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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Morning Headlines
KalimNews, Kalimpong, 24 February:Name of a Bangladeshi citizen who is behind the bar and facing a trial has figured in final voter list in Mursidabad.
GLP and Ex-servicemen to sit in fast-unto-death frm today in protest against the Sibsu case and demanding CBI probe into the matter.
Two Nari Morcha protestors of Bagrakot forcibly taken to the Jalpaiguri Govt. hospital yesterday by the Bengal police.
A fresh contingent of Into-Tibetan Border Police personnel deployed in Darjeeling hills on the wake of forthcoming elections. More para-military forces are expected to reach the queen of the hills which has been regarded as trouble turned areas by the Election Commission. However, the EC has found sufficient grounds to conduct the free and fair elections.
10 company of paramilitary force for hills and three for Jalpaiguri have arrived for the forthcoming Assembly election. They have been performing route march since their arrival.
The official notification on the forthcoming assembly polls is likely to be published on 1st March and code of conduct will be implemented accordingly.
Dr. H.B. Chhetri, Morcha Spokesperson demands constitution of Joint Verification Team before the elections are declared to examine the party's claim to include Gorkha dominated areas of Dooars-Terai in the proposed autonomous body.
Despite Morcha's ultimatum (22 Feb) neither centre nor state has made stance clear on the GJM's demand so far. The Morcha had earlier claimed that both the govts were ready to clear their stand on the inclusion of Gorkha dominated areas of Dooars and Terai in the proposed autonomy.
Indefinite fast unto death is being started from 24th February at Darjeeling, Kurseong, Kalimpong, Mirik and Gorubathan. 3 GLP and 2 Ex-service men volunteers in each place will participate in the fast.
Prohibition on export of  tea by GJM is now creating problem to the tea garden owners and tea boards. Government will loss the most and the tea traders as well as the owners the next said a tea board official. But ultimately tea garden owners may be compelled to close down the gardens, added another official.
It is known that 80 percent of the tea is exported while 20 is locally sold. About 8 million kg Darjeeling tea is produced every year and about 2 million kg is unsold and are in the garden stocks which may have to be dumped afterwards if not sold well in time. But for GJM it will certainly create an international pressure on the demand of Darjeeling Tea when it is not exported by India.
[A Morcha delegation is to meet National Human Rights Commission officials in Delhi on Thursday to urge them to inquire into the police firing at Sipchu in Jalpaiguri that killed three people.
“I will take them to the NHRC and and we will request them to seek a report from the state government on the police firing at Sipchu,” Joydeep Mukherjee of the Legal Aid Forum, who filed a case in Calcutta High Court requesting for a CBI inquiry and compensation for the victims, told (The Indian Express).]
[Meanwhile there seems to be no hope of any further tripartite talks among the Centre, the state government and the Morcha before the Assembly elections, according to sources in the government. “The state government will not do anything before the elections. It is now busy fighting for its existence,” said a state government official (IE).]
Government of West Bengal increased maternity leave to 6 months. It is enhanced from 135 days to 180 days from 1st January 2011. It has also increased the TA of handicapped servants from Rs 200 to Rs 400.
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews,GANGTOK, February 23: In a rare and the bizarre incident a middle aged woman at Agamlok, Lingtam nearly 8km away from Rongli Sub Division was stripped, beaten and then paraded through the own village by her neighbors.
The incident occurred on 12th February when the minor quarrel over land led in the shameful act.
Requesting her anonymity the woman while talking with media today said that she was first stripped, beaten mercilessly, paraded through the village and then tied on a pole of her neighbor’s house.
According to her she had dislocated the water pipe of her neighbor which trespasses through her land.The victim also had several arguments with the neighbors before.
On 12th February the heated argument led in the intervention of the local panchayat which resolved the matter.
However she also alleged that one of the male panchayat member favoring the accused and not listening to her complaint.
“I was on my way to my field when I was chased by the four persons who abused and pelted stones on me” she told the reporters.
She also added that one of the persons dragged her and stripped off her clothes.
She was then taken to their home tied with a rope. Later somehow she managed to escape and with the help of one lady panchayat she filed a compliant at Rongli Police Station.
The accused were arrested and released on bail. The accused were booked under section 323, 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with an intent to outrage her modesty), 341 and 34 of Indian Penal Code. The assailants were Dorjee Tamang, Kuley Tamang, Passang Tamang and Dallu Tamang.
“The investigation has been done and other three women who happened to be the wives of the accused were also arrested” DIG Range, Sridhar Rao told the media persons.
He also said that further the police will apply for the cancellation of the bail and will impose the non-bailabe sections based on the statement of the victim.
This also happens to be the first of its kind of criminal case in the history of Sikkim.
A team of members from Sikkim Women Commission also met with the victim today and assured all possible help from the Commission.
SDO's Office Kalimpong is being renovated after it was torched on 8th February following Shibsu Firing
2 hunger strikers hospitalised
KalimNews: Two GJM women protestors who were on fast unto death at Bagrakote was again picked up and taken to Jalpaiguri Hospital for their treatment as their condition worsened. Previously Mal Bazar SDO had taken three protesters from the spot on hunger strike to Jalpaiguri Hospital.
Nirmala Diyali 51 of Chalouni Tea Estate  and Brinda Lama 29 of Gangotia TE were taken in an ambulance at about 10 am in the morning in presence of PB Kansari BDO of Mal Bazar, Anup Dev Sinhi SDOMOH Mal and Arindam Sarkar SDPO Mal said Binod Ghatani a GJM Office bearer of Bagrakote. 

