘ e‘m©bo OZmE&
^mOnm {g{¸$‘ emIm H$m¶m©b¶‘m AmO gånÞ nÌH$mahê$g±JH$mo Hw$amH$mZr Ad{Y {VZbo Ho$pÝж Om±M ã¶yamo (gr~rAmB©)-Ûmam amÁ¶‘m ^«ï>mMma{dê$Õ ‘wÔm XVm© JamCZ gmW¡ Om±M JZ© ‘w»¶ g{Md Q>r.Q>r XmoOu‘m’©$V² amÁ¶ gaH$mag‘j AZw‘{V ‘mJo n{Z ‘w»¶ g{Md Q>rQ>r XmoOubo amo{H$ahoH$m N>Z² ^Þo Amamon bJmE& amÁ¶‘m ^BahoH$mo H${WV ^«ï>mMmaH$mo ‘wÔm XVm© JamCZo a Om±M H$m¶©H$mo {ZpåV gr~rAmB©bo AZw‘{V ‘m½Xm n{Z A{hbogå‘ ‘w»¶ g{Mdbo ¶g~mao Hw$Z¡ à{V{H«$¶m Z{XEH$mo Amamon bJmC±X¡ ‘hmg{Md e‘m©bo ‘w»¶ g{Md XmoOu {g{¸$‘o OZVm {damoYr ahoH$mo Xmdr Jao& ¶g¡Jar, ^«ï>mMmaH$mo ‘wÔm~mao Om±M JZ} AmXoe gr~rAmB©bmB© gdm}ƒ ݶm¶mb¶bo {XEn{N> n{Z ‘w»¶ g{Mdbo amo³ZwH$mo H$maU Ho$ hmo ^Þo ‘hmg{Md e‘m©bo amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶g{MdbmB© àíZ Jao& gr~rAmB© Om±MH$mo AZw‘{V Z{XZw‘m amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶ g{Md XmoOu n{Z ^«ï>mMma‘m {bá N>Z² {H$ ^Þo {VZbo Ame§H$m 춺$ Jao&
{VZbo Hw$amH$mZr Ad{Y amÁ¶ gaH$maH$m {d{^Þ {d^mJhê$‘m A[a{OZb ’$mBbhê$ hamBahoH$mo Amamon bJmEH$m N>Z²& ¶g¡ gÝX^©‘m {VZbo ZoMab S>mB©-gå~ÝY‘m AmEH$mo 1.50 H$amo‹S> é{n¶m± am{e ‘m{‘bm‘m ^mOnmbo ImoOrH$mo H«$‘‘m gr~rAmB©bo ImXr {d^mJ‘m hamEH$mo Wmhm nmEH$mo Xmdr JX£ ‘hmg{Mdbo gr~rAmB©Ûmam Om±MH$mo S>abo ^«ï>mMma‘m {bá ahoH$m {df¶hê$H$mo A[a{OZb ’$mBbhê$ hamCZg³Zo Ame§H$m 춺$ Jao& ¶g¡Jar, {VZbo ¶{X ¶ñVmo pñW{V‘m A[a{OZb ’$mBbhê$ hamE gå~pÝYV {d^mJH$m g{Md {Oå‘odma ahZwnZ} OZmE&
amÁ¶ gaH$ma‘m{W I{Z>>±X¡ ^maVr¶ OZVm nmQ>u {g{¸$‘ emImH$m ‘hmg{Md e‘m©bo amOYmZrH$mo EgQ>rEZE‘ AñnVmbH$mo àr-MmBëS> dmS>©‘m 24 KÊQ>¡ {dOwbr hþZ Amdí¶H$ ahoH$mo Va {dÚwV {d^mJH$mo bmnadmhrH$mo H$maU ˶hm± 10-15 {‘ZQ> OñVmo Jar {dOwbr H$m{Q>Zo JaoH$mo Xmdr Jao& {VZbo ^Zo, ˶g dmS>©‘m {dOwbr N>¡Z ^Zo ˶hm± CnMmamYrZ {eewH$mo ‘¥Ë¶w n{Z hþZg³N>& ¶ñVmo g§doXZerb H$m¶©H$mo {ZpåV A{V Amdí¶H$ {dOwbr 10-15 {‘ZQ> JE ˶hm± CnMmamYrZ {eewhê$ Vb‘m{W ^E amÁ¶H$mo {dÚwV {d^mJ {Oå‘odma ahZwnZ} ‘hmg{Mdbo OZmE& ¶g gå~ÝY‘m {VZbo ~wYdma AñnVmbH$m AYrjH$ AmB©Eb e‘m©H$mo CnpñW{V‘m àr-MmBëS> dmS>©H$mo ^«‘U Jaon{N> AñnVmb à~ÝYZ nj~mQ> Hw$Z¡ JëVr ZahoH$mo Wmhm bmJoH$mo OZmE& VWm{n {VZbo ¶gH$mo {Oå‘odma {dÚwV {d^mJ Z¡ ahoH$mo Amamon bJmE& {hOmo AñnVmbH$mo ^«‘U Jaon{Z {hO¡ ~obwH$s 9.45 ~OrXo{I Ho$hr {‘ZQ> àr-MmBëS> dmS>©‘m {dOwbr JEH$mo Wmhm bmJoH$mo OmZH$mar JamE& ¶g¡ gå~ÝY‘m Am’y$bo {hOmo amÁ¶H$m {dÚwV {d^mJ g{Mdg±J ^oQ> JZ} à¶mg Jaon{Z ^oQ²>Z ZgHo$H$mo VWm{n {d^mJH$m ~ñZoVg±J ^oQ> JaoH$mo OZmE& {VZrg±JH$mo Hw$amH$mZr Ad{Y n{Z {VZbo {dOwbr H$ZoH${Q>{^Q>r‘m H$‘r H$‘Omoar ahoH$mo ñdrH$ma JaoH$mo Xmdr Jao& ¶{X AñnVmbH$m {eewhê$ Ho$hr Vb‘m{W ^EH$mo IÊS>‘m {dÚwV {d^mJ{dê$Õ ^mOnmbo H$R>moa H$mdm©hr JZ} ‘hmg{Mdbo MoVmCZr {XEH$m N>Z²& {VZbo hmb¡ amÁ¶H$m {d{^Þ {d^mJr¶ H$m¶m©b¶hê$H$mo ^«‘U JaoH$mo OmZH$mar {X>>±X¡ ˶hm± {dOwbrH$mo O‹S>mZ am‘«mo ZahoH$mo Amamon bJmE& Hw$Z¡ n{Z H$m¶m©b¶‘m gQ>© g{H©$Q> ^Ea AmJbmJr ^E amÁ¶H$mo {dÚwV {d^mJ {Oå‘odma ahZwnZ} {VZbo OZmE&
