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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Morcha dares CPM to hill might test-Jan 8 meets to prove strength ... CBI sanction formal permission to register formal case against Sikkim CM ... PM holds meet on Telangana issue

Morcha dares CPM to hill might test Jan 8 meets to prove strength
TT, Siliguri, Dec. 29: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has challenged the CPM to prove its support base in the hills at its January 8 meeting — the same day when Bimal Gurung’s outfit plans to organise a rally in the plains to show off its strength.
While the Morcha wants the CPM to hold its meeting in Chowk Bazar after four years, the hill outfit is eager to hold its own rally in Siliguri’s Baghajatin Park. The Morcha said its application for permission for the plains meeting was accepted by the Siliguri police around 6pm, seven hours after it was initially rejected.
“We feel the public meeting of the CPM in Darjeeling would be a picnic for the party where both the speakers and the audience would be from the plains. There is no question of opposing the meeting, and in fact, we are least concerned about it knowing well that none from the hills will attend it. Let the CPM prove its base in the hills,” said Harka Bahadur Chhetri, the media and publicity secretary of the Morcha, today.
“Our party has approached the administration for permission to hold a public meeting at Baghajatin Park in Siliguri the same day. We will prove our support base in Siliguri subdivision at the meeting.”
Chhetri said since “this is a free country and if the CPM could hold a meeting in Darjeeling, why couldn’t the Morcha in Siliguri?”
According to the Morcha leader, this is the time for the CPM-led state government to prove how sincere it was about establishing democracy. “Often, CPM leaders cry hoarse, alleging that we are undemocratic and do not allow them to hold meetings in hills. Now the government must prove that it is sincere about democracy and grant us permission for the public meeting in Siliguri.”
The Morcha leader, however, said even if his party was not granted permission for the Siliguri rally, there is no question of opposing the CPM’s meeting “because we want the CPM to show its strength”.
CPM leaders said they expected a maximum footfall of 5,000 people at the hill meeting. “We will try to bring in around 5,000 supporters. All the committees in three hill sub-divisions have been informed about the programme,” said Saman Pathak, a Darjeeling CPM Rajya Sabha member.
Asked about the Morcha’s proposed meeting at Baghajatin Park, he said: “It is the prerogative of the administration to grant permission. But as far as the Morcha is concerned… the anti-Morcha ambience in Siliguri is a factor that deserves consideration.”
Earlier in the afternoon, Darjeeling district magistrate P. M. K. Gandhi said he was not aware of any Morcha meeting in Siliguri. “Even if they had applied for a permission, it has to go to police first and then come to us with a no-objection note,” said Gandhi.
The Morcha submitted the application for permission to Aloke Dasgupta, the inspector in charge of Siliguri police station, around 6pm.
“Two of our leaders had been to the police station at 11am today. They stayed there till 5pm but the officials did not receive the application and misbehaved with them,” Shankar Adhikari, coordinator of the Terai branch of the Morcha, said. “The IC received the application at 6pm after we met the Siliguri additional superintendent of police.”
ABGL breaks rival barrier to hold rally
VIVEK CHHETRI, TT, Darjeeling, Dec. 29: The ABGL held a public meeting at Bijanbari today, ignoring for the first time a strike called by the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, which had resorted to similar pressure tactics in the past to scuttle political programmes of its rivals.
Police ensured safe passage for ABGL supporters to attend the meeting by arresting Morcha workers who had squatted on roads.
The Morcha had on Monday announced the strike in Chungthung, Bijanbari-Pulbazar and Rimbick Lodhoma to protest the alleged inability of the state-owned Himalayan Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Limited (Himul) to clear Rs 3 crore dues of dairy farmers.
“The meeting was a success. It has definitely given us the much-needed confidence. The police have also done their job,” said Dawa Sherpa, the working president of the ABGL. “Despite the strike, we could bring around 400 people to the venue. Some of our supporters walked for one and a half hours to reach Bijanbari from Kainjalay.” Bijanbari is 40km from here.
In the past, the ABGL had been forced to cancel or “postpone” its scheduled meetings in places like Sukhiapokhri and Kurseong because of the strikes called by the Morcha’s frontal organisations.
The ABGL, which had obtained permission on December 20 for the meeting, decided to mobilise supporters without giving publicity to the programme, perhaps fearing a repeat of situations at Sukhiapokhri and Kurseong.
“We had obtained the permission on December 20. The strike was called just to disrupt our meeting. The Himul problem is there throughout the district and we see no reason why the strike should be called only in this particular area,” said Sherpa.
The Morcha, however, said the majority of the dairy farmers in the hills belonged to the areas where the strike was called today. “Everyday, 5,000 litres of milk are collected from these places. The farmers have not been paid money in the past six months. In fact, the ABGL, too, should have supported the strike,” said Prakash Gurung, the general secretary of the Morcha’s Rimbick-Lodhama unit.
A cavalcade carrying Sherpa and Madan Tamang’s widow Bharati was stopped near the Pulbazar police station by Morcha supporters who squatted on the road. The police, however, arrested the protesters and cleared the road.
“The police arrested 300 of our supporters, but we will soon launch another agitation to demand the payment of the dues. The ABGL meeting was a ploy by the state government to create unrest in the hills,” said Gurung.
Darjeeling police chief D.P. Singh said: “Those who tried to obstruct the road were arrested and since they were booked under bailable sections, they have been released.”
KalimNews: 3 GJMM supporters of Ambotia were injured during a clash between supporters of GJMM and GNLF and had to be hospitalised in Kurseong SD hospital. Referring the clash in Dabaikheti both the parties blamed each other of attack.GJMM had alleged that GNLF supporters of Baseri Gaon armed with weapons attacked GJMM members when they were having a meeting.On the other hand GNLF alleged that GJMM supporters attacked GNLF members when they were about to start a meeting. GJMM had lodged an FIR and had asked the police to arrest the attackers by 7 am of Friday 31st December.
Separate district for Siliguri demanded
KalimNews: Upgradation of Siliguri or creation of a separate District for Siliguri is demanded by the CPM. A letter with a demand for separate administrate setup and provisions is submitted to the state Chief Minister by Darjeeling District LF Committee. Fearing the formation of GRA which will lead to more power to GRA and dependence of public of Siliguri to Darjeeling the demand is raised, stated a CMP source. 
Bandh thins Biman crowd
Brinda Karat at the Malbazar meeting venue on Wednesday. Picture by Biplab Basak
TT, Malbazar, Dec. 29: A bandh called by the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad today kept away tribals from a CPM meeting where party secretary Biman Bose announced the formation of a new front that he said would work for them.