Initially BDO had a talk with the Morcha leaders and requested them to let her admit in the hospital and the appeal was accepted and the two were taken in two ambulances to Jalpaiguri for medical aid. The condition of the rest three Deepa Tamang, Mamta Chhetri and Devi Banuri is also deteriorating but they are refusing to take any medical aid. Kalyan Dewan, Pradip Pradhan and Bimal Darjee, central committee members of GJM were present in the Bhanu Maidan of Bagrakote where the hunger strike programme is organised.
दुइ अनशनकारीलाई उठायो प्रशासनले 

मनोज बोगटि, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 23 फरवरी। बाग्राकोटमा मोर्चाले गरेको अनशनलाई बङ्गालको प्रशासनले निरन्तर हुनमा बाधा सृष्टि गरिरहेको छ। केही दिन अघि पनि प्रशासनले आमरण अनशनकारीहरूलाई पुलिसबल लगाएर उठाएको थियो भने उनीहरूलाई जलपाईगुड़ी अस्पतालमा भर्ना गरिएको थियो। तर अनशनकारीहरू अस्पतालमा बस्न मानेनन्‌। उनीहरू फर्किएर फेरि अनशनमा बसे। तर हिजो दिनभरि अनि रातीसम्म नै अनशनकारीहरूलाई उठाइने प्रयास गरिएको थियो। बेलुकीसम्म नै नारी कार्यकर्ताहरूले प्रशासनको यसप्रकारको दवाबको विरोध गरेपछि हिजो अनशनकारीहरूलाई उठाउन प्रशासनले सकेको थिएन। 
बाग्राकोट्मा अनशनकारि लिन आएका पुलिसको गश्ति 
तर आज विहान लगभग 8.30 बजी लगभग बीसवटा वाहनमा अर्धसैनिक बल बाग्राकोट अनशनस्थलमा झारेर जबरजस्ती दुइ सिकिस्त अनशनकारीहरूलाई प्रशासनले उठायो। उनीहरूको स्वास्थ्य निक्कै गम्भीरस्थितिमा पुगेको थियो।
उनीहरूलाई मालबजार सदर अस्पतालमा राखिएको छ। मोर्चाका केन्द्रिय कमिटी सदस्य विनोद घतानीले जनाए अनुसार  निर्मला दियाली अनि विन्द्या लामालाई प्रशासनले उठाएको छ।  घतानीले भने, पुलिसबलले अनशनस्थललाई घेराहालेर जबरजस्ती दुइ अनशनकारीहरूलाई  उठाएर वाहनमा हाल्यो। यसबेला धेरैको संख्यामा मोर्चा समर्थकहरूको उपस्थिति थियो। बेलुकीदेखि नै अनशनकारीहरुलाई उठाउने प्रचेष्टा गरिएको थियो। यता अनशनकारीहरूलाई उठाउन अघि मोर्चा प्रतिनिधि अनि प्रशासनका प्रतिनिधिहरूबीच बैठकभएको पनि जानकारी पाइएको छ। सभापछि नै अनशनकारीहरूलाई उठाइएको पनि सुनिएको छ। यता मोर्चा प्रवक्ता डा.हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले अनशनकारीहरूलाई जतिपल्ट उठाउँछ उतिपल्ट नै राख्ने बताए। तिनले भने, मोर्चा समर्थकहरू धेरैसंख्यामा भए पनि कुनै पनि हस्तक्षेप गरिएन किन भने मोर्चाले गणतान्त्रिकरूपले आन्दोलन गरिरहेको छ।
चुनाउ अघि सीमाङ्‌कनको निम्ति जॉंचटोलीको घोषणा चहान्छ मोर्चा
मनोज बोगटि, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ, 22 फरवरी। चुनाउ अघि कुनै कुरा पनि सम्भव छैन। न त प्राधिकरण गठन हुनसक्छ न त गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति नै कुरा हुन सक्छ। यस्तो स्थितिबीच रहेको गोर्खा जनमुक्ति मोर्चाले अहिले जुन जुन कार्यक्रमहरू तयार पारेको छ, त्यसको उद्देश्य के हो भन्ने जिज्ञासा सर्वोपरी छ। आज मोर्चा प्रवक्ता डा.हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले यस आशयको प्रश्नको जवाबमा भने, मोर्चालाई चुनाउ अघि प्राधिकरण नै दिए पनि थाप्दैन। किन भने यो लड़ाईँ प्राधिकरणको होइन, न कि गोर्खाल्याण्डको हो। लड़ाईँ हो सिमानाको। सीमाना बिना केही हुँदैन। यसकारण कमसेकम चुनाउअघि केन्द्रले तराई-डुवर्सको अन्तरभुक्तिको निम्ति अघिबाट नै गठन गरिने भनिएको जोइन्ट भेरिफिकेशन कमिटीको घोषणा हुनुपर्छ भन्ने दाबी मोर्चाको हो।
डा.छेत्रीले यसै दाबीसित नै सिब्सुकाण्डमाथि सीबीआई जॉंच हुनुपर्ने अनि मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङलाई डुवर्स यात्रा गर्न दिइनुपर्ने मागमा नै नयॉं कार्यक्रमहरू निर्धारण गरिएको जनाए।  27 तारिकसम्म डुवर्सका समर्थकहरू कुमानी पुग्नेछन्‌। सम्भवत यसैदिनदेखि मोर्चा अध्यक्षको डुवर्स यात्रालाई फिर्ता गरिनेछ। विमल गुरूङ 27 देखि पहाड़ फर्किने सम्भावना छ। सिब्सुकाण्डमाथि सीबीआई जॉंचको दाबीमा सांसद जसवन्त सिंह अनि मोर्चाले केन्द्रमा चाप दिने कार्य जारी छ। यता मोर्चालाई केन्द्रिय गृहसचिवले 22 सम्ममा सीमाङ्‌कनबारे दिने भनिएको निर्णयको कुनै अत्तोपत्तो छैन। यससम्बन्धमा डा.छेत्रीले भने, हामीले आज थाहा पायौं कि 19 तारिकको दिन राज्यको गृहसचिवले केन्द्रिय गृहसचिव अनि गृहमन्त्रीलाई सीमाङ्‌कनबारे आफ्नो निर्णय राख्नुपर्ने थियो तर राज्यका गृहसचिव दिल्ली नै गएनन्‌।
