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Monday, February 14, 2011

24 hrs relief on strike withdrawn at a very short notice..Shibchu police firing unites Hills parties...

KalimNews, Kalimpong, Feb 14, updated at 12.45 pm: Relief for 24 hrs from the ongoing indefinite strike has now been withdrawn by the GJM with a sudden notice. The sudden announcement comes immediately after the plain based Janajagaran Manch called 12 hrs counter bandh in Siliguri on 15th February against GJM's relaxation. It has alleged police harassment to the GJM supporters in Bagrakote where five party workers have started fast unto death from 11.19 AM. GJM has withdrawn the relaxation protesting against the bandh called by JJM and police harassment.
About 1200 GJM supporters court arrested in Kalimpong Thana as proposed earlier. Similar court arresting is reported from other polica stations too. 
KalimNews, updated at 11.30 am: Relief of 24 hr is allowed by GJM in its indefinite protest bundh. GJM announced this morning that this relief is just for a break for preparing for the next round of agitation. Break is allowed from 6am of 15th February to 6am of 16th February.
Meanwhile GJM has announced that its Padyatra will start from Sunkosh to Khumani by the Dooars people instead of Khumani to Jaigaon proposed earlier. 
GJM Supporters in front of Kalimpong Thana and Court arresting 

KalimNews: Prices of green vegetables decrease to its lowest as it started to become rotten in plain market due to hill bundh. Cauliflower Rs.3/kg.
GJM's plea to erect a Shahid Bedi (Martyr's column) at Sibsu, Duars in memory of those who were killed on 8th February, rejected by Forest and PWD departments. GJM to seek permission through National Human Right Commission. HRC team visited Shibsu.
Ex-servicemen's procession not allowed to cross the border limit in Panchnoi, Siliguri by the administration.
Roshan Giri, GJM Secretary, assures smooth plying of Sikkim bound vehicles along NH 31/A from today.
Rahul Gandhi, All India Congress General Secretary, to visit Gangtok today to attend a function of Sikkim University. In view of the trouble in North Bengal his security arrangement has been tightened. Gandhi not likely to meet others.
GJM sponsored indefinite bundh enters 6th day today. Amid prevailing under current tension, ICSE and ISC examinations to commence from today in the hills.
Police continue to conduct raids in rural areas and several parts of Duars.
North Bengal IG rules out plan of administration to arrest Bimal Gurung, GJM Chief. But he said that police will not spare those related with the fire and arson cases in hills and plains. So far fifteen have been arrested from different police stations. Police has been raiding for Keshav Raj Pokhrel in Relling of Bijanbari and also for Asha Gurung.
Jr BT Examination which could not be held since 2006 started from today. 
Hills’ unrest affects health services
SNS, KOLKATA, 13 FEB: The ongoing agitations in the Hills have disrupted hospital services in the area. Some rural hospitals have been completely shut down.
According to reports received by the state health department, Bijon Bari rural hospital in Kursoeng was shut down after a electric transformer was set on fire. With no power supply in the hospital, most of the critical patients were shifted to North Bengal Medical College and Hospital and some with minor injuries, asked to leave.