Delay in land handover for Sikkim University
Diwash Rai, KalimNews, JmÝVmoH$, 30 {Xgå~a& bmoH$g^m EoZ 2007 ‘m’©$V² ñWmnZm J[aEH$mo {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶ ¶mL>JmL>‘m {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo AmâZ¡ ^dZ {Z‘m©U JZ©hoVw H$mJOr¶ H$m¶© J[aahoH$m N>Z²& Cº$ joÌH$mo O‘rZ {díd{dÚmb¶bmB© amÁ¶ gaH$ma‘m’©$V² gwpånBZo Hw$amH$mo nIm©B©‘m ahoH$mo N> {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶& VWm{n H${Vn¶ H$maUde A{hbogå‘ amÁ¶ gaH$mabo {díd{dÚmb¶bmB© O‘rZ  Zgwåno n{Z ^{dm Mm±‹S>¡ {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶bo Cº$ joÌ‘m àm¶… 250 EoH$a O‘rZ {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo ^dZ {Z‘m©UmW© nmCZo {díd{dÚmb¶H$m CnHy$bn{V àmܶmnH$ ‘hoÝÐ nr. bm‘mbo ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ JaoH$m N>Z²& {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo ^dZ {Z‘m©UH$mo {ZpåV {díd{dÚmb¶bo VmoHo$H$mo O‘rZ nyU© ê$nbo Imbr Z^Egå‘ ^dZ {Z‘m©U H$m¶© JZ© Zg{H$Zo OZmC±X¡ CnHy$bn{V bm‘mbo {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶~mQ> ˶hm± JEa hoXm© O‘rZ A{hbogå‘ Imbr ZahoH$mo gmW¡ {VZrhê$bo O‘rZ Imbr JZ©wnZ} {ZX}e ZnmEH$mo Wmhm bmJoH$mo Wn OmZH$mar JamE&
AmO gånÞ nÌH$mahê$g±JH$mo Hw$amH$mZr Ad{Y {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo ^dZ {Z‘m©U JZ© ¶mL>JmL> joÌH$mo àm¶… 250 EoH$a O‘rZ ‘mZd g§gmYZ {dH$mg ‘ÝÌmb¶bo M¶Z JaoH$mo CnHy$bn{Vbo OmZH$mar JamE& ¶g¡Jar, {VZbo {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶bo Vr joÌ‘m nZ} n[admahê$bmB© {VZrhê$H$mo O‘rZ {g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶ ^dZ {Z‘m©U joÌ‘m nZ} hþZmbo nwZdm©gH$mo {ZpåV 15 H$amo‹S> é{n¶m± amÁ¶ gaH$ma‘m’©$V² ^wº$mZ J[agHo$H$mo n{Z Wn OmZH$mar {XE& àm¶… XþB© df© A{K Z¡ hm‘rbo amÁ¶ gaH$ma‘m’©$V² nwZdm©gH$mo {ZpåV 15 H$amo‹S> é{n¶m± amÁ¶ gaH$mabmB© ^wº$mZ J[agHo$H$mo CnHy$bn{V bm‘mbo Wn OZmE&
{g{¸$‘ {díd{dÚmb¶H$m H$ÝQ´>moba A’²$ B³Om{‘Za lrH$mÝV ‘hmnmÌbo {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo ^dZ {Z‘m©UH$mo {ZpåV Mm±‹S>¡ O‘rZH$mo Amdí¶H$Vm ahoH$mo ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ Jao& {díd{dÚmb¶H$mo Yoa¡ H$m¶©H«$‘hê$ ewê$ JZ© a ˶gbmB© {dH${gV Jaoa b¡OmZH$mo {ZpåV ^dZ {Z‘m©UH$mo Amdí¶H$Vm naoH$mo N>, OgH$mo {ZpåV Mm±‹S>mo^ÝXm Mm±‹S>mo O‘rZ nmCZw Amdí¶H$ ahoH$mo {VZbo Wn ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ Jao&
