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Friday, January 6, 2012

Gorkha youths to run for their ‘identity’ in Mumbai Marathon...GJM pins GTA hope on Delhi meet......Karmapa Ugyen Trinley likely to face legal action in new chargesheet filed......Hill teacher murdered - Army jawan’s wife and her brother arrested....कुन शक्तिले रोक्दैछ युवा मोर्चाको आन्दोलनलाई ?............साई दर्पणको सय अङ्क बिशेषाङ्क बिमोचन.....Poisoning meet...RTE discussion in SSA meet

Gorkha youths to run for their ‘identity’ in Mumbai Marathon
Bappaditya Paul, KOLKATA, 5 JAN: Nineteen Gorkha youths from Darjeeling plan to run this year's Mumbai Marathon in an effort to reassert their Indian identity, which is often questioned.
 Mr Amrit Rai, who is one of the 19, said his team's participation in the Mumbai Marathon has nothing to do with the ongoing agitation in Darjeeling to carve a separate state of Gorkhaland out of West Bengal.
"We are participating in the marathon with a sporting spirit and with the aim to reassert that we are no less Indians than those living in other parts of the country,” said Mr Rai, a resident of Pedong who is in the second year of his BA at Kalimpong Government College.
The Mumbai Marathon, an annual international road-running competition that is entering its ninth year, is slated to take place in Maharashtra's capital on 15 January.
The 19 Gorkha youths are part of a 22-member team participating in the marathon with support from a Mumbai-based corporate executive of Gorkha origin. There are also two Bengalis from Darjeeling, and one Punjabi from Delhi on the team. Five members are female.
While 17 members of the team will run the 21 km half-marathon, the remaining five would to slog it out in the 6 km Dream Run category.

“The most significant aspect is, all of them will take part in the marathon sporting T-shirts inscribed with the slogan “We Are Gorkhas And Proud to Be Indians. Jai Gorkha, Jai Hind,” Ms Roshini Rai, the corporate executive behind the idea explained in a communiqué from Mumbai.
Ms Rai, whose roots are in Pedong in Kalimpong sub-division, said she conceived the idea to mitigate the general perception that every Nepali-speaking individual is a citizen of Nepal, and not India. Incidentally, the Gorkha community in Darjeeling has been agitating for a separate Gorkhaland state, as an overwhelming majority of them believe statehood is necessary to solidify their Indian identity as distinct from the Nepalese citizens.
Mr John Joydeep Sinha, a Bengali physician based at Salugara in Siliguri, and a participant listed with the Gorkha team, said taking part in the marathon wearing a T-shirt inscribed “Jai Gorkha, Jai Hind” does not hurt his community's interest in any way.
“The Gorkhas believe they are the only ones to be labeled as foreigners," Mr Sinha said. "But is it not true that people in Mumbai also often mistake the Bengalis as Bangladeshis? So in a way, both the communities are victims of a wrong public perception and supporting the Gorkha cause is a step forward in mitigating the problem." The team will leave for Mumbai by train on 10 January.
GJM pins GTA hope on Delhi meet
Deep Gazmer, TNN , Jan 7, 2012 : DARJEELING: With the six-month deadline nearing and no official announcement on the Gorkhaland Territorial Administration (GTA) till date, Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) leadership is banking on the January 9 review meeting in Delhi to get things going.
On July 18 last year, GJM, the Centre and the state government signed the GTA agreement to bring peace and stability in the region. The GTA bill was placed and passed in the state assembly on September 2 with amendments. "I will take up the issue with the central and state representatives in the review meeting in Delhi," said Roshan Giri, GJM secretary. This will be the second review meeting for the GTA.
However, Kalimpong MLA and GJM spokesperson Harka Bahadur Chhetri emphasized that a timeframe could not be drawn in matters such as the GTA. "There are several factors that have to be taken into account. We must give it some time as all stakeholders are working towards the GTA formation," he pointed out. The GTA was formulated to replace the existing Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC) that was formed in 1988.
"We have to see it in a holistic frame of mind. The GTA has not come into being yet. Therefore, first it has to be implemented and then we will know how it is," replied Chhetri to a question on whether the GJM was satisfied with the new arrangement. "It will be premature to make come to any conclusion now as the process is in progress," he added.