A senior health official said it has been found that most doctors posted at various rural hospitals in Darjeeling showed reluctance to work in the trouble- torn area. Medical officers and the health workers working at various hospitals in the district have already sent a deputation to the SP and DM asking for security. While asking NGO's not to organise medical camps during the period of agitations, senior health officials, however, have written to the Darjeeling DM and SP, asking them to provide adequate security for those who are in the process of setting up medical camps in the Hills.
Another senior health official said that administrative officers with the district health department have already left the Hills and camped in Siliguri for the period of agitations. Doctors and the medical officers said that administrative work was hampered with administrative officers leaving the Hills. Dr Subhamoy Dutta Chowdhury, director of health services, Darjeeling district said they had asked the district CMOH to lease a generator to restore power and services at Bijon Bari rural hospital in Kursoeng. However, as per latest reports, the directive is yet to be executed.
CM’s no to ‘Gorkhaland’
SNS, KOLKATA, 13 FEB: An extremely firm chief minister today reiterated that the state government would not allow Darjeeling to part or break away from West Bengal, “under any circumstance”. Addressing a Left Front rally here, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said: “Let them (Gorkha Jan Mukti Morcha) destroy roads, dig ditches or burn government property. But, our clear message to them is ~ we will never bow down to their pressure tactics. People of the state will also not commit any mistake and allow these people to succeed in dividing the Hills”. The chief minister also ridiculed Trinamul Congress for its ‘silence’ on the acts of arson, violence and disturbances in the Hills and Dooars region. “Trinamul is the new friend of the GJMM, as they have to mutually contest the upcoming Assembly polls,” he said.
Sibchu police firing unites Hills parties
TNN, DARJEELING: With the Sibchu firing, the state government seems to have gifted the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) the much-needed authority' over the other Hills parties, which it was lacking so long. The killings of three Gorkhas has melted political differences in the Hills, in the process giving a fresh impetus to the Gorkhaland movement as well.
The opposition parties in the Hills, which had remained silent over the February 8 Sibchu firing so far, have finally raised their voice in unison against the state government and lent their support to the GJM, to take the demand for a separate state forward. And, that includes the GJM's bete noire the Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League (ABGL) which now feels that "all political parties in the Hills must work together" to achieve separate statehood.
Ironically, it was the murder of ABGL's best-known face, Madan Tamang, last year that had sparked off mass resentment against the GJM, whose leaders allegedly played a role in the incident. But the individual' issue of Tamang's murder seems to have taken a back seat in the face of collective sentiments.
"Our murdered leader had always advocated collective leadership to take the separate statehood movement forward. All the political parties in the Hills must now work together on a common platform to achieve what the Gorkha community has been dreaming for over a 100 years," said Pratap Khati, the central committee member of ABGL, from Kalimpong.
Condemning the killings of the three GJM supporters in Sibchu, Khati said: "Bengal has always suppressed us. Their (the state government's) policies towards the Gorkha community has always smacked of bad intentions. Sibchu has only proved it. Only separation from Bengal can rid our people of their problems."
Alleging that the Sibchu firing was "premeditated", the ABGL leader demanded compensation for the families of the three dead as well as for the injured.
"Going by the sequence of events in Sibchu, the police and CRPF firing was premeditated," Khati alleged. "The state government must provide Rs 5 lakh for the kin of the dead and Rs 3 lakh for the injured as compensation," he added. He also demanded that a thorough probe be initiated into the Sibchu firing by the high court.
The Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxists (CPRM), the second largest party in the Hills, which till last month had accused GJM of "playing with the people's sentiments", has agreed to come under its leadership to take the separate statehood movement forward.
"The Sibchu incident has showed us the way. In the past, too, we have supported GJM in taking forward the Gorkhaland demand. Now it's time to work together," said Taramani Rai, general secretary of the CPRM central committee. For a "common cause", it only makes sense to support the party that enjoys majority support, he justified.
"We know that after the Sibchu incident, the GJM will only struggle for a separate state and not settle for any interim council," he said, adding: "The sacrifice of three Gorkhas should not go in vain. No temporary arrangement will ever ensure our security."
The CPRM has been advocating for a separate state all along, saying only that would provide an identity to the Gorkha community living in India.