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19 face favouritism charge in job test - Examiners blamed for recruitment anomalies
TT, Jalpaiguri, Dec. 30: The school education department has blacklisted 19 examiners and invigilators for favouritism during a job recruitment test, facilitating the appointment of undeserving primary schoolteachers.
Education secretary Vikram Sen today said his department would soon frame charges against the examiners for their favouritism to certain candidates, most of whom are children or relatives of CPM leaders or employees of the Jalpaiguri district primary school education council.
Sen today held a meeting with Tapan Adhikary, the joint secretary of his department who is investigating the case of alleged anomalies in the recruitment process, and Kallol Roy, the district inspector of schools (primary) of Jalpaiguri.
Later, Sen told The Telegraph over the phone from Calcutta: “These 19 invigilators and examiners, who were involved in the process of recruitment, had grossly violated norms and regulations. We have decided to frame charges against them for violation (of norms). Some more developments are expected in the coming days.”
Although Sen did not elaborate on what would happen to the 19, sources said legal steps like filing complaints with police or a court would be taken in the next week or so.
After allegations of malpractice and favouritism were levelled during the recruitment of more than 1,356 primary teachers in July this month, the education department ordered an inquiry. “Based on the inquiry, 16 candidates who had joined their jobs were suspended and showcause notices issued,” a source said.
“Afterwards, anomalies were noticed in the recruitment of 423 others. They, too, will be showcaused soon.”
Among those suspended are Soma Majumdar, the daughter-in-law of CPM district secretary Manik Sanyal, Dipankar Sarkar, a contract employee of the Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, and Moumita Bhadra, the daughter of All Bengal Teachers’ Association district secretary Monoranjan Bhadra.
“Charges will be definitely framed against invigilators and examiners for flouting norms but candidates, too, might face harsh action. Despite being aware of anomalies like absence of the invigilator’s signature on the answerscript, they concealed it and submitted their papers after writing their exams,” said joint secretary Adhikary.
Sizzlers for the hills, cool hotspots in the plains
TT, Darjeeling: Darjeeling is ready to unwind, leaving behind a year marked with agitation — including strikes, blockades and political uncertainty — and a daily four-six hour power cut to match it.