Spurred by the Parishad, the majority of Adivasis or tribals in the Dooars stayed away from the CPM meeting here. Police escorted a few eager cadres to the Forward Club grounds — the meeting venue 45km from Jalpaiguri town — but they were mostly non-tribals. The bandh supporters moved away on seeing the police vehicles, which made way for buses and cars carrying CPM activists.
Besides Bose, CPM politburo member Brinda Karat and CPM district secretary Manik Sanyal also spoke to the 4,000-odd crowd, which could have swelled to at least 50,000 if tribals from Malbazar tea gardens alone had attended the meeting.
The Parishad had called the bandh to counter the CPM meeting. The outfit has accused the ruling party of doing little for the development of tribals in the past 34 years. “Had it been a successful CPM meeting, hordes of Adivasis from the gardens would have arrived and the crowd would have been close to 50,000-60,000,” said John Barla, the president of the Dooars-Terai committee of the Parishad, which now has a considerable support base in the Dooars. He said a meeting would be held at Kalchini’s Atiabari tomorrow to counter the CPM’s criticisms of the outfit.
The bandh supporters used tyres, flags and stones to raise blockades on NH31, Lataguri-Chulsa road and other arterial routes in the Dooars, disrupting normal traffic.
Violence was reported at Ranichera More near Odlabari where suspected bandh supporters pelted a pick-up van carrying CPM supporters with stones. Three passengers were injured in the attack and were administered first aid at Malbazar Subdivisional Hospital.
“We will take up several key issues associated with the development of the tribal population in different parts of the state, be it in the Jangal Mahal or the tea estates of north Bengal,” said Bose, announcing the formation of the Paschimbanga Adivasi Adhikar Mancha.
Karat said the crowd at the meeting today proved that the Parishad had failed in its purpose. “We will create pressure on the Centre to confer land rights on tribals in tea gardens,” she said.
The 54-member Mancha includes the party’s MP from Jhargram Pulin Bihari Baskey and Nagrakata MLA Sukhmait Oraon. 
KalimNews:  Adivasi Adhikar Manch state committee is formed during the 2 days State Adivasi  convention.  Sukhmait Oraon , President: Pulin bihari Baskey, Secretary and Rabilal Hembrom , Treasurer were the newly elected office bearers of the committee
17औं कर्मापा मुद्दामा थिन्ले थाई दोर्जीको पल्ला भारी
हामीलाई कुनै राजनैतिक शक्ति र सरकारको मान्यता चाहिन्दैन बौद्ध परम्पराले नै मान्यता दिएको छः सामरपा रिम्पोछे
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, बौद्धगया,30 दिसम्बर। झण्डै दुइ दशकदेखि विवादास्पद यात्रामा चलिरहेको काग्युपा बौद्ध परम्पराको प्रमुख तथा सिक्किमको रूम्तेक धर्मचक्रको गादीपति 17औं कर्मापा र अन्य मुद्दाहरूबारे तिब्बतीय आध्यात्मिक नेता दलाई लामासित कर्मापा पदको दावेदार थिन्ले थाई दोर्जीका आध्यात्मिक पथप्रदर्शक चर्चित सामरपा मिपहाम छोकि लोर्ड्रो रिम्पोछे (Sharmapa Mipham Chokyi Lodro)-को सौहार्दपूर्ण भेटपछि यो मुद्दाले चाँडै निकासा पाउऩे छाँट देखिएको छ। 
यसबारेमा बौद्ध गयामा आयोजित काग्यु मेन्लमको अवसरमा भएको विशेष बातचितको क्रममा सामरपा रिम्पोछेले खुलस्त पारे। उनले कर्मापाको प्रवल दावेदार थिन्ले थाई दोर्जीलाई काग्युपा बौद्ध परम्पराले नै कर्मापाको रूपमा मान्यता प्रदान गरिसकेको बताए। उनले भने, हामीलाई कुनै राजनैतिक शक्ति र सरकारको मान्यता चाहिन्दैन किनभने बौद्ध परम्पराले नै थिन्ले थाइ दोर्जीलाई मान्यता दिइसकेको छ। उनले रूम्तेक धर्मचक्रको प्रमुख कर्मापाको पदको निम्ति आफूहरू संघर्षरत रहेको भए पनि पद र शक्तिको निम्ति नभएर आध्यत्म र बौद्ध परम्पराको संरक्षणलाई प्राथमिकता दिएर कार्य गरिरहेको बताए।
चर्चामा रहेको साँचो र झुटो कर्मापाको विवादबारे बोल्दै उऩले भने, हाम्रो धर्म पावरको निम्ति होइऩ, हाम्रो धर्म ज्ञानको निम्ति हो अनि विश्वमा बौद्ध दर्शनलाई बुझाउऩु नै हाम्रो एकमात्र लक्ष्य हो। यस्ता निर्थक विवादहरूमा फसेर हामी हाम्रो लक्ष्यलाई भुल्न चहादैनौं।
उनले दलाई लामासित आफ्नो प्रतिनिधि दलले गत मई महिनामा सौहार्द पूर्ण बातचीत गरेपछि गत नोभेम्बर महिनामा कर्मापा अऩि अन्य मुद्दाहरूबारे उनकै निम्तोमा धर्मशालामा भेटघाट गरेर धेरै मुद्दाहरू छिनोफानो गर्ने निर्णय गरेको बताए। उनले भने, दलाई लामा र उनको निर्वासन सरकारले हाम्रो कुराहरू बुझेका छन् अनि अहिले राम्रो सम्बन्ध स्थापित भएको छ। यसैको फलस्वरूप हामीले तिब्बतीहरूको हितमा भएको दलाई लामाका नीतिहरूलाई समर्थन गर्ने निर्णय गरेका छौं। उनले अझ भने मैले दुइपल्ट उनीसित भेट गरिसकेको छु पहिलो पल्ट धर्मशालामा अऩि दोस्रो पल्ट कालेबुङ भ्रमणको समय पनि भेट गरें हामी यी मुद्दाहरूबारे स्पष्ट हुँदैछौं।
उल्लेखनीय छ सामरपा रिम्पोछे विदेशबाट दलाई लामाकै स्वागतको निम्ति गत 12 दिसम्बरको दिन कालेबुङमा उपस्थित भएर भव्य स्वागत जनाएका थिए।  लामो शित युद्ध पछि दुइ भिन्ना भिन्नै कर्मापाको उम्मेद्वारा समर्थकहरूको मतो मिल्न थालेको छ। जसले यस मुद्दामा नयाँ मोड आउऩे स्पष्ट भएको छ।
रिम्पोछेले दलाई लामासितको सम्बन्धलाई अझ प्रगाड बनाउने मनाशय प्रकट गर्दै उनीहरूको सम्बऩ्धमा दलाई लामाको दाज्यु कालेबुङमै बस्ने भएकोले थप मद्दत पुग्ने बताए। उनले भने दलाई लामाको दाज्यु कालेबुङमा बस्छन् अनि उनी हाम्रो बिचार सित सहमत भएको हुनाले हाम्रो सम्बन्ध अझ मधुर र बौद्ध धर्मावलम्बीहरूको निम्ति असल भएर जाने कुरामा विश्वस्त छु। उनले अझ भने, अब दलाई लामाले पनि तिब्बत र तिब्बतीहरूको हितमा निर्णय लिनेछन्।
अर्कोतिर कर्मापा मुद्दामा चिनीयाँ सरकारको चासो गम्भीर रूपमा रहेको खुलासा गर्दै विशेष गरेर चिनीयाँ सरकारले इगल्याण्डको एउटा संगठन मार्फत पैसा खर्च गरेर यो मुद्दालाई उक्साइ रहेको दावी गरे। उनले कर्मापाको मुख्य गढ सिक्किमबारे चर्चा गर्दै यसको खुलासा गरे। उनले भने, सिक्किमका नागरिक खुबै धार्मिक र सम्वेदनशील छन् तर केही सिमित तत्वहरू चिनीयाँ सरकारको पैसाको लाभार्थी बन्न पुगेकाले गर्दा भक्तहरू वाध्य भएका छन्। उनले भने सिक्किमका आम नागरिकलाई सही कर्मापाबारे पूर्ण ज्ञान रहेको भए पनि कतिपय बाध्यता र लाभार्थीहरूको भ्रमित क्रियाकलापले गर्दा आफ्नो मन्तव्य खोलेर व्यक्त गर्न सकिरहेका छैनन्। उनले अझ भने, सिक्किममा चिनीयाँ सरकार समर्थित कर्मापाको पक्षमा कार्यक्रमहरू गराउन इंगल्याण्डको रोकपा एसोसिएशनले पैसा पठाउने गरेको छ। उनले भने, इग्ल्याण्डको यो संगठनका प्रमुख आकोन रिम्पोछेले चिनीयाँ सरकारको एजेन्टको काम गरेर पैसाले मुद्दालाई धमिल्याउँदैछ। उनले भने, पैसाको बलमा चिनीयाँ कर्मपाको पक्षमा समर्थन बटुल्न सिक्किमका धर्मप्रिय जनतालाई दिग्भ्रमित पारिरहेको छ।
उनले रूम्तेक प्रवेशको बारेमा सोधिएको प्रश्नबारे भने, यो मुद्दा अहिले न्यायालयमा चलिरहेको छ यसकारण न्यायालयको फसेलापछि हामी निश्चय सत्य सबैको अघि ल्याउने छौं।
उल्लेखनीय छ रूम्तेक धर्मचक्रको प्रमुख तथा काग्युपा बौद्ध परम्पराको प्रमुख कर्मापाको 17औं अवतारको निम्ति अहिले विभिन्न दावेदारहरूको विवाद चलिरहेको छ। जसमा दलाई लामाको पक्षबाट उगेन थिन्ले दोर्जी उम्मेद्वारको रूपमा उभिएका छन् भने समरपा रिम्पोछेको समर्थन लिएर थिन्ले थाई दोर्जी रहेका छन् यसै गरि सिक्किमको भूमिपूत्र दावा सांग्पो दोर्जी अर्का दावेदारको रूपमा रहेका छन्।
CBI sanction formal permission to register formal case against Sikkim CM
KalimNews, Agencies and Voice of Sikkim: After Bhandari now it is turn of present Chief Minister Pawan Chamling during his own regime to face CBI. Sikkim Pradesh Congress had been trying to bring CBI in Sikkim and initiate a case for corruption against the CM. Celebrating the CBI declaration SPCC termed CBI interception as win of "truth over sin".
SPCC stated that Sikkim is under debt of Rs 1095 Cr, public money is going as interest to pay debts. The financial stand of Sikkim has gone worst due to hazardous corruption, it has added.
Meanwhile SPCC President Nar Bahadur Bhandari with his party members left Gangtok for New Delhi to catalyse the CBI case. BJP President Padam Chettri has appealed Chief Secretary to let CBI carry out investigation without any interference.
PM holds meet on Telangana issue; report likely tomorrow
PTI, New Delhi, Dec 29: As Andhra Pradesh waits with bated breath for the report on Telangana statehood issue, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today reviewed the political and security situation in the state with his senior cabinet colleagues. 