तिनले राज्यका गृहसचिव दिल्ली नजानु बङ्गालको वामफ्रण्ट सरकारको चुनावी चाल रहेको जनाए। तिनले भने, वामफ्रण्ट सरकारले जहॉं जुन कुराले चुनाउलाई फाइदा गर्छ, त्यसलाई मात्र गम्भीर भएर हेर्दैछ। बङ्गाल सरकार हाम्रो मुद्दालाई जीवित राखेर यसलाई भोट तान्ने मशिनकोरूपमा प्रयोग गर्न चहान्छ। पहाड़को समस्या तन्किएर गए त्यसबाट फाइदा पाइने सोंचमा राज्य सरकार छ। मोर्चालाई गृहमन्त्री चिदम्बरमले समेत समाधानको कुनै पनि पहल निस्कन नसकेको कारण राज्य सरकारकै रवैया रहेको अघिबाट नै जनाएको बताउँदै बङ्गालको वामफ्रण्ट सरकार निर्दयी र राक्षस प्रवृतिमा रूपान्तर भइसकेको जनाए। तिनले सरकारलाई जहॉं हिर्काउँदा दुख्छ त्यही प्रहार गर्नको निम्ति दार्जीलिङ चियाको निर्यातमा रोक लगाइने निर्णय गरिएको जनाउँदै राज्य सरकारले गणतन्त्रको भाषा नबुझ्ने भए पनि आमरण अनशनदेखि सरकार र प्रशासन आत्तिएको सिब्सु अनशन र बाग्राकोट अनशनबाट स्पष्ट भएको जनाउँदै जीएलपी र भुतपूर्व सैनिकहरूको आमरण अनशनको कार्यक्रम तयार पारेको पनि तिनले जनाएका छन्‌।
अर्कोतिर विधायक विल्सन चम्प्रमारीलाई अनेकौं मुद्दा थोप्दै जेल हालेको सम्बन्धमा तिनले भने, भङ्गालले जे पनि गर्न सक्छ। न त कानून, न त संविधानकै कदर गर्छ। वास्तवमा विधायकलाई पक्राउ गर्न विधानसभाको स्पीकरको अनुमति चाहिन्छ, तर ओसीले तिनलाई पक्राउ गर्‍यो। बङ्गालको रवैया यहीँबाट नै बुझ्न सकिन्छ। तिनले तर चम्प्रमारी पक्का राजनैतिक व्यक्ति भएको अनि जेल गएपनि तिनले चुनाउ जित्ने पनि तिनले बताए। मोर्चाले बङ्गालको विधानसभा चुनाउमा देखाएको उत्साहबारे प्रश्न गर्दा गोर्खाहरू अल्पसंख्यक रहेकोले विधानसभामा गोर्खाल्याण्डको दाबी गर्न चुनाउमा भाग लिने जनाए। तिनले भने, चुनाउमा मोर्चाको सहभागिता हुन्छ। पछि विधायकहरूले आफ्नो दाबी अघि राख्दै राजिनामा दिनेछन्‌। यसप्रकार मोर्चाले गणतान्त्रिक पद्धतिमा नै आन्दोलन अघि लानेछ।
2 on hunger strike hospitalised
TT, Feb. 23: Calm returned to the hills today as shops opened and traffic was back on roads, but hunger strikes beginning tomorrow threaten to shatter the fragile peace.
The condition of five Gorkha Janmukti Morcha members fasting in Bagrakote in the Dooars for the past 10 days deteriorated and two of them were hospitalised today.
Brinda Lama, at Jalpaiguri 
district hospital  Photo: TT
Harka Bahadur Chhetri, the spokesperson for the Morcha, today said the state government had not responded to the proposal to set up a joint verification committee to determine the geographical boundary of the proposed set-up.
“The state’s intention is to avoid any breakthrough on the settlement and instead push the issue till the Assembly elections and talk tough to garner the sympathy of the rest of the state,” said Chhetri.
“During the (eleven rounds of tripartite) talks, the Bengal representative would only say that they had to refer the matter (of setting up a JVC) to the government but they would always come back with no results.”
A Morcha leader said the state government had also turned down its demand for a CBI probe into the Sibchu firing.
“To press for all these demands, we are starting hunger strikes across the hills,” said a Morcha leader. “If something unpleasant happens, then the state would have to take the blame.”
From tomorrow, the Gorkhaland Personnel and ex-servicemen will sit on indefinite hunger strikes in Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kurseong, Mirik and Gorubathan.
The stalemate and the hunger strike are weighing heavy on the minds of the people. “God forbid if anything happens to those on hunger strike. There is little doubt that there could be fresh violence and another round of uncertainty if anything untoward happens to them,” said a resident.