But now with 2011 ready to enter, The Telegraph guides you to the party hotspots in the hill town — hopefully with the lights on — where you can groove the night away with a hope for a better year ahead
Sterling Resort
Venue: Ghoom, Darjeeling
Time: 5pm onwards
The party, Arabian Night, promises a complete package of food and fun where the old and the young, single and couples, will be entertained all along
Pocket pinch: Rs 750 for children, Rs 1,100 for stags and Rs 2,000 for couples including food and a welcome drink
Special attraction: A spread of “world cuisine” including Italian, Thai, Indian and Chinese specialities.
“Apart from the gala dinner, we also have a host of events like newspaper dance, hurdles and balloon burst dance for children,” said Kiran Gurung, an executive of the resort.
An in-house DJ will ensure that you dance your evening away while a local band will provide entertainment to those who would like to spend the time tucked beside a bonfire.
AD’s Ark
Venue: Robertson Road
Time: 6pm onwards
For those looking for something unusual to welcome the New Year with, this is the place to be. The boat-shaped restaurant perched on a rooftop is expected to give you a different feel as you enter the party zone. If you are lucky, then you could also get to see the moonlit Kanchenjungha from the venue.
Pocket pinch: The usual charges at the restaurant
Special attractions: You can simply pick up a guitar and strum your evening away or join the crowd for a round of karaoke.
“We plan to put up a big screen and play the shows of Russell Peters, the well known Canadian comedian,” said Sandip Arora, managing director of the restaurant. One should also not forget to visit the barbecue for pork ribs and lamb.
Mayfair Resort
Venue: Mall, opposite Raj Bhawan.
Time: 6pm onwards
The party is expected to provide a perfect getaway for the entire family complete with a lavish buffet, lots of fun activities for children and exciting prizes.
Pocket Pinch: Rs 3,000 per couple and Rs 750 for children
Special attractions: “We will have a lavish buffet as food is our core strength. We will also have a rock band and a DJ to entertain the guests. There will be lots of prizes and a host of activities for children,” said Chinmoy Sahu, general manager of the resort.
“We have international salads like fattoush which is an Arabian preparation with cheese and lemon juice. We also have baba-ghanoush made of grilled brinjal, dried lemon pickle, olive oil, and pomegranate seeds,” said Julius Biswas, the resort’s head chef.
Some specialities for the main course would include Western Caribbean pork marinated in coca-cola and grilled. “There will also be roasted chicken to go with port wine, stuffed baked potato with a spinach base and a cajaun roasted garden vegetables along with mutton goalonda,” said Biswas. The chat counter, cheese board and a three tier dessert honey cold cheesecake will be for the evening
New Elgin
Venue: Chowrasta Road
Time: 7pm till past midnight
“We will have a bonfire, music, dances and food like roasted lamb and goose to go with the best of wines,” said Diamond Oberoi, managing director of New Elgin Hotel
Pocket pinch: Rs 2,500 per person
Fortune Resort Central on Robertson Road and Fortune Central Nirvana at the Mall have also planned bashes.
“At the Central, the party is primarily for the in-house guests and special invitees. The dress code for the evening is smart casuals and we will have live music and a dance party,” said Prem Chhetri, general manager of the hotel.
Nirvana will have a bonfire and soft music along with Indian and Continental food. Coupons are priced at Rs 1,000 for a couple.
Sinclairs Retreat (in association with The Telegraph)
Venue: Sinclairs Retreat, Chulsa (60km from Siliguri)
Time: 8pm till past midnight
Pocket Pinch: Rs 6,000 for a couple and Rs 2,000 for children above 12 years. For children below 12, the charge is Rs 800
Special attractions: Bonfire, live band, DJ, a dance troupe performing to hit Bollywood numbers and lucky draws with exciting prizes
A quiet retreat, amid the jungles of the Dooars, this resort has attracted guests from as far as Bhutan and Nepal for the New Year bash. It promises a romantic evening by the fire with food and beverages.
“Apart from Siliguri and Sikkim, we have guests coming over from Phuentsholing and Nepal,” Moloy Sarkar, senior manager (marketing) at Sinclairs, said.(VIVEK CHHETRI IN DARJEELING AND MRINALINI SHARMA IN SILIGURI)
Centre buys time on Telangana
TT, New Delhi, Dec. 30: The Justice Srikrishna Committee today handed its report on the Telangana statehood demand to the government, which did not reveal the contents and bought a week’s time to consult political parties.