The five-member Justice Srikrishna committee, which went into the demand for Telangana state, may submit its report to Home Minister P Chidambaram tomorrow, a day before the term of the committee expires. It will suggest "several options with their pros and cons" on the statehood issue.
Singh discussed the issue with Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee, Defence Minister A K Antony, Home Minister P Chidambaram and Law Minister M Veerappa Moily besides senior government officials, sources said.
Electricity loadshedding demonstration
KalimNews, Kalimpong: Frequent load shedding in Kalimpong is disturbing the preparatory schedule and routine of examinees of various examinations. Examinees of ICSE, Madhyamik, ISC, HS and other degree examinations will appear in their examinations during the months of February to May. Due to regular loadshedding in the evening for about 2 hours and also in the morning is disturbing the preparation and study hours. Students Union GJVM and Sub divisional Committee of GJMM has organised a rally and demonstration on 30th December in Kalimpong.
Electricity department WBSEDCL sources that the power cut is from Siliguri itself and they are doing it in a rotation by power cut to all the towns and places throughout the day and night, as there is shortage of power since last four months. It is also said the the department has already lost crores of revenue due to non payment of electricity bills by the electricity consumers of Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong Sub Divisions. Consumers and the WBSEDCL office is prohibited to pay and receive the electricity bills since last two years.
CBI probe on Chamling corruption
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$, 29 {Xgå~a & Ho$pÝÐ` Om±M ã`yamo (gr~rAmB©)-bo amÁ`H$m _w»`_ÝÌr ndZ Mm_{bL> a AÝ` 12 OZm ^yVnyd© a dV©_mZ {dYm`H$hê$ {dê$Õ Am¡nMm[aH$ ê$n_m _wÔm XVm© JZ© amÁ` gaH$maH$m _w»` g{Md Q>rQ>r XmoOug_j AZw_{V _mJoH$mo g_mMma ECQ>m ampîQ´>` X¡{ZH$ "BpÊS>`Z EŠgàog'_m àH$m{eV ^En{N> n«Xoe H§$J«og Io_m_m IwerH$mo bha N>mEH$mo N>& ¶mo ‘wÔmH¡$$ gÝX^©_m AmO àXoe H§$J«ogH$m AÜ`j Za ~hmXwa ^ÊS>marH$mo ZoV²Ëd_m ECQ>m Q>mobr$ {Xëbr àñWmZ JaoH$m N>Z²& {Xëbr àñWmZ JZ©A{K AmO {dH$mg joÌpñWV àXoe H§$J«ogH$mo nmQ>u _w»`mb`_m ^ÊS>marbo ECQ>m nÌH$ma gå_obZH$mo Am`moOZm Jaoa ¶g Ame`H$mo OmZH$mar {XE&
Cëbo»`, ampîQ´>` A§Jo«Or X¡{ZH$ "BpÊS>`Z EŠgàog' _m {hOmo 28 {Xgå~aH$m {XZ _w»`_ÝÌr Mm_{bL> a 12 OZm ^yVnwd© a dV©_mZ {dYm`H${dê$Õ Am¡nMm[aH$ _wÔm XVm© JZ© gr~rAmB©bo ECQ>m AZwamoY nÌ amÁ`H$m _w»` g{MdbmB© nR>mEH$mo g_mMma àH$mpímV JaoH$mo N>& CŠV g_mMma nÌAZwgma, gr~rAmB©bo _w»`_ÝÌr Mm_{bL>bo Am`^ÝXm A{YH$ YZ-gån{Îm EH$Ì JaoH$mo a AmâZmo nXH$mo Xwê$n`moJ JX£ amÁ`{^Ì a ~m{ha 23 H$amo‹S> ê${n`m±^ÝXm A{YH$ YZ-gån{Îm EH$Ì JaoH$mo Amamon bJmEH$m N>Z²& ^ÊS>marbo nÌH$ma gå_obZbmB© gå~moYZ JX£ [Xëbr_m JEa gr~rAmB© à_wI a àogbmB© ^oQ²>Zo OmZH$mar {XE& hmb¡_m gr~rAmB© à_w»m n[adV©Z ^EH$mo hþZmbo Z`m± gr~rAmB© à_w»mbmB© ^oQ>oa `g _wÔm~mao MMm© JZ} a àogbmB© ^oQ>oa YamV{b` gË`Vm OmZH$mar JamCZo ~VmE&
gr~rAmB©bo _w»`_ÝÌr a 12 OZm {dYm`H${dê$Õ Am¡nMm[aH$ ê$n_m _wÔm XVm© JZ© amÁ`H$m _w»` g{Mdg_j AZw_{V nÌ gwånoH$mo {df`_m ~moëX¡ ^ÊS>marbo ^Zo, gr~rAmB©bmB© AZw_{VH$mo Amdí`H$Vm N>¡Z& {H$Z^Zo XoeH$mo gdm}ƒ Ý`m`b`bo gr~rAmB©bmB© ^«îQ>mMma{dê$Õ Om±M JZ©gŠZo {ZU©` gwZmB© gHo$H$mo N>& {VZbo AP ^Zo, àXoe H§$J«ogbo gdm}ƒ Ý`m`b`_m _w»`_ÝÌr Mm_{bL> a {VZH$mo ghH$_uhê$ {dê$Õ _wÔm XVm© Jaon{N> gdm}ƒ Ý`m`b`bo gr~rAmB©g_j Om±MH$m {ZpåV _wÔm XVm© JamCZgŠZo \$gobm gwZmEH$mo N>& `gW© gdm}ƒ Ý`m`b`H¡$ {ZU©` AZwgma àXoe H§$J«og gr~rAmB©g_j JEH$mo hmo& amÁ` gaH$mabo Omar JaH$mo ECQ>m A{YgyMZmH¡$ H$maU gr~rAmB©bo Om°§M a _wÔm XVm© JZ©H$m {ZpåV _w»` g{MdbmB© AZw_{V _m¾ naoH$mo hmo ^Þo Hw$am OZmC°§X¡ ^ÊS>marbo ^Zo, CŠV A{YgyMZm J¡a H$mZyZr hmo& {H$Z^Zo, {VZrhê$_m{W ^«îQ>mMmaH$mo _wÔm XVm© ^En{N> {VZrhê$bo CŠV A{YgyMZm Omar JaoH$mo hmo& H$mZyZr ê$n_m n{Z `gbmB© d¡Y _mÞ g{H±$X¡Z& {VZbo CŠV A{YgyMZm Omar JZ©w ^ZoH$mo ^«îQm>Mma JaoH$m N>m¢ ^Zoa ñdrH$ma JZw© hmo ^Zo& ^ÊS>marbo `ñVmo g_`_m amÁ`nmb Mwßn bmJoa hþ±X¡Z, g{H«$` ^Ea H$m_ JZw©ßmN>© ^Þo g§Ho$V {X>>±X¡ Ymam 371 E\$-bo amÁ`nmbbmB© Yoa¡ j_Vm àXmZ JaoH$mo OmZH$mar {XE& {VZbo 1979 H$mo CXmhmaU àñVwV JX£ VËH$mbrZ H$mOr gaH$mabo ^E^aH$mo XñVmdoO (gaH$mar \$mB©b) ObmB© {XEH$mo a n{N> {VZH$mo ZoV¥Ëd_m Z`m± gaH$ma JR>Z ^En{N> H$m_ JZ© Jmõmo ^EH$mo AZw^d nmoIo& {VZbo amÁ`nmbbmB© gmdYmZr JamC±X¡ {ZH$Q> ^{dî`_m `g àH$maH$mo g_ñ`m AmBnao {VZr Odm~Xohr ~ÞwnZ} ~VmE& {VZbo ampîQ´>` X¡{ZH$ g_mMma nÌ_m àH$mpímV g_mMma_m ghr Am±H$‹S>m CëboI J[aEH$mo N>¡Z ^ÝX¡ àogbmB© T>m±Q>²Zo