In Bagrakote, two of the five Gorkha Janmukti Nari Morcha workers who have been on an indefinite hunger-strike since February 14, broke their fast and were admitted to the district hospital this morning.
After doctors had examined the five women, officials of the Jalpaiguri district administration requested them to break the fast. However, only two of them, Nirmala Diyali, 50, and Brinda Lama, 30, conceded to the request.

Deepa Tamang, who is still on hunger strike, said she and the two others, Mamta Chhetri and Devi Banuri, would not leave the spot. “We shall continue fasting as long as our bodies can take it,” she said. 
Fast casts shadow on hill peace- Forest loss assessment starts
TT, Siliguri, Feb. 23: The principal chief conservator of forests is on a visit to north Bengal to make a detailed assessment of loss his department suffered during the violence that convulsed the region earlier this month.
Atanu Raha reached here yesterday and held talks with forest officers at Bengdubi near Bagdogra.
“The tentative loss is around Rs 5 crore or so, which we expect will go up when a detailed assessment is done. Yesterday, we could assess the damage caused to some properties and there will be another meeting (at Sulkapara in Nagrakata) today,” Raha said over the phone from Raiganj.
“We have to renovate and repair all these properties, which include bungalows, residences and offices. It has been decided that a list of the properties will be prepared and on the basis of priority and importance, repairs will be carried out. Our employees posted at field levels are finding it inconvenient to work as their quarters and offices have been torched. We are thinking of constructing these properties first, followed by others,” said Raha.
The forest properties were set on fire by mobs in the hills and the Dooars after a police firing at Sibchu on February 8.

याङथाङमा कलेज बनाउन मन्त्रीपरिषदद्वारा 100.52 करोड अनुमोदन
प्रबिण खालिंग, कालिमन्युज,गान्तोक,23 फरवरी। राज्य सरकार द्वारा आगामी चार सालमा पश्चिम जिल्लाको याङथाङमा डिग्री कलेज निर्माणको निम्दि 100.52 करोड रूपियाँ धनराशी अनुमोदन गरेको छ। राज्यको मन्त्री परिषधको बैठकमा उक्त धनराशी मानव संसाधन विकास विभागको निम्ति अनुमोदन गरिएको हो। प्राप्त जानकारी अनुसार कलेज निर्माणको निम्ति विभागले पहिले नै 28.4 एकर जमीन अधिग्रहण गरिसकेको छ। चालु वित्तिय वर्षमा निर्माण कारय्को निम्ति एक सय लाख रूपियाँ आवन्टित गरिएको छ।
कलेजको पूर्वाधारहरूलमा अकादमी भवन, प्रशासनीक भवन, पुस्तकालय, प्रेक्षा गृह, छात्रावास, कर्मचारी आवास,अतिथि गृह, डिस्पेन्सरी, क्याफेटेरिया, पावर सब स्टेशन, सडक, द्वारा, खेल मैदान आदि रहने छ। यसका साथै मन्त्री परिषदले मानव संसाधन विकास विभागलाई तादुङ वरिष्ठ माध्यमिक विद्यालयको निम्ति 14 कोठे भवन निर्माणको निम्ति पनि धनराशी अनुमोदन गरेको छ। 2004 सालदेखि उच्चत्तर माध्यमिक विद्यालयले पठनपाठन सञ्चालन गर्दै आएको भए पनि पूर्वाधारको कमी झेल्दै आएको थियो। यो पूर्वाधार निर्माण पछि पाठशालाले आफ्नै प्रेक्षागृह पनि पाउने छ।
लिङताममा क्रुरताले मानवता रक्ताम्मे-आफ्नै छिमेकीहरूले महिलालाई पिटेर नग्न अवस्थामा गाउँ घुमायो
प्रबिण खालिंग, कालिमन्युज,गान्तोक,23 फरवरी।मानवतालाई हुनसम्म यातना दिँदै एक विवाहित महिलामाथि आफ्नै छिमेकीहरूले गरेको क्रुर व्यावहारले लिङताम पूर्व सिक्किम लज्जास्पद् बनेको छ। रंगेली महकुमादेखि 8 किलोमिटरको दूरीमा रहेको अगमलोक लिङताम गाउँमा एक महिलालाई गाउँकै केही मानिसहरूले कुटपिट गर्दै नाङ्गोझार पारेर गाउँ घुमाएको घटनाले सनसनी मच्चीएको छ।
घटना 12 तारिक फरवरीको दिन घटेको भए पनि मिडियाबाट ओझेलमा रहेको थियो।अन्तमा कुनै न्यायको अपेक्षा नरहँदा पिडीताले आफ्नो व्यथा पोख्ने आधार मिडियामाथि गुहार लगाइऩ। घटनाको बेलिबिस्तार लगाउँदै मध्यम उमेरका उक्त महिलाले भनिन्, छिमेकीसित केवल सानो पिउने पानीको विषयमा झगडा हुँदा छिमेकीहरूले निर्ममता पूर्वक कुटपिट गरेर गाउँमा नाङ्गोझार पारेर घुमायो। उनले अझ भनिन् त्यसपछि मलाई नग्न अवस्थामै अभद्र व्यावहार गर्दै उनीहरूले घरको सिकुवामा बाँधेर ऱाख्यो। उनले बताए अनुसार झगडाको निहुँ उनको बारीमा सधैं विजयी गर्ने गरेकोले छिमेकीहरूले आफ्नो बारीबाट लगेको पिउऩे पानीको पाइन चुट्टाएर बारीमा उपद्रो नगर्ने आग्रह गरेकि थिइऩ्। त्यसै काण्डलाई लिएर् छिमेकीले स्थानीय पञ्चायतकोमा उजुरी गरेपछि पञ्चायतमा मिलाउने प्रयास हुँदा पनि महिलामाथि कुटपिट भएको थियो। त्यस भन्दा पहिला पनि उनले धेरै पल्ट बारीमा बिजाई गर्दा भनाभैरी भएको उनले बताइऩ्। अर्कोतिर उनको मुद्दालाई स्थानीय पञ्चायत नुरी शेर्पाले पनि हस्तक्षेप नगरेर उल्टै विभिन्न आरोप लगाएको आरोप लगाइन।