Union home minister P. Chidambaram, who received the report, said it would first be shown to the eight recognised political parties of Andhra Pradesh at a meeting on January 6. Only then would its contents be made public and an “appropriate” decision taken on its recommendations.
“That is the only way in a democracy, and those who respect democracy must also respect the processes of democracy,” he said. “Immediately after the meeting, the report will be made public.”
The statehood controversy has the potential to spark trouble but government sources said the two-volume report was believed to be non-committal and “safe”.
The five-member committee had said two days ago that they would suggest “several options with their pros and cons” in an attempt to achieve the “highest satisfaction of the largest number”.
Today, the committee’s member secretary, Vinod K. Duggal, said: “We have given the way forward. We have said what is to be done. There are many options.”
The invites to the eight political parties were sent today, sources said. These parties’ last meeting on Telangana was held on January 5 this year, after which the committee headed by Justice (retired) B.N. Srikrishna was formed.
Its deadline for submitting the report was December 31.
Chidambaram said the report would be “a path forward, a path that will bring satisfaction, happiness and prosperity to the people”.
“The committee was able to consult all sections of the people and all political parties and groups in Andhra Pradesh…. The report will be carefully studied in the ministry of home affairs and will be shared with the ministries/departments concerned of the government.”
He repeated his appeal to the people of Andhra Pradesh to maintain peace. He said political parties had promised to maintain law and order and that the Centre believed them.
Chidambaram tried to allay concerns over the recent paramilitary reinforcements sent to Andhra. The deployment is “a purely precautionary measure”, he said, adding that the forces would remain at their headquarters or police stations as a reserve force.
PC invites Buddha
PTI, New Delhi: A day after West Bengal chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee slammed home minister P Chidambaram's assessment of the law and order situation in the state as "far from an impartial overview", the latter on Thursday invited him for a meet in Delhi. Chidambaram dispatched two letters addressing
Bhattacharjee, as a reply to the chief minister's December 28 communication.
"Both letters have been faxed as well as sent by speed post," a home ministry statement said.
"The home minister has invited the chief minister of West Bengal to Delhi at his earliest convenience to discuss the subject and agree upon the way forward," the statement said.
Bhattacharjee, in a strongly-worded reply to Chidambaram's letter last week, had taken strong exception to use of the word 'harmad' (hired killers) in the communication while asking the Left Front government to disarm CPI(M) cadres.
"Your assessment of the situation in the state is surprising and is far from an impartial overview of the situation," he had said.
The chief minister had sarcastically described the home minister's letter sent on December 21 as 'secret' after he and the CPI-M took umbrage at the apparent leak of its contents before it could reach him. He said the letter was received on Monday.
Chidambaram's earlier letter had asked the state government to disarm CPI-M cadres. He had questioned the West Bengal government on its use of central forces in the state, saying the killing of activists of political parties point to a "virtual collapse" of law and order there.
Admitting that it was not a happy situation, Bhattacharjee had said, "I am trying to disarm and demobilise all armed groups engaged in violence in some pockets in the state."
ENS, Kolkata:After the exchange of strongly worded letters between Union Home Minister P Chidambaram and Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee over the past one week on the law and order situation in West Bengal, the former on Thursday shot off two more letters to Bhattacharjee, inviting him to Delhi for discussions on the situation in his state.
But Bhattacharjee is not going to Delhi at least till January 24, his Confidential Assistant Jaideep Mukherjee said late in the evening. “He schedule is packed with programmes till January 24,” Mukherjee said.
According to a Union Home Ministry statement, Chidambaram today wrote two letters, in one of which he invited the Chief Minister to come to Delhi and have a discussion with him. The contents of the second letter were not made public.
In Kolkata, the Chief Minister acknowledged the receipt of the letters. In the evening, before he left for his party office, his Jaideep Mukherjee appeared before the press corps and read out a two-line statement: “Today the Chief Minister has received two letters from the Union Home Minister. He has sent his replies.”
Later, the Chief Minister himself confirmed: “I have sent the replies.” Asked whether he was going to Delhi soon, he said: “I have already sent the letter.”

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