H$m_ JZw©hþ±X¡Z,^Zo& {Xëbr_m àogbmB© ^oQ>oa YamV{b` gË`Vm ñnîQ> nmZ} `moOZm n{Z ahoH$m {VZbo ~VmE& `g Adga_m AmO nmQ>ubo "{g{¸$‘ _hmbyQ>'H$mo Zonmbr g§ñH$aUH$mo n{Z {d_moMZ Jao& nwñVH$ {d_moMZn{N> {VZbo CŠV nwñVH$_m {g{¸$‘H$m ì`mnmar g_wXm`bmB© AÝ`m` ^EH$mo a àXoe H§$J«ogbo _mÌ ì`mnmardJ©bmB© Ý`m` {XZgŠZoN> ^Zr KmofUm n{Z J[aEH$mo OmZH$mar {XE& `gar Z¡ Amdmgr` à_mU {gpŠH$_ gãOoŠQ>Ymar _{hbmhê$ J¡a {gpŠH$_o{gV {ddmh ^EH$mo IÊS>_m CŠV _{hbmhê$H$mo {gpŠH$_ gãOoŠQ>H$mo _mÝ`Vm `WmdV ahZo N> ^Þo A‹S>mZ n{Z àXoe H§$J«ogH$mo ahoH$mo {VZbo ~VmEŸ& _{hbmhê$ {ddmh ^En{N> {VZrhê$H$mo {g{¸$‘ gãOoŠQ> aÔ JZw©nZ} {W`mo Va gaH$mabo JZ© gHo$Z& `gW© J¡a {g{¸$‘o{gV {ddmh Jao n{Z {VZrhê$ {g{¸$‘ gãOoŠQ>H$mo gw{dYmH$m hH$Xma ahZoN>Z² ^Þo KmofUm n{Z CŠV nwñVH$_m J[aEH$mo Wn OmZH$mar {XE&
Tuck drivers demand parking place
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$ 29 {Xgå~a& amÁ`H$mo EH$ à‘wI ì`mnma Ho$ÝÐ ^Ea n{Z AmOgå‘ {gL²Vm‘ ~Oma‘m ECQ>m C{MV Q´>H$ nm{H©$L> Z^EH$moco EgHo$-03- Q´>H$ MmcH$hê$ XwpIV N>Z²& {gL²Vm‘ Q´>H$ S´>mB^a Egmo{gEeZH$m haoH$ gXñ`hê$ AmO `hm± ECQ>m gw{ZpíMV Q´>H$ ñQ>çmÊS> Z^EH$moco pIÞ a {MpÝVV N>Z²& `mo Hw$am Egmo{gEeZH$m {gL²Vm‘ emIm Aܶj EM. ~r. gwã~mco OZmEH$m N>Z²& gwã~mco Xw:I ì`ŠV JX£ ^Zo, `hm±H$mo Z`m± nycXopI {gL²Vm‘ {Oëcm AñnVmc ‘w{Z{Va JmocrQ>maH$mo am{ï´>` amO‘mJ©H$mo EH$ N>oC EgHo$-03 dmhZhê$ ampI±X¡N> Va Ë`gH$mo n{Z Hw$Z¡ gw{ZpíMVVm ^Zo N>¡Z& ^rAmB©nr AmEH$m ~ocm Ë`hm±~mQ> n{Z dmhZ hQ>mCZw nZ} hþÝN> a H$hm± cJoa nm{H©$L> JZw©nZ} hmo Ë`gH$mo cm{J hm‘r g~¡ MmcH$hê$ {MpÝVV ^Ea nm{H©$L> ñWmZ ImoÁXm-ImoÁXm hþÝN>& {g{¸$‘‘m aoc MëX¡Z, EgHo$-03 Q´>H$ Z¡ {g{¸$‘o OZVmcmB© godm nwè`mCZo Amdí`H$ gmYZ hþZwH$mo gmW-gmW¡ {g{¸$‘H$mo {dH$mgH$mo cm{J Q´>H$co ‘hÎdnyU© ^y{‘H$m {Zdm©h J[aahoH$mo N> Va Q´>H$cmB© Z¡ am»Zo ECQ>m gwì`dpñWV ñWmZ {gL²Vm‘‘m Z^EH$moco hm‘r gånyU© Q´>H$ MmcH$hê$ A{V Z¡ XwpIV N>m¢& hm‘rco {g{¸$‘ a {g{¸$‘o OZVmH$mo {dH$mgH$mo cm{J N>mÎmr‘m IyZ O‘mEa amV-{XZ Ho$hr Z^Zr B‘mÝXmanyd©H$ H$m`© J[aahoH$m N>m¢& AmâZmo ZmZrhê${gV n{Z Ë`{V Hw$am JZ© nmBahoH$m N>¡Zm¢& {gcJ‹T>r~mQ> am{V {h±‹S²>Xm `hm± Ka‘m 1-2 ~Or am{V AmBnw½N>& Ë`g ~ocm g~¡ n[adma gw{VgHo$H$m hþÝN>Z² a Am’y$ n{Z Ho$hrjU gwVon{N> {Pg{‘go {~hmZ¡ CR>oa dmhZ {cEa Qw>L²Jmo‘m nw¾wnZ} hþÝN>&
H${Vn` ZmZrhê$co AmâZ¡ ~m~mcmB© n{Z Z{MÝcm-Z{MÝcm P¢ JN>©Z²& ZXoIoa a Z~mocoa `ñVmo pñW{V ^BahoH$mo N>, `ñVmo pñW{V‘m n{Z EgHo$-03-H$m MmcH$hê$co {g{¸$‘ a {g{¸$‘o OZVmH$mo {Z:ñdmW© godm nwè`mBahoH$m N>m¢ ^Þo Aܶj gwã~mbo JwZmgmo Jao& Aܶj gwã~mco hm‘«mo ECQ>¡ ‘mÌ ‘mJ {gL²Vm‘‘m EgHo$-03 Q´>H$ ñQ>çmÊS>H$mo C{MV ì`dñWm J[a{X`mOmdmog²² ^Zr {g{¸$‘ gaH$macmB© M‹T>mBEH$mo ‘mJ nÌH$mo Mm±‹S>mo^ÝXm Mm±‹S>mo nhc J[a{XZo amÁ`H$m ‘w»`‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{cL>à{V `g¡ g‘mMma‘m’©$V AZwamoY JaoH$m N>Z²& `gA{K gwã~mco ‘w»`‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{cL>H$mo gwñdmñÏ` Ed§ XrKm©¶wH$mo H$m‘Zm JX£ Zd df© 2011-H$mo ‘§Jc‘` ew^oÀN>m-ew^H$m‘Zm Q>H«$mEH$m N>Z²& {gL²Vm‘‘m ^B© ahoH$mo gwÝXarH$aUH$mo H$m‘g±J-g±J¡ {gL²Vm‘ Q´>H$ MmcH$hê$H$mo CŠV g‘ñ`mcmB© Jå^raVmnyd©H$ {cEa {gL²Vm‘‘m Q´>H$ ñQ>çmÊS> {Z‘m©UH$mo H$m‘ n{Z Mm±‹S>mo^ÝXm Mm±‹S>mo J[a{XZo ‘w»`‘ÝÌr Mm‘{cL>cmB© `g¡ g‘mMma‘m’©$V gwã~mco AmJ«h JaoH$m N>Z²& {VZco {gL²Vm‘ {Oëcm AñnVmc ‘w[Z{VaH$mo JmocrQ>ma am{ï´>` amO‘mJ© N>oCH$mo O‘rZ‘m gaH$maco Q´>H$ ñQ>çmÊS> ~ZmB{XE A{V CÎm‘ hþZo ~VmEH$m N>Z²&    
Tamu Loshar celebrated
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$, 29 {Xgå~a& amÁ¶H$m JmoIm© g‘wXm¶H$m ECQ>m OmV V‘whê$H$m ‘w»¶ nd© V‘w ëhmoN>maH$mo Adga‘m amÁ¶H$m amÁ¶nmb ~mpë‘H$s àgmX qgh a ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>bo amÁ¶dmgrbmB© ~YmB© {XEH$m N>Z²& amÁ¶nmb ~mpë‘H$s àgmX qghbo amÁ¶dmgrbmB© gwI g‘¥{Õ a Iwerbo ¶mo nd© ‘ZmCZ amÁ¶dmgrbmB© ew^H$m‘Zm 춺$ JaoH$m N>Z²& ¶g¡ H«$‘‘m amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL> a {VZH$s Y‘©nËZr Q>rH$m‘m¶m Mm‘{bL>bo amÁ¶dmgr‘m V‘whê$H$m à‘wI ¶g nd© Z¶m± df©H$mo AmJ‘ZbmB© nmbZ JZ} ew^ Adga‘m hm{X©H$ ~YmB© {XEH$m N>Z²&
2 Bills passed
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$, 29 {Xgå~a& amÁ¶ {dYmZg^mH$mo XþB© {Xdgr¶ erVH$mbrZ gÌH$mo g‘mnZ‘m XþB© g§gmo{YV VWm ECQ>m Z¶m± {dYo¶H$ nm[aV J[a¶mo& amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr VWm H$mZyZ-{dYr à^mar ‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>Ûmam noe J[aEH$mo H$ånrZ nÄOrH$aU {dYo¶H$ ( g§gmoYZ), {g{¸$‘ aoJwboeZ A’²$ gmogmBQ>r Egmo{gEeZ Ed§ ñd¶§ godr g§JR>Z (g§gmo{YV) {dYo¶H$ a {g{¸$‘ bmoH$m¶wº$ {dYo¶H$ Hw$Z¡ n{Z ~hg {~Z¡ gd©gh‘{VH$mo gmW nm[aV J[a¶mo&