Happy Valentine's Day
Photos: Samten Kabo

घोषणापछि फेरि बन्दमा छुटको कार्यक्रम रद्द जन अन्योलता व्याप्त 17 देखि 27 सम्म लङ्गमार्च हुने
मनोज बोगटि, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,13 फरवरी। तीनदिनदेखि नै बन्दमा छुटबारे चलिरहेको अफवाहलाई विराम लगाउँदै मोर्चाले 15 फरवरीको दिन पक्कापक्कीरूपले 24 घण्टाको छुट दिएको घोषणा गरेको थियो तर  घोषणा गरेको केही घण्टापछि फेरि मोर्चाले घोषणा फिर्ता गर्‍यो। बन्दमा छुट हुने कुराले मानिसहरूले राहतको साहस फेरि नसक्दै फेरि छुट नहुने अनि बन्द जारी रहने कुरा मोर्चा शिविरबाट आएपछि मानिसहरू निराश बने। 
मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङले कुमानीमा नै पत्रकार सम्मेलन डाक्दै बन्दमा 24 घण्टाको छुट दिइएको घोषणा गरेका थिए, तर पछि फेरि छुट नहुने बताइएको छ। छुट मङ्गलबार बिहान  6 बजीदेखि शुरू हुने बताइएको थियो। मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङले बन्द अचानक डाकिएकोले जनताले कुनै पनि पूर्वतयारी गर्न नपाएको कारण जनता असुविधामा परेकोले यसरी छुट दिइएको जनाएका थिए। सिब्सुमा शान्तिप्रिय कार्यक्रम गरिरहेका मोर्चा कार्यकर्ताहरूमाथि बङ्गाल प्रशासनद्वारा गोली चलाएर हतोहत बनाएको कारण मोर्चाले सरकारी प्रशासनको क्रुरता र अत्यचारको विरूद्ध अचानक पहाड़, तराई-डुवर्समा अनिश्चितकालीन बन्द डाकिएको थियो। 
यता बन्द चलिरहेको थियो भने उता बङ्गाल सरकारले चुनाउलाई ध्यानमा राख्दै प्रशस्तै सुरक्षाबल पहाड़मा हुलेर धड़पकड़ शुरू गरिरहेको थियो। मोर्चा सहसचिव विनय तामङलाई घोषणा गरेर पनि किन फेरि छुट नहुने निर्णय लिइएको हो भन्ने प्रश्न गर्दा तिनले भने, छुटको घोषणा गरिएपछि पनि बङ्गालको पुलिस प्रशासनले कालेबुङ, खरसाङ, दार्जीलिङ र अन्य ठाउँमा विनादोष जनसाधरणलाई पक्राउ गरिरहेको, सुरक्षाबलले मानिसहरूमा संत्रास फैलाइरहेको कुरा आएकोले दिइएको छुटको कार्यक्रमलाई फिर्ता गरिएको हो। 
यता मोर्चा प्रवक्ता डा.हर्कबहादुर छेत्रीले भने सिलगढ़ीमा जनजागरण मञ्चले काउण्टर बन्द डाकेकोले त्यसैको विरूद्दमा छुट फिर्ता गरिएको जनाए। तिनले बाग्राकोटमा बसेको आमरण अनशन हटाउनको निम्ति घरिघरि सीआरपीले कोशिष गरिरहेकोकारण पनि दिएको बन्दको छुट फिर्ता गरेको पनि जनाए। यता सिलगढ़ीमा जनजागरण मञ्चले मोर्चाको बन्दको छुटको विरुद्ध बन्द डाकेकोले मोर्चाले दिइएको छुटको कार्यक्रमलाई नै रद्द गरेको हल्ला चलेपनि सहसचिव विनय तामङले भने यसबारे आफूलाई जानकारी नभएको जनाए। 
दिनभरि नै यता सिब्सुको अनशन र बाग्राकोटको अनशन उठाएको हल्ला पनि चलिरह्यो। चलेको हल्ला केवल अफवाह मात्र रहेको पनि विनय तामङले जनाएका छन्‌। यता मोर्चा सहसचिव विनय तामङले मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङलाई डुवर्स जान दिइनपर्ने सम्बन्धमा प्रसासनलाई अल्टिमेटम दिइएको जनाउँदै भने, शीघ्र नै डुवर्स जान दिइएन भने डुवर्सका जनता आफै लङ्गमार्चमा निस्कनेछन्‌। यो लङ्गमार्च शुनकोशदेखि कुमानीसम्मको निम्ति हुनेछ। 17 फरवरीदेखि 27 फरवरीसम्म चल्नेछ। हजोरौंको संख्यामा मोर्चा कार्यकर्ताहरूले यो कार्यक्रममा अंशग्रहण गर्नेछन्‌।
तीनबुँदे मागमा बाग्राकोटमा आमरण अनशन शुरू