He, however, acknowledged that the progress in the process of implementing the GTA was indeed prolonged. "The Centre is not strong as before and Anna Hazare was not there then. A lot of rumble needs to be cleared in Bengal too. Unforeseen circumstances have pushed the agenda back," said Chhetri.
To a question if there was a conscious effort on the part of the Union and state government to elongate the process of formation of the GTA, the MLA replied, "They (central and state governments) will not do anything to jeopardize the GTA agreement. Both know that our final movement is there."
Karmapa Ugyen Trinley likely to face legal action in new chargesheet filed
Soumik Dutta, UNI, Kolkata/Gangtok, 5Jan: The designated Una court will send the legal notice or summons to the office of Ugyen Trinley Dorjee and nine others in appropriate course of time, said Manoj Walia ASI in the Una Sadar police station to UNI over phone today. The officer in charge of the investigations against the Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorjee in the foreign currencies case, Ms. Sumedha Dwivedi Superintendent of Police Una is on leave, Una police sources informed UNI over phone today.
The Una district police of Himachal Pradesh had on December8,2011 filed a charge sheet in a court in Una against Buddihist spiritual leader Ogyen Trinley Dorje and nine others in connection with recovery of foreign and Indian currencies worth Rs 7 million from his monastery in January this year. The police are awaiting sanction from the MHA for prosecuting the accused under the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA), the sources said to UNI, adding the offences under FCRA would be added in the charge sheet later.
Sources said to UNI that since the Karmapa has been named as the conspirator in the case, legally he would have to face charges under all the sections of the IPC imposed against other accused in the case. He would also face charges under Sections 419, 420, 467, 468, 471 and 489-C of the IPC. Since almost all the sections are non-bailable offences under the IPC, Karmapa would have to seek bail in the case. Besides, he would have to be present on each hearing of the case in the Una court unless granted exemption from personal hearing by the court, sources added.
Legal sources further told UNI that the Karmapa had another legal option of filing a writ petition in the high court seeking quashing of the case filed against him by the police.
The police has made Karmapa a party in the case on a plea that he had the knowledge of developments in the case.
Karma Chungyapla, spokesperson of Karmapa, said to UNI over phone from New Delhi that they have not received the copy of the charge sheet, nor any Court summon or notice yet. He said Karmapa has fully cooperated with the police during the investigations in the case. Though he was officially the head of the Karma Garchen Trust, but now he has resigned and in any case Karmapa was not directly linked with the financial transactions.“We are taken aback by the decision of the police to make Karmapa a party in the case,” he said adding ‘We have full faith in the judiciary and feel that the truth will prevail.”Chungyalpa unofficially did not rule out the possibility of a conspiracy hatched by vested interest in this new turn of events.
Tibetans in exiles, especially Buddhists from the state and Sikkim, who consider Karmapa as a “reincarnated God”, have given angry reaction to his involvement in the case. While the Karmapa, Tenjing Nangyal and Goyo T Siring Singhe were booked under section 120-B of IPC for allegedly hatching a conspiracy to commit an offence, the others were chargesheeted under sections 419 (cheating by personation), 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery of valuable securities), 468 (forgery for cheating), 471 (using forged document as genuine) and 489-C (possession of forged or counterfeit currency noters) of the Indian Penal Code. The others named in the charge sheet included K P Bhardwaj, Sanjog Dutt, Ashutosh, Ragvey Chosang, Devinder Kumar Dhar, Rinjhin Bagmo and Karma Krmo, ,Una ASI Walia informed UNI.
During the week-long searches in the monastery during January last year, currency worth over Rs 6 million of 26 countries, including the UK, the USA, Thailand, India, China, Japan, Canada and other countries were recovered. The Karmapa’s office has told the investigating agencies that the money was a collection of donations from followers.
Hill teacher murdered - Army jawan’s wife and her brother arrested
VIVEK CHHETRI, Darjeeling, Jan. 6: A retired headmaster was found murdered on the premises of an apartment building in Ghoom where he had gone to meet an army jawan’s wife.

The body of David Tshering Lepcha with the throat slit and cut marks on the face was recovered last night. It was wrapped in a blanket and stuck into a two-feet gap in the boundary wall of the four-storeyed building where 22-year-old Rupa Rai stays. Rupa is married to an army jawan from Illam in Nepal.
David Tshering had been reported missing for 11 days and police said he was carrying more than Rs 2 lakh with him.
Rupa and her 18-year-old brother Washa with whom she stayed in the rented groundfloor apartment in Daragaon have been arrested and charged with murder and abduction.