¶g¡ Adga‘m {dYmZg^m Aܶj Ho$.Q>r ½¶mëN>oZbo ImÚ gwajm VWm H¥${f {d^mJ, ^y-amOñd Ed§ AmnXm à~ÝYZ, qàqQ>J Ed§ ñQ>oeZar, ߶mam {‘ëQ>oar E{’$¶g©, n[adhZ, ImZr Ed§ ^y-{dkmZ, ghH$mar, bmoH${Z‘m©U {d^mJH$m dm{f©H$ à{VdoXZg‘oV {dYmZg^mÛmam V¶ma J[aEH$mo "hþO hþ'-H$mo n{Z gmd©O{ZH  Jao&
g‘mnZ H$m¶©H«$‘bmB© gå~moYZH$mo H«$‘‘m gXZH$m ZoVm VWm ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>bo XþB© {Xdgr¶ ¶g {dYmZg^m gÌ‘m nm[aV {dYo¶H$hê$bmB© àmW{‘H$VmH$mo AmYma‘m H$m¶m©Ýd¶Z JZ©wnN>© ^Zo& ¶g¡ Ad{Y {VZbo gXZH$m g~¡ gXñ¶hê$bmB© Am^ma àH$Q> Jao& {dYmZg^m Aܶjbo AmâZmo YݶdmX àñVmd‘m g~¡bmB© Am^ma àH$Q> Jao&
erVH$mbrZ gÌ g‘mnZn{N> g§gXr¶ g{Mdhê$H$m {ZpåV enW J«hU g‘mamoh {dYmZg^m n[aga‘m gånÞ ^¶mo&
Bharat Nirman concluded
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: gwå~wH$, 29 {Xgå~a& {ejm C‚db ^{dî¶ a OrdZH$mo {ZpåV XrK©H$mbrZ {Zdoe hmo& ¶mo Hw$am ~wÂX¡ à˶oH$ A{^^mdH$bo AmâZmo ^mdr gÝV{VbmB© {ejm àXmZ JZ© gŠXmo H$mo{ee JZ©wnN>©>& ¶g àH$maH$mo Ame¶ X{jUH$m Cn-{O„mnmb amOHw$_ma ‘mXdbo nÌ gyMZm H$m¶m©b¶Ûmam Am¶mo{OV ^maV {Z_m©U_m{W OZgyMZm A{^¶mZH$mo Voòmo A{Z ApÝV_ {XZ à_wI A{V{WH$m ê$n_m ~moëX¡ 춺$ JaoH$m hþZ²& {ejm ge{º$H$aUH$mo _mܶ_ n{Z hmo ^Zo ¶g àH$maH$mo OZgyMZm H$m¶©H«$_bo gaH$maÛmam {VZrhê$H$mo H$ë¶mU a gwYmaH$m gå~ÝY_m Ho$-H$ñVm H$m¶©H«$_, ¶moOZm, A{Z Zr{V Ap»V¶ma JaoH$mo N>, ˶g~mao gMoV A{Z OmJê$H$ ~ZmCZo n{Z Adga hmo& O{V Yoa¡ _m{Zghê$ gMoV A{Z OmJê$H$ ~ÝN>Z², ˶{V Yoa¡ nmaX{e©Vm gw{ZpíMV JZ© g{H$ÝN> a Zr{V VWm H$m¶©H«$_hê$ ghr T>§J‘m H$m¶m©Ýd¶Z hþÝN>Z², {VZbo ^Zo&
gånyU© VrZ{XZo H$m¶©H«$__m OZVmH$mo H$_ gL²>»¶m‘m CnpñW{V_m{W IoX  àH$Q> JX£ IÊS> {dH$mg A{YH$mar hH©$ {Jarbo ^Zo, OZVmbo Am\y$ gMoV ~Þ BÀN>m ZXoImE, Ho$hr n{Z WmonZ© g{H$±X¡Z& {deof A{V{WH$m ê$n_m CnpñWV {Jarbo ¶g àH$maH$mo {deof _m¡H$mH$mo \$mBXm CR>mCZ OZVm {d\$b ~ZoH$mo_m Xþ…I 춺$ Jao& {deof A{V{WH$m ê$n_m CnpñWV n#mm¶V Aܶj eaVamO àYmZbo AmâZmo dmS>©_m E_ZaoJm gwMmê$ A{Z à^mdr ê$n_m H$m¶m©Ýd¶Z ^BahoH$mo OmZH$mar JamC±X¡ {deof ê$n_m nmQ²>Zo Hw$bmo {Z_m©U A{Z Pmo‹S>m ~m±ÜZo H$m_ ^BahoH$mo OZmE& amï´> {Z_m©U_m à˶oH$ ZmJ[aH$H$mo AmâZmo Xm{¶Îd ahoH$mo C„oI JX£ à˶oH$bo ¶g gÝX^©_m AmâZmo ^y{_H$m AW©àX ê$n_m dhZ JZ©wnZ} AmˆmZ OZmE&
VrZ{XZo OZgyMZm H$m¶©H«$_H$mo Ad{Y_m joÌ àgma {ZX}emb¶ (S>rE\$nr)-H$mo VËdmdYmZ_m {dÚmWuhê$~rM ~g A{Z {MÌ ~ZmC, {Z~ÝY boIZ A{Z Š¶m{bJ«m\$s_m{W H«$_e… n¶m©daU A{Z gd©{ejm A{^¶mZ erf©H$_m à{V¶mo{JVm Am¶moOZm J[aEH$mo {W¶mo& ¶g¡ Jar ñdñW {eewH$mo à{V¶mo{JVm n{Z Am¶moOZ J[aEH$mo {W¶mo& H$m¶©H«$_H$mo AÝ˶_m à_wI A{V{W A{Z {deof A{V{Whê$H$m ~mhþbr~mQ> {dOoVm gmW¡ gh^mJrhê$ bJm¶V ñd¶§ghm¶Vm g_yh, EZOrAmo Am{XbmB© nwañH$ma A{Z à_mU nÌ àXmZ J[a¶mo
Controversy on Lokayukt Bill
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$, 29 {Xgå~a& amÁ¶ {dYmZg^mH$mo erVH$mbrZ gÌ‘m nm[aV {g{¸$‘ bmoH$m¶wº$ {dYo¶H$‘m{W {ddmX ewê$ ^EH$mo N>& {g{¸$‘o OZVm a Ho$ÝÐ gaH$maH$mo Am±Im‘m Ywbmo hmëZo H$m¶© ^BahoH$mo gÎmmê$‹T> EgS>rE’$~mQ> {ZîH$m{gV VWm {dYm¶H$ nrEg JmoboH$m ZoV¥Ëd‘m AmÝXmobZaV nyd© {dYm¶H$ ^moOamO amB©bo Amamon bJmEH$m N>Z²&
amB©Ûmam Omar ECQ>m {dk{áAZwgma, Ho$hr {XZ A{K amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶ g{Md Q>rQ>r XmoOubmB© Ho$pÝж Om±M ã¶yamo (gr~rAmB©)-bo ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>{dê$Õ ^«ï>mMmaH$mo Amamon‘m Om±MH$mo {ZpåV AZw‘{V ‘mJoH$mo {W¶mo& gr~rAmB©H$mo gmQ>mo AmâZ¡ bmoH$m¶wº$ H$mZyZ~mQ> Om±M JZ©‘m ’$mBXm ahoH$mo H$maU Mm‘{bL>bo gr~rAmB©H$mo Om±M~mQ> ~m±ÀZH$mo {ZpåV ¶mo H$mZyZ ~ZmCZo H$m¶© J[aahoH$mo ^moOamO amB©bo Xmdr Jao&
"^«ï>mMma‘m {bá Mm‘{bL> Am’¡$bo ^«ï>mMma {ZamoYr H$mZyZ ~ZmBahoH$m N>Z²,' {VZbo {dk{á‘m’©$V² ^ZoH$m N>Z²& gr~rAmB©Ûmam Om±MH$mo {ZpåV {H$Z S>amBahoH$m N>m¢ ^Þo {VZbo {dk{á‘m’©$V² àíZ JaoH$m N>Z²& ^moOamO amB©bo F$U‘m ’$goH$mo {g{¸$‘bmB© ~MmCZH$mo {ZpåV ¶mo H$mZyZ g’$b ZhþZo Xmdr JaoH$m N>Z²& {dYo¶H$H$mo Ymam 4-~mQ> ‘w»¶‘ÝÌrbo Am’¡$bmB© ~MmCZ ¶mo H$mZyZ V¶ma J[aahoH$mo ñnï> hþ±XN>, Og‘m Xmoòmo Aݶ Om±M EOoÝgrhê$bmB© ‘mݶVm Z{XZo Hw$am C„oI J[aEH$mo amB©bo Xmdr JaoH$m N>Z²&
{VZbo ¶g {dYo¶H$bmB© OZ{damoYrH$mo g§km {X>>±X¡ Hw$Z¡ n{Z pñW{V‘m ¶gbmB© H$mZyZ‘m n[aUV hþZ Z{XZH$mo {ZpåV amÁ¶nmbg±J AZwamoY JZ} AmˆmZ JaoH$m N>Z²&
Devkota Jayanti celebrated
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$,29 {Xgå~a& Zonmbr gm{h˶ OJV‘m go³g{n¶aH$m ê$nbo n[a{MV ‘hmH${d bú‘r àgmX XodH$moQ>mH$mo 101Am¢ OÝ‘ O¶ÝVr ¶hm±H$mo Zonmbr gm{h˶ n[afX² ^dZ‘m ^ì¶ ê$nbo nmbZ J[a¶mo&
d[að> gm{h˶H$ma Ho$.EZ e‘m©H$m ‘w»¶ Am{V϶‘m gånÞ AmOH$mo H$m¶©H«$‘‘m Zonmbr gm{h˶ n[afX² JmÝVmoH$H$m Aܶj ~r.Ho$ amoH$m, Cnmܶj S>r.Ama Zonmb, H$mbo~wL>~mQ> AmEH$m {deof A{V{W Hw$‘ma N>oÌr ‘w»¶ ê$nbo CnpñWV {WE&