उनले घटनाको बारेमा बताउँदै भनिन्, पञ्चायत सकेर म घर तिर गइरहेको थिएँ त्यसबेला अचानक चारजनाले म माथि मुख छाड्दै ढुङ्गामुडा गर्न थाल्यो। त्यसैबेला एकजना पुरूष धोजे उर्फ दोर्जे तामाङले उनलाई पक्रेर उनको लुगा च्यात्दै अभद्र व्यवहार गर्न थाल्यो। त्यसपछि अन्य आरोपीहरूले पनि उनीमाथि खनिएर नग्न पारि बाँधेर सडकमा घिसाउँदै दोर्जे तामङको घरको सिकुवामा लगेर बाँध्यो, उनले भनिन्।त्यसपछि बाँधेकै अवस्थामा पनि उनीमाथि अभद्र व्यवहार गर्दै हातपात गरेको आरोप लागाइऩ। तर अन्तमा उनले आफूलाई बाँधेको डोरी फुकालेर नग्न अवस्थामै भागेर स्थानीय महिला पञ्चायतको घरमा पुगिन् भने उनकै सहयोगमा रंगेली पुलिस थानामा प्राथमिकी दर्ता गराउन पुगिन्।
आरोपीहरू पक्राउ गरि जमानीमा छोडिएको छ भने उनीहरू विरूद्ध भारतीय दण्ड संहिताको धारा 323,354,341 अनि 34 अन्तर्गत मामिला दर्ता गरिएको छ। डीआइजी रेञ्ज श्रीधर रावले बताए अनुसार आरोपीहरूमा दोर्जी तामांग, कुले तामांग, पासङ तामाङ अनि डल्लु तामांगलाई पक्राउ गरि जमानीमा मुक्त गरिएको छ। अर्कोतिर पुलिस छानवीनमा अन्य तीन महिला र दोर्जी तामागको पिता निम छिरिङ तामागं पनि घटनामा संलग्न भएको भेट्टाएपछि कार्वाही गरिएको छ।
अर्कोतिर उनले घटनाको विस्तृत छानवीन भइरहेको बताउँदै पिडीतको मन्तव्यलाई ध्यानमा राख्दै आरोपीहरूलाई पुन गैरजमानी धारा लगाएर पुनः हिरासतमा लिन सकिने बताए। उनले सिक्किमको अपराधीक इतिहासमा यस प्रकारको घटना पहिलोपल्ट भएको बताए। यसैगरि घटनाको जानकारी पाएपछि सिक्किम महिला आयोगका प्रतिनिधिहरूले पिडित महिलालाई भेटगरेर उनलाई सहयोगको आश्वासन दिएका छन्।
आइलीगको पूर्वअभ्यासको निम्ति डेञ्जोङ बोइज सिलगढी झर्ने
यसपाली हाम्रो दलको स्थिति राम्रो छ, धेरै आशा साचेकाछौः फुर्बा शेर्पा
प्रबिण खालिंग, कालिमन्युज,गान्तोक,23 फरवरी। पहिलो पल्ट सिक्किमबाट आइ लिगमा प्रवेश गर्ने डेञ्जोङ बोइज फुटबल क्लबले भोलिदेखि आफ्नो 28 जना खेलाडीलाई लिएर सिलगढीको कञ्चनजंघा स्टेडियममा आइलीग सेकेण्ड डिभिजनको निम्ति अभ्यास शुरु गर्ने आधिकारीक घोषणा गरेको छ।
मार्चको तोस्रो सप्ताहदेखि शुरु हुने आइ लीग सेकेण्ड डिविजनको निम्ति डेञ्जोङ बोइजले चार विदेशी खेलाडी , दुइजना मिजोरमको खेलाडी एकजना मणिपुर, दुइजना दिल्ली तथा चारजना दार्जीलिङको खेलाडीलाई आफ्नो दलमा समावेश गरेको भने 15 जना सिक्किमे खेलाडी रहनेछ।
सिक्किमको फुटबल इतिहासमा पहिलोपल्ट आइ लीगमा जाने क्लब डेञ्जोङ बोइज रहेको छ भने यसपाली देखि भाइचुङ भोटियाको घरेलु कल्ब युनाइटेड सिक्किम फुटबल क्लबले पनि आइ लिग खेल्नेछन्।
अल इण्डिया फुटबल फेडेरेशनले आई लीगको निम्ति ठाउँ र मिति घोषणा गरेको छैन तर सिक्किमको दुवै क्लबले मार्चको तेस्रो सप्ताहलाई लक्ष्य राखेर अभ्यास गरिरहेको छ।
डेञ्जोङ बोइजको महाप्रबन्धक फुर्वा शेर्पाले आज दलको घोषणा गर्दै भने, दलमा प्रशिक्षक थुपदेन रापग्याल भोटियाको रेखदेखमा शुक्रबारदेखि कञ्चनजङ्घा स्टेडियममा खेलाडीहरूले अभ्यास गर्नेछन्। उनले बताए अनुसार क्लबले प्रारम्भीक चरणको अभ्यास शिविर सिलगढीमा राख्नुको मुख्य कारण गान्तोकमा अभ्यासको निम्ति मैदान नभएकोले हो भने खेलाडीहरूलाई गरम मौसममा खेल्न अभ्यास गराउने उद्देश्य पनि रहेको छ।
उऩले अझ भने, हामी सबैलाई विदित भएकै कुरा हो गान्तोकमा अहिलेघरि कुनै मैदान छैन पाल्जोर स्टेडियम पनि कृतिम घाँस ओछ्याने प्रक्रियामा रहेको छ त्यसैकारण हामीले गुवाहाटी जस्तो गरम ठाउँमा पनि हाम्रो खेलाडीहरूले खेल्न सकोस भनेर यसो गरिएको
उनले पछिल्लो वर्षको आइलीगको तितो अनुभावबारे भने, हाम्रो क्लब इस्टर्न ग्रुपमा थियो त्यसकारण हामीले गुवाहाटीमा म्याच खेल्यौं तर त्यहाँ हाम्रो खेलाडीहरूले आफूलाई वातावरण अनुकूल बनाउन तीन दिनमात्र समय पायो त्यहाँको गरम वातावरणमा खेल्न साह्रो पऱ्यो। उनले अझ भने, क्लबका आठ खेलाडीलाई अस्पतालमा भर्ती गराउनु पऱ्यो। यसकारण हामीले सिलगढीमा गुवाहाटीकै जस्तो वातावरण भएको हुनाले त्यहाँ वातावरण अनुकूल पार्ने शिविर लगाएको हौ, उनले भने।