The 62-year-old former headmaster of Dhooterya Saraswati Primary School was a resident of BN Gonga Road in Darjeeling and had been described by the police as a “very sociable man”. He had withdrawn Rs 2.8 lakh from a Darjeeling bank and had headed for Siliguri to make payment for land he had bought at Salbari on December 27. “His mobile phone was switched off from 1.30pm on December 27. We learnt from source information that he had alighted from a Siliguri taxi at Ghoom and had instead gone to Rupa Rai’s house at Daragoan in the Ghoom Bhanjyan area,” said a police officer. The police said Rupa, too, had admitted that “Uncle David Lepcha” had come to her house but had left after drinking a glass of hot water.
The headmaster’s daughter Bina Lepcha had filed a missing diary report on December 28. “At the moment, we will describe it as murder for gain,” said the official. “We also found out that David Tshering’s relatives stayed near Rupa’s house,” said the official. The police are investigating what prompted David Tshering to visit Rupa. “Rupa and her brother Washa who also hails from Illam district in Nepal and was trying to get recruited as a jawan in the Indian army, had been staying at the rented place at Daragaon for a few years. The body was found squeezed inside the boundary wall and was covered with a blanket. Without specific information it would have been difficult to locate the body,” said the official.
Nepalese citizens are recruited by the Indian army.
The police also said Rupa had a strained relation with her husband. “It is learnt that the husband had stopped sending money to Rupa. She had borrowed a lot of money from many people,” said the police officer. Neighbours told the police that they had heard a thumping sound coming from Rupa’s house on December 27. “When we quizzed her, Rupa told us that her husband had come to the house with his second wife and that they had fought on that,” said a police official. The police have not yet recovered the murder weapon or the cash.
कुन शक्तिले रोक्दैछ युवा मोर्चाको आन्दोलनलाई ?
डी के वाइबा, कालिमन्यूज, कालेबुङ, ६ जनवरी ।आखिर कुन शक्तिले युवा मोर्चाको आन्दोलनलाई रोकिरहेको छ भन्ने प्रश्न अहिले निकै गम्भिर बनेको छ। किन भने युवा मोर्चाले छुट्टै राज्य गोर्खाल्याण्डको आन्दोलन अघि बडाउँन मङ्पूको जनसभा आयोजना गरेको थियो। उक्त जनसभाबाट खासै आन्दोलनको रुपरेखा घोषणा नगरेता पनि बिभिन्न स्थानहरुमा जनसभा गरेर युवा शक्तिलाई एकत्रित पार्ने अनि १२ फरवरिको दिन रणनीतिको घोषणा गर्ने भनेको थियो। तर मङ्पूको जनसभा पछि भोलि खर्साङमा हुने पहिलो जनसभा नै रद्द भएपछि उक्त प्रश्न उठेको छ। जीटीए गठनमा दिनो दिन बिलम्ब भएको कारण युवा मोर्चाले आन्दोलन अघि बढाउँने घोषणा गरेको भए तापनि आन्दोलन शुरु नभई सेलाएको छ।
गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चाको भातृ संगठन युवा मोर्चाले गत १८ दिसम्बरको दिन मङ्पूको जनसभाबाट छुट्टै राज्य गोर्खाल्याण्डको आन्दोलन गर्ने घोषणा गरे तापनि भोलि खर्साङमा हुने जनसभा भने रद्द गरेको छ। यसको साथै यसै महिनाको एक तारिक देखि महिनाब्यापी गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति ह्स्ताक्षर अभियान गर्ने कार्यक्रममा पनि धेरै सुस्तिपन देखिएको छ। यद्यपी युवा मोर्चाले हस्ताक्षर अभियान भने चलिरहेको दाबी गरेको छ। युवा मोर्चाले पहाडको तिनै महकुमा लगायत मिरिक र सिलगढीमा जनसभा गर्ने घोषणा मङपूबाट गरेको थियो। तर भोलिको जनसभा रद्द भएको कारण आगमी अन्य स्थानहरुमा हुने जनसभाहरु पनि रद्द हुन सक्ने सम्भावना रहेको छ। युवा मोर्चाले छुट्टै राज्यले मात्र गोर्खाहरुको समस्या समाधान हुने कुरा गर्दै मोर्चाले सम्झौता गरेको जीटीएको कुनै बिरोध नगरि आन्दोलन अधि बडाउँने कुरा गरेको थियो। युवा मोर्चाले आन्दोलनको घोषणा गरेको केहि दिनमानै राज्यका मुख्य मन्त्रीले मोर्चा प्रतिनिधीहरु सित बैठक गरेको थियो। त्यस पछि भने युवा मोर्चा नेताहरुले आजसम्म घोषणा अनुरुप आफ्नो कलार्यक्रमलाई अघि बढाएका छैनन्।
युवा मोर्चाको घोषणा सुनेर राज्यका मुख्य मन्त्री ममता ब्यानर्जी रिसाएको कुरा समेत प्रकाशमा आएको थियो जसको कारण युवा मोर्चाले आफ्नो आन्दोलनको रुपरेखा परिवर्तन गरेको हुनसक्ने सम्भावना धेरै रहेको छ।
भोलि हुने खर्साङको जनसभा रद्द गरिनुको कारणले पनि उक्त कुरालाई पुष्टि गरेको हुनसक्ने मानिसहरुले अनुमान गरिरहेका छन्। एकातिर जीटीएको गठनमा दिनोदिन बिलम्ब भईरहेको छ भने अर्कोतिर युवा मोर्चाको पुर्व घोषित आन्दोलन शुरु नभई थन्को लागेको छ। युवा मोर्चाले यदि छुट्टै राज्यको आन्दोलनलाई साँचो रुपले अघि बडाएका हुन् भने अन्य राजनैतिक दलहरुले पनि सहयोग गर्ने घोषणा गरेको थियो तर, आन्दोलन भने शुरु हुन अघि नै बिलाएर गएको छ। हुन त युवा मोर्चा नेताहरुले यस कुरालाई झूटो रहेको बताउँदै आन्दोलन बौधिक रुपले अघि बडाउँन कार्य क्रममा फेर बदल गरेको बताएको छ। यद्यपी पूर्वघोषित जनसभा रद्द हुनुमा राज्यका मुख्य मन्त्रीको रिसाह प्रवृति मुख्य कारण हुनसक्ने राजनैतिक सचेतकहरु बताउँछन्। यस्तो अवस्थामा अब युवा मोर्चाको आन्दोलन कहाँसम्म पुग्नेहुन् भन्ने कुराको जवाब भविष्यकै गर्वमा लुकेको छ।
युवा मोर्चाले छुट्टै राज्यको आन्दोलन अघि बडाउँने घोषणा गर्न अघि भागोपको सक्रियतामा गठन भएको गोर्खाल्याण्ड टास्क फोर्सले छुट्टै राज्यको आन्दोलनलाई राष्ट्रिय स्तरमा अघि बडाउँने घोषणा गरेको थियो। यसको साथै क्रामाकपाले पनि दिल्लीमुखी कार्यक्रम सुरु गरेको थियो। सोहि आन्दोलनलाई लगाम लगाउँन मोर्चाले युवा मोर्चालाई आन्दोलनको घोषणा गर्न लगाएर बाटो थुन्ने कार्य गरेको सचेतकहरु बताउँछन्। यतिमात्र बिगत केहि महिना अघि देखि पहाडमा छुट्टै राज्यको नारा लिएर नयाँ राजनैतिक दल गठन हुने हल्ला चलिरहेको छ। उक्त नयाँ दल गठन भए मोर्चालाई प्रभाव पर्ने ब्यापक सम्भावना रहेको छ। यस कुरालाई खुफिया बिभागले समेत गिद्दे नजरले हेरिरहेका छन् भने मोर्चाले पनि उत्तिकै गहन सित हेरिरहेका छन। यी सबै कुराहरुलाई ध्यानमा राखेर मोर्चाले आफ्ना समर्थकहरुलाई छुटिन नदिन युवा मोर्चाको आन्दोलनको बहनामा नयाँ रणनीति अप्नाएको सचेतकहरु बताउँछन् । यतिमात्र होइन नयाँ राजनैतिक दल गठनको प्रक्रियालाई समेत गर्भमानै तुहाउँने मोर्चाको रणनीति रहेको बिज्ञजनहरुको भनाई रहेको छ।

साई दर्पणको सय अङ्क बिशेषाङ्क बिमोचन 
डी के वाइबा, कालिमन्यूज, कालेबुङ, ६ जनवरी । बिगत २० बर्षदेखि निरन्तर प्रकाशित हुँदै आएको साई दर्पण द्वयमासिक पत्रिकाको सय अङ्क पुगेको अवसरमा एउटा बिशेशाङ्क प्रकाशित भएको छ। उक्त सय अङ्क बिशेशाङ्को आज यहाँको दुख निवारक सम्मेलन भवनमा लोकार्पण गरियो। कार्यक्रमका मुख्य अतिथि बिन्द्या सुब्बा, बिशिष्ट अतिथि सानुमति राई, विवेक केशर पाण्डे, कवि मोहन ठकुरी अनि सुरज रोशुरीको बाहुलीबाट उक्त पत्रिकाको बिधिवत लोकार्पण गरियो।