‘hmH${d bú‘ràgmX XodH$moQ>mH$mo OrdZr~mao àH$me nmX£ {deof A{V{W àmܶmnH$ Hw$‘ma N>oÌrbo Zonmbr gm{h˶ OJV‘m gm{h˶H$mo g~¡ {dYm‘m AmâZmo H$b‘ MbmCZo geº$ gmh{8˶H$ma A{hbogå‘ ZOpÝ‘EH$mo Xmdr Jao& Zonmbr gm{h˶‘m ‘hmH${d XodH$moQ>mbo {XEH$m XoZ~mao dU©Z Jaoa g{H>>±$X¡Z ^Þo ‘ÝVì¶ am»X¡ {VZbo XodH$moQ>mH$m gÝX^©‘m O{V Z¡ ì¶m»¶m Jao n{Z AYwamo hþZo OZmE&¶g¡Jar, ‘w»¶ A{V{W Ho$.EZ e‘m©bo ‘hmH${d bú‘r àgmX XodH$moQ>m Zonmbr gm{h˶ OJVH$m CX²¶‘mZ Vmam ahoH$mo OZmE&
H$m¶©H«$‘‘m S>m. amOoÝÐ ^ÊS>mar, àdrU amB© Ow‘obr, gwYm E‘ amB©, drUmlr Iaob, H$mbwqgh aZnhobr ‘rZm gwã~m Am{Xbo H${dVm dmMZ Jao&
H$m¶©H«$‘‘m gm§ñH¥${VH$ H$m¶©H«$‘ n{Z àñVwV J[a¶mo ^Zo H$m¶©H«$‘H$mo g#mmbZ OJXre e‘m©bo JaoH$m {WE&
2 died in Soreng and Rangli
Diwash Rai, KalimNews: JmÝVmoH$, 29 {Xgå~a& amÁ`H$mo XwB© {^Þm-{^Þ¡ R>mC±_m XwB© ì`pŠVH$mo Añdm^m{dH$ _¥Ë`w ^EH$mo N>Ÿ& Xþd¡ ì`pŠVH$mo _¥Ë`w Kaobw newH$m {ZpåV Km±g H$mQ²>Zo H«$__m ^EH$mo N>& npíM_ {OëbmH$mo gmoaoL> WmZm joÌ_m 28 {Xgå~aH$m {XZ EH$ ì`pŠVH$mo _¥Ë`w A½bmo ^ra~mQ> Paoa ^EH$mo N>Ÿ& nw{bg gwÌ~mQ> àmá OmZH$marAZwgma Wnw© {Zdmgr ZÝXbmb ^Q²>Q>amB© Km±g H$mQ²>Z ñWmZr` Aå~moQ>o Q>maH$mo bmßMo-^ra JEH$m {WEŸ& Va CZr \$H}$a ZAmEn{N> CZH$mo lr_{V CZbmB© ImoÁZ Ë`hm± nw{JZ²& CZbo AmâZmo n{VbmB© bmßMo-^ra_m _¥V AdñWm_m ^oQ>mBZ²Ÿ& nw{bgbo CZH$mo _¥Ë`w Km±g H$mQ>²Zo H«$__m bmßMo-^ra~mQ> Paoa ^EH$mo hþZgŠZo Ame§H$m OVmEH$m N>Z²&
`gar Z¡ AH$m} ECQ>m KQ>Zm_m a§Jbr WmZm joÌ_m EH$ 80 d{f©` d¥ÕH$mo _¥Ë`w ^EH$mo N>Ÿ& d¥ÕbmB© JmC±_m amB© ~mOoH$mo Zm_bo {MÞo JWo©Ÿ& CZr ñWmZr` EH$ ì`pŠVH$mo Ka_m H$m_ JZ© ~ñZo JWo©& nw{bg gwÌ~mQ> àmá OmZH$marAZwgma 27 {Xgå~aH$m {XZ CZr Km±g PmZ© ECQ>m ê$I_m MT²>X¡ {WE& AMmZH$ CZr ê$I~mQ> Vb Pao& `g KQ>Zm_m CZr Jå^ra ê$n_m KmBVo ^E& Ka-n[admabo CZH$mo ñdmñÏ` Om±M JamCZ ^mo{bnëQ> JmÝVmoH$ ë`mCZo ^EH$m {WEŸ& Va ^mo{bnëQ> {~hmZ n[admabo d¥ÕH$mo _¥V eara CZH$mo AmoN²>`mZ~mQ> \o$bm nmao&
Ladakh model for eco-school in Sikkim - Walk for clean & green himalayas
TT, Gangtok, Dec. 29: The head of the Drukpa lineage of Tibetan Buddhism has announced his plan to set up an eco-school in Sikkim modelled on the one in Ladakh that he had helped build earlier.
The Druk White Lotus School in Ladakh provides education in all general subjects under the CBSE curriculum along with lessons on Himalayan culture. It was set up with the support of the XIIth Gyalwang Drukpa, the leader of the 1,000-year-old Drukpa lineage.
The Ladakh institution is popularly known as Rancho’s school named after the main character in the movie The 3 Idiots. Several scenes of the film were shot in the school.
Setting up eco-schools is one of the main objectives of the spiritual leader who is known for his initiatives in creating awareness on environment, particularly those affecting the Himalayan belt. Recently he had been awarded by President Pratibha Patil for his efforts in addressing ecological issues.
“Such schools are the need of the hour. I have shared my idea with chief minister Pawan Chamling. He was positive towards the proposal,” said the Gyalwang Drukpa.
The Drukpa lineage follows the Mahayana Buddhist tradition in philosophy and the methods are based on the Tantrayana teachings.
The lineage gets its name from the word “Druk” which in Tibetan means a dragon. The word also refers to the sound of thunder. Gyalwang Drukpa is the head of the order that has millions of followers across the world.
“I am trying to educate the youth to live healthy and be environmental friendly because people today have developed unfriendly attitude towards nature,” the spiritual leader said.
He was speaking at a programme in Chintan Bhavan yesterday to mark the culmination of a 300km-long “pilgrimage”.
Around 300 monks, nuns and devotees took part in the Kanchenjungha Eco Padyatra or “pilgrimage” led by the spiritual leader.
The walk, aimed at increasing awareness on the ecological issues plaguing the Himalayan region, had started from Darjeeling town on December 2.
The Gyalwang Drukpa complimented the Sikkim government, local associations and the people of the state for taking initiatives to protect the Himalayan eco-system and said the march has given him more confidence to work for environment conservation.
During the walk, the participants picked up waste material that they found along the road they took and disposed them of in a proper manner.
“It gives me immense pleasure to announce the completion of this journey that began almost 27 days ago. It was heartening to witness the warm welcome extended to us by the local communities wherever we passed by. The arrival in Gangtok is like a homecoming for me. This march has been about experiencing this splendid uplifting journey of not only sight but also of the mind,” said the Gyalwang Drukpa.