क्लबका तकनीकिय चिकित्सक कर्मा टासी भोटियाले भने, खेलाडीहरूलाई कञ्चनजङ्घाको आवासमा राखिनेछ। यसका साथै स्थानीय क्लबसित अभ्यास गर्नेछौं, अर्कोतिर दलमा नयाँ आएका खेलाडीहरूले प्रथम पल्ट एकैसाथ खेल्ने छन्, उनले भने। पहिलो पल्ट खेल्नेहरूमा क्यामरूनको खेलाडी पेट्रिक इनोडजी (स्ट्राइकर), जाम्बो आन्तोले तिइरी (मिडफिल्डर) अनि इब्राहिम अबी (स्ट्राइकर) रहेका छन्। यीमध्ये पेट्रिक र जाम्बो दुवैले क्यामरूनको राष्ट्रिय दलमा 20 वर्ष मूनीका वर्गमा खेल्छन् भने उनीहरूलाई दलमा एक विशेष एजेन्ट मार्फत ल्य़ाइएको हो भने उनीहरू पहिलोपल्ट भारतमा खेल्न लागेको क्लबका सचिव सोनाम गुरुङले बताए।
अर्कोतिर क्लबमा चर्चिल ब्रदर्श, इस्ट बेङ्गल तथा मोहन बगानआदि क्लबबाट पनि केही खेलाडी ल्याइएको बताए।
पछिल्लो वर्षको तुलनामा हाम्रो दल यसपाली राम्रो स्थितिमा छ। यसकारण हामी आइलीग सेकेण्ड डिभिजनमा धेरै आशा साँचेका छौ, शेर्पाले भने। यसैगरि गान्तोककै आफ्नो प्रतिद्वन्दि युनाइटेड सिक्किम फुटबल क्लबलाई पनि डेञ्जोङ बोइजले आई लिगको निम्ति शुभकामना व्यक्त गरेको छ। शेर्पाले भने, हामी शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्छै भने सिक्किमा अब उसो फुटबलको राम्रो विकास भएर जाने आशा पनि गर्छौं।
एक हेक्टरमा एक लाख रूपियाँको डल्ले खोर्सानी उत्पादन गर्न सकिने तकनीकिको विकास
प्रबिण खालिंग, कालिमन्युज,गान्तोक,23 फरवरी। भारतीय कृषि अनुसंधान केंद्र (आइसीआर)-ले सिक्किममा डल्ले खोर्सानीको खेतीको निम्ति नयाँ उत्पादन तकनीक विकास गरेकोछ। जसले प्रति हेक्टर जमिनमा दश लाख रूपियाँको डल्ले उत्पादन गर्न सकिने बताइएको छ। आइसीआरका संयुक्त निर्देशक तथा सिक्किम प्रभारी डॉ. एत रहमानले मिडियासितको अन्तरक्रिया यसको जानकारी दिए। उनले भने, भर्मीपोस्ट ट्याक्नीकको विभाग गर्न केन्द्रले नागाल्याण्डको निजी कम्पनीसित गरिएको सहकार्यले यो कार्य सम्पन्न भएको बताए। यसै गरि उनले अलैची सुखाउने तक्नीकि पनि विकास गरिएको तथा त्यसोक मुल्य झण्डै 65 हजार पर्ने बताए। जसमा 4 देखि 6 कुइन्टल अलैची सुखाउन सकिने बताए। यो सामुहित प्रयोगको निम्ति रहेको तथा साना आकारको यन्त्र पनि व्यक्तिगतरूमा प्रयोग गर्न चहानेहरूको निम्ति उपलब्ध गराउने बताए।
उनले अझ भने, अन्य राज्यहरूमा जस्तै आइसीआरले सिक्किममा पनि जैविक खेतीलाई नै ध्यान केन्द्रित गरेर कार्य गरिरहेको छ। 2003 सालदेखि ने यसमाथि कार्य गरिरहेको उनले बताए। जसमा जैविक किटनाशक र जैविक औजारहरूको विकास गरिएको उनले बताए। यसैगरि वागवाणी, कृषि, पशुधन, मसत्यपालन जस्ता कृषि जन्य विषयहरूमा ध्यानकेन्द्रिय गरिएको बताए। उनले राज्यमा 87 प्रतिशत माछा आयत गरिनुपर्ने तथा 85 प्रतिशत अण्डा आयत गर्नुपर्ने अवस्था रहेको बताए। केन्द्रले सिक्किममा 48 प्राजातिको माछा विभिन्न उच्चाईमा रहेको पत्तो लगाएको जानकारी दिए। यसैगरि चौरीगाईको संख्या वृद्धिमा पनि कार्य गरिरहेको बताए। जसमा 65 सयबाट वृद्धि गरेर 11 हजार पुऱ्याईएको बताए।चौरीगाई लगायत अन्य विभिन्न प्रजातिको संरक्षणको निम्ति केन्द्र सरकार प्रायोजित 29 वटा परियोजना संचालित रहेको पनि उनले जानकारी दिए। चौरी गाई जस्तै माछको प्रजातिमा पनि मौसम परिवर्तनले प्रभाव पारिरहेको तथा कृषिमा पनि त्यसको प्रभाव रहेको बताए। सिक्किमा आइसीआर 1976 मा स्थापित गरिएको हो भने सिक्किमको सबैभन्दा पूरानो अनुसंधान केन्द्रको रूपमा स्थापित छ।

Classroom home to Madhyamik girl
TT, Jateswar (Alipurduar), Feb. 23: Most students return home after school but Sabita Burman comes back to a classroom. She has been doing it for the past seven months after she lost her home to a river swollen by monsoon. 
Today, she walked out of the classroom with her bicycle that she had managed to save from the flood and rode 3km to the exam centre on the first day of her Madhyamik.
In July last year, Sabita’s hut in Pramodnagar, 51km from Alipurduar, was washed away by the Dudua river. Eleven members of Sabita’s family took shelter on the verandah of Pramodnagar Nimno Buniyadi Primary School nearby.
Sabita studies in the classroom
which is now her home.
Picture by Anirban Choudhury
Two days later, the head master vacated a room where students of Class I and II had their classes for the families to stay there. Since then Sabita had been hoping that the Falakata BDO would arrange for a place for them to stay. “I am grateful to the school for letting us stay but then….” trailed off Sabita in an embarrassed tone.