मनोज बोगटि, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,13 फरवरी। हिजैदेखि बस्ने भनिएको मोर्चाको आमरण अनशन आजदेखि बाग्राकोटको भानु मैदानमा बस्यो। कुमानीबाट मोर्चा अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङले दुइदिन अघि नै डुवर्समा आमरण अनशन हुने घोषणा गरेका थिए। हिजो दिनभरि नै अनशन कहॉं राख्ने भन्ने कुराको टुङ्गो लागेको थिएन। हिजो दिनभरि नै घरि सामसिङमा अनशन बसेको घरि चमर्चीमा बसेको हल्ला चलेको भएपनि हिजो कतै पनि अनशन बसेन। 
आज 11ः45मा बाग्राकोटको भानुमैदान स्थित श्रमिक सङ्घमा डुवर्सका विभिन्न क्षेत्रका पॉंच सदस्यीय नारी कार्यकर्ताहरू आमरण अनशनमा बसे। अनशनकारीहरूलाई मोर्चा केन्द्रिय समिति सदस्य विनोद घतानी अनि सन्तोष राईले खदामाला गरे। जबसम्म आफ्ना दावीहरू पूर्ण हुँदैन तबसम्म अनशनमा बस्ने अडान राख्दै लिसरिभर शाखाबाट 32 वर्षिय दीपा तामङ, बाग्राकोटबाट 35 वर्षिय ममता छेत्री, गंगोटीयाबाट 29 वर्षिय विन्द्या लामा, चिलाउनेबाट 51 वर्षिय निर्मला दियाली अनि मध्यडुवर्सबाट 42 वर्षिय देवी बानुर अनशनमा बसिन्‌। अनशनकारी दीपा तामङले आफूहरुको प्राण नै गए पनि तबसम्म अनशन जारी राख्ने बताइन्‌, जबसम्म उनीहरूको दाबीमाथि कुनै सरकारी सुनवाई हुँदैन। दीपाले भनिन्‌, मुख्यगरी तीन बुँदे माग गर्दै हामी आमरण अनशनमा बसेका छौं। हाम्रो माग छ, सिब्सु गोलीकाण्डमाथि कानूनी जॉंच हुनुपर्छ अनि सही सुनवाई हुनुपर्छ। 
अध्यक्ष विमल गुरूङलाई डुवर्स यात्रा गर्न दिइन पर्छ अनि डुवर्स तराई र पहाड़ मिलाएर शीघ्र नै छुट्टै राज्य गठन गरिनुपर्छ। यी तीन दाबी पूर्ण नभइञ्जेल हामी उठ्‌ने छैनौं। गोर्खाल्याण्डको निम्ति हामी मर्न तयार छौं। हाम्रो अवस्था जति नै जटिल होस्‌, कुनै पनि आश्वासनको भरमा कुनै सम्झौता हुनेछैन। यता,ममता छेत्रीले पनि भनिन्‌, हाम्रो आन्दोलन गणतान्त्रिक छ। देशले गणतनान्त्रिक भाषा बुझ्नुपर्छ। पुलिसी अत्याचार शीघ्र नै बन्द गरिनुपर्छ। बङ्गाल सरकारको आन्दोलनलाई दबाउने कुनै पनि षड़यन्त्रलाई स्वीकार गरिनेछैन। यता केन्द्रिय समिति सदस्य विनोद घतानीले पनि भने, बङ्गाल सरकारले जाति हेरेर कानून लगाउने काम हुँदैछ। 
यता विमल गुरूङ र तिनका गोर्खा जनतालाई डुवर्समा 144 धारा लगाइरहेको छ, उता माल बजार कलेजको एसअफआईले जुलूस, नाराबाजी गर्दा उनीहरूलाई 144 धारा लाग्दैन। यता विमल गुरूङलाई डुवर्स पस्नबाट रोक्न 144 धारा लगाइन्छ उता अशोक भट्टाचार्यले मालबजारमा जनसभा गर्न पाउँछ। जाति हेरेर कानून लगाउने सम्प्रादायिक दङ्गा गर्ने षड़यन्त्र बङ्गाल सरकारले गरिरहेको छ। बङ्गाल सरकारको स्मपूर्ण षड़यन्त्रहरूको विरूद्धमात्र होइन छुट्टैराज्य दाबीको निम्ति यो अनशन बसेको हो। यता अनशन शुरू भएपछि एक बस सीआरपीलाई बाग्राकोट झारिएको छ, जसले घरिघरि फ्ल्यागमार्च गरिरहेको छ। यता मोर्चा कार्यकर्ताहरूको उपस्थिति पनि भारी नै रहेको छ।
कालेबुङमा मोठ 790 जनाले सामुहिक पक्राउ दिए
मनोज बोगटि, कालिमन्युज, कालेबुङ,13 फरवरी। बङ्गाल सरकारकै पुलिसप्रशासनबाट गोली ठोकेर मोर्चा कार्यकर्ताहरूको हत्या गरेपछि चुनाउको बहानामा पहाड़भरि नै गाउँबस्ती पसेर धड़पकड़ गर्ने कार्यक्रम गरिरहेको अनि जनतालाई आतङि्‌कत बनाइरहेको विरुद्धमा मोर्चाले आज हजोरौंको संख्यामा आफै पक्राउ दिन शुरु गरे। सामुहिकरूपले पक्राउदिने क्रममा कालेबुङबाट 586 जना नारी कार्यकर्ता अनि 204 जना पुरूष कार्यकर्ताले पक्राउ दिए। उनीहरूले पक्राउ दिनइघि पथसभा पनि आयोजना गरेका थिए

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