When I born, I black
When I grow up, I black
When I go in Sun, I black
When I scared, I black
When I sick, I black
And when I die, I still black

And you white fellow

When you born, you pink

When you grow up, you white

When you go in sun, you red

When you cold, you blue

When you scared, you yellow

When you sick, you green

And when you die, you gray

And you calling me colored?

by Raja Puniani
We are so -
So are our colours.You are true
All of the colours 
This is the religion Of colours.
We name them Colours.
[I don’t know>In fact
The name of colour.]
A rational
Never asks the questions like:What colour you are-Black or white?
But rational questions are coloured:Coloured in several colours.
Several shades of colours:
Personality, psyche’, economy, genetics, milieu, culture… 
As becauseNothing is colourless,Even colour is not colourless.
Nobody knowsYour perceptionBetter than you.
So, I won’t ask you-What do you perceive
By seeing me Coloured?
Yes, I am Black. Black, or Black Or acoloured - Manoj Bogati

Yes, I’m Black.Or Black.

Nobody becomes dirty
If touched by some black.

Like, nobody becomes clean
If touched by some white.

Alphabets are also black.
Your name is written by nigger black letters.
The wound that grows on your skin
Doesn’t spare mine.
You are White.
I am Black.
My short nose is as tall as me.
Or, is as tall as your long nose.
My footsteps are as short as my height
But I might walk with you.
I might walk more than you.
Colour doesn’t walk.
You are showing your child the world
By pointing with the fingers of your hand.
I’m not pointing with my toe.
They say that eyes are irritated by white light.
But I never closed my eyes.
I’m fairer than colour.
Darker than colour.

The engine of your vehicle might be well.
But then that’ll lead you only to the destination of mine.
You couldn’t follow me yet?

Soil doesn’t have colour.
Water doesn’t have colour.
Fire doesn’t have colour.
Wind doesn’t have colour.
Sound doesn’t have colour.
This is same as Truth doesn’t have colour.
Religion doesn’t have colour.
Peace doesn’t have colour.
Love doesn’t have colour.
Passivity doesn’t have colour.
Who you are to talk about colour?

What if I am Black?
Yes, I am Black.Black, or Black.Or acoloured.
(Translated from Nepali by Raja Puniani)