The other family members completed what she had been trying to say. “The women folks suffer the most. The young girls can’t change inside the room…it’s difficult. We don’t even have a toilet. We have to relieve ourselves in bushes,” said Sabita’s grandmother Monobala. The 60-year-old works in a nearby house for Rs 300 a month. Sabita’s father and uncle work as day labourers.
“They get Rs 60 a day. They don’t get work throughout the month — 15 days to be maximum. We lost six bighas to the flood. We used to grow our own paddy. At least we didn’t have to think of food at that time,” she said.
In her new “home”, Sabita tried to put in six hours of study a day. Sometimes the going was tough with at least eight members of her family always in the room and the school children making noises in the adjoining classrooms during the day. But she tried to attend her classes regularly at Pramodnagar High School, 1.5km away.
At night she could do little as the school does not have electricity and it is risky to study under the open flame of a candle with children running about and clothes hanging from ropes.
Today, Sabita cycled 3km to reach Jateswar Girls High School, her exam centre. So what did she take as tiffin? “I had rice and dal in the morning around 10am. That is enough,” the examinee said. Exams will be over at 3pm and she will take another one hour to come home. “May be a handful of muri (puffed rice) as food and then back to study till the daylight is there,” Sabita said.
She recalled with fondness that for the first week of her stay, the teachers of the school provided the families with meals. Later, for sometime, they gave the family food from the mid day meals.
Although the joint BDO of Falakata, Jaydev Roy, had assured the families that shelter would be provided soon, nothing happened. When The Telegraph rang him up today, he said all questions related to the family’s rehabilitation should be fielded to BDO Susanta Mondol, who is on sick leave.
“The teachers have helped me a lot. If I go to them with any doubts in any subject, they always clear the confusion. They have helped me financially too. Two private tutors teach me free of cost. I am trying my best,” said Sabita.
Teacher-in-charge Ashoke Krishna Dutta said he was glad Sabita was writing her exams.
“We take classes in the open because we have given the classroom to the two families. When it rains, we share the other classrooms. It’s a problem but it is worth it. Sabita is being able to write exams. Our common room is now their kitchen. ”
Bangla man on voter list
TT, Malda, Feb. 23: A Bangladeshi infiltrator currently in a Murshidabad jail has not only managed to get his name enrolled on the voters’ list here but had also apparently attended a hearing called by the election office and collected his voter identity card.
The district secretary of the CPM Jiban Moitra, had filed a complaint with the Malda district magistrate and the chief electoral officer of the state on February 9 and wanted to know how Masud Rana’s name had been included in the final voters’ list of Malda.
“This person was arrested on October 18, 2007, along with others for illegally infiltrating into India from Bangladesh at Harudanga in Murshidabad district and is now in the Jangipur jail in Murshidabad. How could this person get his name enrolled as an Indian voter in the Chanchal Assembly constituency? The records show that he even turned up at the hearing to get his name enrolled. We demand an explanation,” he said. Moitra also alleged that a section of the government staff engaged in the tabulation of the voters and distribution of the identity cards were part of a racket to give Indian citizenship status to Bangladeshis.