यसै अवसरमा कार्यक्रममा कवि गोष्ठि पनि सम्पन्न भयो। बेद पाठ र प्रणव मन्त्रोच्चारण पछि सुरु भएको कार्यक्रममा मुख्य अतिथि बिन्द्या सुब्बाले साई बाबाको तस्बिर अघि दिप जलाई भने बरिष्ठ कवियत्री सानुमती राईले तस्बीरमा माल्य अर्पण गरिन् । कार्यक्रमलाई सम्बोधन गर्दै बिबेक केशर पाण्डेले पत्रिका प्रकाशनको २० यात्राबारे प्रकाश पारे। तिनले साई दर्पण पत्रिकाले नेपाली साहित्यको क्षेत्रमा महत्वपूर्ण योगदान दिन सक्षम बनेको बताउँदै यसले साईको महिमा बारे पाठकहरुलाई जानकारी पाउँन खुबै सहयोग हुने गरेको बताए। यस पत्रिकाले मानव मूल्यका कुराहरुलाई महत्व दिएको कारण शुरुका दिनहरुमा ५ सय प्रति छापनि पुस्तक अहिले ३५ सय प्रति प्रकाशित हुन थालेको बताउँदै यो २० वर्षे यात्राको ठूलो उपलब्धी रहेको बताए। यसै क्रममा मुख्य अतिथि बिन्द्या सुब्बाले साईको अध्यात्मिक चर्चा गर्दै साहित्य र अध्यात्मबारे तुलनात्मक चर्चा गरिन्। साहित्यमा अध्यात्म भएको बताउँदै अध्यात्मले मानिसहरुलाई राम्रो बाटोमा डोहो-याउँने कार्य गरेको तिनले बताईन। कार्यक्रममा उदय थुलुङ, देवलाल मोक्तान, सुधिर छेत्री, सुरज रोशुरी, मनोज बोगटी आदले कविता वाचन गरे भने कवि मोहन ठकुरीले धन्यवाद ज्ञापन गरे।

Poisoning meet
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, Gangtok, 6th January: A press conference was held at the chamber of Secretary, Health Department today with regard to the suspected food poisoning that took place on 1/1/2012 at Lingdok Village during 45 day death ritual of Mrs. Gunasari Rai at Lingdok Busty, East Sikkim.

During the press conference Secretary Dr. K. Bhandari informed the press that from the evening of 2/1/2012 cases of suspected food poisoning started coming to the Emergency Department of the STNM Hospital and by 3rd January seventy four cases had been attended to the STNM Hospital and 19 serious patients had to be hospitalized and treated. Our of these, two cases one Mrs. Shanti Rai and another Mrs. Saru Acharya were critically ill and were given all possible treatment. On 4th January six more cases came in the emergency out of which 03 had to be admitted. He further added that 04 cases were also admitted in the CRH Tadong of which one was critically ill but has stabilized as of today. AS on today the total cases attended at STNM Hospital­ is 82 out of which total of 24 cases were admitted to STNM Hospital, he said.
On the 3rd January afternoon hearing the news of large number of patient being admitted in STNM Hospital of suspected food poisoning the Hon'ble Minister, Health and the Secretary/Health went to oversee the treatment being given to these patient and the overall management. Although there was lack of space, all possible measures were taken so that beds were provided to all the patients and necessary IV fluid, Antibiotics and Anti-diarrheal were given as required. Unfortunately on the evening of 4/1/2012 one of the critically ill patient i.e. Mrs. Shanti Rai succumbed to her illness. The post mortem was done this morning but the exact cause could not be ascertained, he said.