भारत, भ्रष्टाचार र 'भ'राजा पुनियानी 
मेरा एक घनिष्ठ दाइले साँझपख फोन गरे। 'कालबोध'-मा भ्रष्टाचारबारे लेख्ने सुझाउ दिए। मैले सोचें, भ्रष्टाचारबारे जताततै लेखिँदैछन्। कसैले यसबारे चासो पनि राख्दैनन्। यसबारे एउटा कालबोध किन खर्चुँ। कुराहरू त अरूअरू र छुट्टै छन् हामीले 'कालबोध'-मार्फत् गर्नुपर्ने। मैले तिनको प्रस्तावलाई सामान्य रूपमा लिएँ। भ्रष्टाचार शब्द मेरो निम्ति उत्तेजक, नौलो र ज्वलन्त भएन कि? हाम्रो जीवनको सङ्कथनमा कति नजानिँदो पाराले फिटिएछ यो शब्द, बिस्तार आफैलाई भनें। तर पछि फेरि सोचें, होइन यसबारे लेख्नैपर्छ। यो पनि कुरै हो गरिनुपर्ने। र केही साता बितेपछि कालबोधको यो अङ्क लेख्दैछु यसरी। भ्रष्टाचारको छायाँले हामी सबैको वर्तमान र भविष्यलाई अँध्यारो, अझ अँध्यारो पार्दै लगेको अनुभव एकार्कामा नसाटे पनि हामी सबैले आ-आफ्नो एकान्तमा चुपचाप बुझिलिएका र मानिलिएका छौं। यसपालि लेख्ने औचित्य यही तीतो सत्यमा भेट्टाएँ।
भारत र भ्रष्टाचार शब्द एउटै अक्षर 'भ'-बाट शुरु हुन्छन्। भुँड़ी, भोक, भात, भुस्याहा र भोग पनि 'भ' अक्षरबाटै शुरु भएका छन्। भारतको 'भ'-बाटै शुरु हुने शब्दहरूको शब्दावली बढ़ाउँदै लगे भाटगिरी, भाइभतिजावाद, भूमण्डलीकरण पनि सूचीमा थप्न सक्छौं। 'भ'-बाट थालिने यी शब्दहरू बेग्लाबेग्लै अर्थ बोक्ने भएका भए पनि यिनलाई पारस्परिक सम्बन्धमा छिचोल्दै गए एकैथरीका गाँठी कुराको भेउ पाइँदो रहेछ। भुँड़ीलाई भोक लाग्छ। भोक मेट्न भात चाहिन्छ। यहाँ बहुसङ्ख्यकहरू दुइबेलाको अन्नको भोकमा छन्। अल्पसङ्ख्यक सुविधासम्पन्नहरू सत्ता र शक्तिको भोकमा छन्। अल्पसङ्ख्यक पूँजीपतिहरू पैसाको भोकमा छन्। भोकवादको यो बहुआयामिक कथाको गुदी एउटै छ - सामाजिक असमानता। भ्रष्टाचारको भाइरस यही विषमताबाट वंशविस्तार गर्छ।
अर्कोतिर, जीवनजगतको हरेक थोकलाई भोग गर्ने दृष्टिकोण र संस्कृतिले जीवनलाई अझ भ्रामक, कठिन र जटिल बनाइदिएको छ लाग्छ। मान्छे र मान्छेको केन्द्रक वरिपरि घुम्ने हरेक एकाइ अन्ततः भोगको वस्तुमा फेरिएका जस्ता छन्। यही संस्कृतिले भारतलाई उपभोक्तावादको निकृष्टतामा घिस्याएको छ। सत्ता र शक्तिको भाटगिरी गरेर जीविका चलाउनु नागरिक नैतिकता भएको छ। भाइभतिजावाद चाहिँ धर्म। भ्रष्टाचारको भरणपोषण गर्ने यी सब चक्रको पछि भूमण्डलीकरणको चक्र सबैभन्दा मुख्य कड़ी हो। भूमण्डलीकरण सबै समस्याहरूको जड़ भइदिएको थाहा लागिहाल्दछ जब हामी गरिबी रेखा, निरक्षर रेखा, अस्वस्थ रेखा, कुपोषित रेखा तरेर माथि आउन नसक्ने एउटा ठूलो भारतको विद्रूप मानचित्र हेर्छौं। जहाँ आफैलाई कहीँ पनि भेट्टाउँदैनौं।
भगवान र भूतको 'भ' र भारतको 'भ' पनि एउटै 'भ' हुन्। भारतमै छन् हिन्दुका तेंत्तीस कोटि काम नलाग्ने देवीदेउता र अन्यान्य धर्मका कैयौं देवीदेउता। भूत पनि त्यत्तिकै। भगवानहरू र भूतहरू सबै जिउँदा भएको भारतमा पीड़ित जनता मात्र यन्त्रझैं जड़ छन्। भगवान र भूतहरू सत्ताकै रक्षातन्त्रमा तैनाथ छन्। गणतन्त्रको नाममा राजतन्त्र चलाउने क्षेत्रीय र राष्ट्रिय तहका "गणतान्त्रिक राजारानी"-हरूको देश हो 'भ'-बाट थालिने उपर्युक्त शब्दहरूको पर्यायवाची भइसकेको देश भारत। यहाँका जनता यी थुप्रैथुप्रै 'भ'-हरूका दास हुन्। यो 'भ'-को अङ्कुसेले भारतलाई अघि तान्दैछ वा पछि, त्यो सङ्घर्षको यन्त्रागारमा पेलिने यन्त्रवत जनतालाई राम्ररी हेक्का भएको हो।
एकबेला थियो, जब भ्रष्टाचारको भण्डाफोर भएको खबर मिडियामा बम पड़्किएझैं आउँथ्यो। मानिसहरू तीनछक्क पर्थे। गर्जिन्थे। दाह्रा किट्थे। तर आज यो भ्रष्टाचार शब्द कति सामान्य भएको छ भने कुनै भुस्याहा कुकुर मरेको समाचार र भ्रष्टाचारको समाचारमाझ कुनै फरक देख्दैनन्। सामान्य रूपले लिन्छन्, जब कुनै नामी नेता वा कुनै कर्पोरेट घरानाको भ्रष्टाचार मामिला खुल्छ। बोफोर्स काण्ड, हर्षद मेहता काण्ड, हुण्डी प्रकरण, चारो घोटाला भन्दा मान्छेले गाली बक्थे। तर आज जनताको करोड़ौं करोड़ रुपियाँको हिनामिनाको बड़ेमानको खस्रो समाचारले हामीलाई कमुलो प्वाँखले जति पनि छुँदैन। ज्यादाजसो सरकारी, असरकारी कामको निम्ति घूस दिने र माग्ने दुवैलाई सजिलो लाग्ने दिनकाल छ। हामी आदी भयौं भ्रष्टाचारको।
विभिन्न सरकारी विभाग र आयोगहरूका आँकड़ाले नै बताउँछन्, भारतको गणतन्त्र कति भट्टु भइसकेको छ। "जनताको निम्ति, जनतालाई र जनताद्वारा" भनिने यो कथित गणतन्त्र कसको निम्ति, कसलाई र कोद्वारा चल्दैछ त, सन् १९९०-मा मुक्त अर्थनीति अङ्गालेर अघि बढ़्ने भारतको आचारबाट स्पष्टदेखि स्पष्टतर हुँदै गइरहेको छ। देशी-विदेशी पूँजीपतिहरूलाई खुल्ला ढङ्गमा जनाखेट गर्न दिने सरकारको ज्यानमारा नियत अहिले आएर ह्वाङहुङ भएको छ। क्षमताहीन जनतालाई जल-जङ्गल-जमिनबाट उच्छेद गरेपछि वायुमण्डलबाट समेत धावा बोल्दैछन् ठूला कर्पोरेट, नोकरशाह र नेताहरू। जनप्रिय नेता, ठूला कर्पोरेट घराना र नामी पत्रकारहरू समेत मुछिएको टु जी स्पेक्ट्रम घोटालाको पर्दाफाश भएपछि यो कुरा छ्याङ्ग भएको छ। सरकारी कोषको १.७६ लाख करोड़ रुपियाँ यो घोटालामा हावामिठाइझैं बिलियो। गएको कमनवेल्थ खेलमा ५ करोड़ रुपियाँको त बेलुन मात्रै उड़ाइएछ। कति उड़न्ते खबर? तर उड़न्ते कुरा होइन यो। रकम हजम गर्न खातामा यस्तै उड़न्ते विवरण दिनुपर्छ। यसरी नै गरिन्छ भ्रष्टाचार। यसरी नै खेलिन्छ जनताको खुनपसिनासँग। स्वीस ब्याङ्कहरूमा जमा भारतको २८० लाख करोड़ रुपियाँको अवैधानिक धनको कुरा पनि छँदैछ।
एकछिन सङ्ख्याको उदाङ्गो यथार्थतिर लागौं। मानव विकास, शोधकार्य, विज्ञानको प्रतियोगिताजस्ता समाजलाई चाहिने क्षेत्रमा चाहिँ पछाड़िएको बेञ्चमा बस्ने लद्दु विद्यार्थीझैं भारत पारदर्शिताको प्रतियोगितामा भने विश्वमा ८७-औं दर्जामा छ। जनाधिकारी र राजनेताहरूमा व्याप्त भ्रष्टाचारको मात्रा नाप्ने मानक 'करप्सन पर्सेप्सन इण्डेक्स' तय गरी 'अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय पारदर्शिता' नामक सङ्गठनले सन् १९९५-देखि भ्रष्टाचार सर्वेक्षण गर्न थाल्यो। विश्वका १८७ देश लिएर गरिएको सन् २०१०-को ताजा सर्वेक्षणमा आइसल्याण्ड, फीनल्याण्ड, न्यूजील्याण्ड, डेनमार्क, सिङ्गापुर, स्वीडेन, स्वीजरल्याण्ड, घाना, नामिबिया, बोत्सवानाजस्ता देश भ्रष्टाचारमुक्त देशको अब्बल दर्जामा आए। अवश्यै भारतदेखि तल्लो दर्जामा पाकिस्तान, सोमालियाजस्ता देश परेका छन्। सन् २००८-मा ८५, सन् २००९-मा ८४-को दर्जा पाएको भारतले ८०-को आँकड़ा छाड़्ने सङ्केतै छैन।
भ्रष्टाचारलाई सामान्य मान्छेले कति सामान्यतासँग लिन्छ भने ससाना खुद्रा भ्रष्टाचार गर्नु उसलाई पनि कुनै अप्ठायारो लाग्दैन। टुक्रे भ्रष्टाचार गरेर आफ्नो काम ठीक गर्नुमा कुनै खेद हुँदैन। रोममा रोमवासीहरूझैं चल्नू भन्ने छट्टु उखान आत्मसात् गरेका भान हुन्छ। देश गुणाको भेष मान्छेको आदर्श सूक्तिमा फेरिएको छ। कुरा कति गम्भीर छ भने, भ्रष्टाचार दैनन्दिन जीवनकै एक अङ्ग भएको छ। यो मान्यताले जुन गहिरो तहमा सामाजिक मूल्यको स्खसन गराएको छ, त्यहाँबाट उच्च मानवीय मूल्यको तहमा उक्लिनु भारतलाई ठूलै सामाजिक परिवर्तनको खाँचो पर्ला। मात्र सत्ता परिवर्तन, शक्तिसम्बन्धको परिवर्तन र उद्योगधन्धाको नीति परिवर्तनजस्ता सतही परिवर्तनले कुनै फरक आउनेवाला छैन। मानसिकताको आधारमै आमूल परिवर्तन नआएसम्म। भ्रष्टाचार निर्मूलन आन्दोलनहरू सम्पूर्ण सामाजिक परिवर्तनको आन्दोलनसँग नजोड़िएसम्म अपूर्ण हुन्छन्। समाजको मानसिकता र मूल्यमान्यतामै गाड़िएको भ्रष्टाचारको जरा उखेल्ने जन उभारको प्रतीक्षामा छ कुहिसकेको भारतको औपनेविशक वृक्ष।
हरेक थोक घरबाटै शुरु हुन्छ। घरबाटै शुरु हुन्छ भ्रष्टाचार पनि। घरबाट शुरु भएको भ्रष्टाचारले गाउँ, शहर, संसद र बजारसम्मको यात्रा तय गरिसक्दा भ्रष्टाचार बढ़ेर विशालकाय डायनासोरझैं भइसक्छ। घरको लोभ, डाह, आह्रिस, ढोङ, अन्धानुकरण, ऐश-आरामको उपभोक्तावादी जीवनशैली धेरै सीमासम्म दायी छन् यसको निम्ति। क्रिकेट खेल्दा कसैको घरको खिरकीको काँच फुटाउने नानीलाई अभिभावकले बिस्तारै सिकाउँछ, "भन्नू, म थिइनँ त्यहाँ। अरूले नै फुटाए।" जीवनशैली र चिन्तनशैली दुवै ठाउँ भ्वाङ परेको मानसिकता लिएको भारत कहिले साँच्चै मुक्त बन्ला, भन्नु गाह्रो छ। किनभने चर्को स्वर गरी देशभक्तिको नाममा जतिपल्ट "जनगणमन"-को भ्रम गाए पनि वास्तविकतामा त देश किन्ने "अधिनायक"-कै जय हो भन्नुपरेको छ।
देश त बिक्रीमा छ। देशको लिलामीको बोलको हल्ला ढाक्न "मुन्नी बदनाम हुइ" र "शीला की जवानी"-जस्ता मादक आइटम गीतहरू त छँदैछन् नि बजारमा। देशी-विदेशी पूँजीसामु घुँड़ा टेकिसकेको भारतीय नेतृत्व-नोकरशाहको खोक्रो देशप्रेम र हामी आम नागरिकको अन्योलतापूर्ण देशप्रेम एउटै रहेन। के चाहिँ आज पनि जिउँदो सत्य हो भने जुन दिन भारतको आत्मपराजित 'भ'-लाई शहीद भगतसिंहको क्रान्तिकारी 'भ'-ले जित्ला, त्यस दिन भ्रष्टाचार उन्मुक्त स्वराजले शिर उठाएको हुनेछ

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  1. You may try Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa ( i know alot of people use it, its also non alcoholic, though it's effectiveness is not as good as alcohol based cough medicine, but it's still good to use on not so serious scratchy throat.

    apprently ( according to the instruction) children from 2 to 12 can use it.