Sources at the Chanchal police station said the then Congress panchayat pradhan of Kharba in Malda had given Rana a residential certificate so that he could apply for a voter’s card. The pradhan, Sirajuddin Ahmed, was arrested in 2007 but is out on bail.
Police said the 42-year-old resident of Naodapara in Rajshahi district of Bangladesh had entered India more than once. Rana used to stay in Chanchal with his uncle Tayeb Ali and he also went to Hyderabad, Vizianagaram and Meerut looking for work. According to the police, Ali had gone to the hearing posing as Rana and collected the voter card.
“The Election Commission has been claiming that it was laying stress on drawing up an error-free voters’ list and this has happened. We demand a high-level inquiry. I am sure there are many more illegal entries and those found guilty should be given stiff punishment,” Moitra said. Malda district magistrate, who is also the returning officer, Pramal Kumar Samanta, said the block development officer of Chanchal I had been asked to inquire into the matter and report back to him. “We will definitely punish those found guilty.”
Fiery threat from Telangana MPs
TT, New Delhi, Feb. 23: The Telangana crisis appears to have slipped out of the Congress’s hands and the leadership is realising the procrastination may not help for long.

Congress members from the Telangana region, who forced adjournments in Lok Sabha twice this morning, have told the party brass that they would commit self-immolation on Parliament premises if a separate state was not created.
“Tell us if you cannot give Telangana, we will resign, we will immolate ourselves. We will create history in Parliament by committing suicide. We cannot go back to our constituencies now. We cannot convince people to withdraw from the agitation,” a group of 12 Congress MPs (one from Rajya Sabha) told the leaders, including Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
A car decked out for a wedding
passes by tyres set on fire by
pro-Telangana protesters in
Hyderabad on Wednesday. (AP)
The blunt message was delivered to the Congress leadership when the MPs were called for talks after they kicked up a ruckus in the Lok Sabha during the question hour as well as the zero hour. It is a matter of embarrassment for the government if the ruling party members force adjournments in Parliament.
Pranab Mukherjee and Ahmed Patel tried to persuade them to wait as negotiations were on but the MPs said the situation in Andhra Pradesh was grim and warranted immediate action.
The Congress leadership has now asked them to wait till the presentation of the budget. Parliamentary affairs minister Pawan Bansal told reporters later that the furore would not recur.
But TDP and TRS members were also vying with the Congress to take credit and they may continue to raise the issue. TRS chief K. Chandrashekhar Rao and his party colleague M. Vijaya Shanthi repeatedly came to the well to press for an adjournment motion.
Several Congress members, including M. Jagannath, Madhu Goud Yaskhi, Poonam Prabhakar and Sarvey Satyanarayana, raised slogans like “Jai Telangana” while the TDP member from Adilabad, Ramesh Rathod joined, the TRS members in the well.
Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj drew the attention of the Prime Minister, who was present in the House for some time, to the sentiments being expressed by the members demanding a separate state to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh.
Swaraj made a strong plea for Telangana, saying her party would support a bill for a new state if the government moved it in the current session.
“Everything has come to a standstill in the Telangana region. If anything is going on, it is firing of rubber bullets. This can be resolved right way, the Prime Minister is sitting here. If he says that the government will bring a bill for a separate Telangana, we will support it,” she said.
Congress MPs are openly blaming home minister P. Chidambaram for the aggravated crisis, pointing out that his midnight statement in 2009 had heightened expectations and the attempts now to pull back the process were doomed to fail.
GJM to launch fresh agitation
TH, Kolkata, Feb 24: Having withdrawn its call for a bandh in the Darjeeling hills, the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) is set for a fresh spell of agitation that includes a “fast-unto-death” by batches of volunteers across the region from Thursday and a relay hunger-strike by its supporters in New Delhi from February 27 in support of its various demands.
“The hunger-strike in the capital will continue till the end of the budget session of Parliament,” senior GJM leader and member of the party's central committee, Harka Bahadur Chettri told The Hindu over phone from Kalimpong sub-division on Wednesday, a day after the decision was taken by the GJM leadership not to resume the bandh after relaxing it for four days. (The bandh had begun on February 9).
Tea industry circles in the hills are concerned over the GJM's threat to prevent the despatch of tea – the valued first-flush crop – from tea-gardens in the region from February 27 as part of its agitation. Officials concerned are planning to approach the GJM leadership with a request to reconsider the move, it was learnt.
As for the agitation by the GJM from Thursday Dr. Chettri said that batches of five volunteers belonging to the Gorkaland Personnel (GLP) – an outfit of the GJM - and ex-servicemen will go on a “fast-unto-death” at various places across the three hill sub-divisions as well as in Siliguri.
Their demands include the bringing of Gorkha-dominated pockets in the Terai and the Dooars within the jurisdiction of any “interim” administrative body being considered for the Darjeeling hills that – one that the GJM maintains should lead to the creation of a separate “Gorkhaland” State.
This demand has been ruled out by the West Bengal government. “The GJM has also decided to take its agitation to New Delhi to give it wider nation-wide attention”, Dr Chettri said. “Nearly 300 GJM supporters are expected to participate in the relay hunger strike in New Delhi”, he added.
The ‘padayatra' programme by GJM supporters through the Dooars to Kumani at the border of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri districts where GJM president, Bimal Gurung is to address them on February 27 is continuing, Dr Chettri said.
The Jalpaiguri district authorities have imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 Cr PC in certain parts of the Dooars to prevent any meeting or procession which, it is feared, could disturb peace in the region.

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