On the 4th January itself the Chief Food Inspector and Microbiologist of STNM Hospital were instructed to collect all food samples including water sample of that area which has been done and a preliminary report is expected by tomorrow morning. Further a Committee under the Chairmanship of Director –II Dr. V.Singhi has been constituted with four members to look into all aspects of the case including the epidemiological aspect and they will submit their report on the forenoon of 9/1/2012.
All necessary treatment is being given and the staffs of the STNM Hospital are going out of way to manage all the cases, Dr. Bhandari said.
Few hours before, a preliminary report of Bacteriological Analysis of water has been received and is found satisfactory, he added.
Dr. Bhandari further said that inspite of all the necessary treatment it is unfortunate that one of the patient has succumbed to her illness but he added that she was brought in a very critical condition without recordable pulse and Blood pressure.
RTE discussion in SSA meet
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, Gangtok, January 6: A joint meeting of the Executive Committee and the 6th General Body of the State Mission Authority, SSA, Sikkim was convened at the Banquet hall, Chintan Bhawan, today. 

Minister for HRDD, Mr N.K. Pradhan, who is also the Vice President of the State Mission Authority in his address said that Universalisation of Elementary Education has always been the National priority. With the implementatation of Right to Education (RTE), the education is now free and compulsory upto the age of 14 years. The State of Sikkim is moving ahead in full swing in implementing RTE and the project has also enhanced the advanced structure of learning various subjects with ease, he added. Emhasising on Siksha Ka Haq Abhiyan, he stated that the main motives of launching this programme is to create awareness about the rights, duties and priviledges as per RTE and also expressed his happiness about the awareness and interest amongst the Panchayat members and general public with regard to RTE. Besides, he mentioned that the contribution made so far can be visualized by people from outside. 
The Chief Secretary, Mr Karma Gyatso who is also the Chairman, Executive Committee SSA, Sikkim in his address mentioned that education is the most important national activity and is the back-bone of any programme that the country would undertake. Sarva Siksha Abhiyan aims at providing good quality elementary education to all children in the age group of 6-14 years in a mission mode. With the implementation of RTE Act, the responsibilities has increased manifold. The formidable tasks now are retention of students in school, to bring ‘out of school children’ to mainstream schooling system at their age in appropriate classes, to provide to all the schools appropriate learning equipment, play materials and sports equipment, to provide educational needs of differently abled children, to train all teachers teaching at elementary stage by 2015. 
Speaking further, he stated that the total number of schools up to elementary stage has become783 with the enrollment of 94053 students. 5 Residential Special Training Centres has been established in the current financial year to cater to the needs of ‘Out of School’ children to bring these to their appropriate classes. Further more, SSA wing has also conducted door to door household survey to identify Children with special need and appointed 27 Resource Person and 22 Inclusive Education Volunteers and placed at BACs to provide support to them. SSA will adopt ‘Zero Rejection Policy’ so that no child is left out of the education system, he added. 
Earlier, the meeting began with the welcome address and brief report on SSA by the Secretary, HRDD, Mr C.S. Rao. Highlighting some of the sectors under education he said that Sarva Siksha Abhiyan(SSA), Mid Day Meal(MDM), Vocational Education(VE), Rashtriya Madyamik Siksha Abhiyan(RMSA), Information Commutation Technology(ICT), Inclusive Education for Disabled at Secondary Stage( IEDSS), Sakshar Bharat/ NLM in North and west District are some of the major programmes under this sector. The objectives of SSA are all children in School, Education Guarantee Centre, alternate School or back to School camp, all children between the age group of 6-14 years of age should complete eight years of elementary schooling. Focus on elementary education of satisfactory quality with emphasis on education for life and bridge all gender and social gap at primary stage and at elementary level and universal retention are also the major agendas of the aviyan. Informing further on the achievement so far, he mentioned that number of schools have gone up, many fold increase in enrollment, school exists within walking distance of a child, literacy rate has increased from 31.1% in 1981 to 82.2% in 2011 in the State level.
Mr A. Basu Majumdar, Vice Chancellor, North Bengal University also spoke on the occasion.
The State Project Director, SSA Mrs Mamta Thapa placed the Resolutions for the approval of the house.
The meeting also included the release of the SSA publications viz. workbook on health and hygiene for classes I and III and Teacher’s Guide on health and hygiene for class I and State Vision Documents on quality education. It was followed by the glimpses of launching of Shiksha Ka Haq Abhiyan in Sikkim.

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