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Sunday, January 16, 2011

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Va JmoO‘w‘mo-bo ¶gnm{b n{Z H$mbo~wL> KmofUmbmB© b˶mEa Ho$ÝÐ gaH$maH$mo {deof AZwamoY‘m, XoeH$mo dV©‘mZ n[apñW{VbmB© ‘ܶZOa Jaoa, ~L²>Jmb {dYmZg^m MwZmCbmB© ܶmZ‘m amIoa ^Þo eV©hê$H$mo AmYma‘m AmâZmo Q>oH$bmB© Xmo~mZ} à¶mg JaoH$mo IÊS>‘m A{Z nwZ… MwZm¡VrH$mo én‘m àm{YH$aU ñdrH$ma JZ} a JmoIm©hê$H$mo XjVm à‘m{UV JZ} ^Þo {H${g‘H$mo ~¶mZ~mOr Omar Jaoa JmoIm©ë¶mÊS>H$mo bú¶~mQ> Mw³Zo H$m‘ JaoH$mo IÊS>‘m ¶g XbH$mo amOZr{VH$ ^{dm àíZ{M• bm½X¡Z ^Þ g{H$Þ&
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bm¡ A~ Cgmo ^E ¶mo hoam¢, JmoO‘w‘mo-bo àm{YH$aUbmB© WwH$OñV¡ ’$mboa EH$‘mÌ n{dÌ bú¶ JmoIm©ë¶mÊS>H$mo nj‘m AmÝXmobZ Omar am»Zo, Aݶ Xbhê$bo JmoO‘w‘mo-bo JaoH$mo EH$gwÌr AmÝXmobZbmB© gH$mamË‘H$ gh¶moJ nwè¶mC±X¡ AmâZ¡ ~b~wVm‘m ~m{har VmH$V ({g{¸$‘ Am{X) OwQ>mB{XZo H$m¶© JZ} JaoH$mo IÊS>‘m ¶mo AmÝXmobZ AgaXma ~Þ g³N> {H$? gmYmaU OZVmbo AmOH$mo {XZ‘m XoIoH$mo ¶mo ^ÝXm Ry>bmo gnZm hmb‘m Ho$hr N>¡Z&
A~ hoZ©w ¶mo N> {H$ B‘mZXma H$mo N>Z² A{Z ~oB‘mZ H$mo? XþBMma {XZ‘¡ Nw>{Q>ZoN> XÿYH$mo XÿY nmZrH$mo nmZr&&
Rs 1 crore theft: Driver held in West Bengal
TNN, JAIPUR, Jan 16: Finally, luck has run out for Mohan Lal. The driver, who escaped with Rs 1 crore bank money meant for ATMs in the city, has been nabbed from Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal on Saturday. However, the police are yet to recover the Rs 12.50 lakh which he was reportedly carrying.
On the other hand, his family members, who have already been arrested with Rs 86.5 lakh, were produced in a court in Jaipur during the day.
"The driver was planning to remain in a hideout for sometime. But his plans were spoiled when we arrested his relatives including his so-called wife from Cooch Behar in West Bengal," said commissioner of police (CP), B L Soni.
Mohan Lal was first trying to hide in Kolkata, but could not arrange a proper place for accommodation as he was scared, said police. "He had Rs Rs 1 lakh with him. When he failed to stay in Kolkata, he thought of going to Jalpaiguri district, the native place of the woman with whom he was staying with in Jaipur. Meanwhile, the police were intercepting his phone calls," said an officer.
"They are coming to Jaipur by train and will arrive here soon," he added.
However, the disappearance of Rs 112.50 lakh is still a mystery. "The driver , after detention, claimed that he did not have the money. He might have accomplices in the crime or possibly paid his debts in Jaipur before fleeing. Further investigation is on," the officer added.
The incident occurred in Ashok Nagar area on Monday when a private agency's staff and accompanying security guard went inside the MGF Mall to deposit some cash in the Punjab National Bank's ATM there. When they returned , they found the van missing. The police later found the vehicle abandoned in Mahesh Nagar area but the driver had escaped with the cash.

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