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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kalimpong girl crowned best runner in Mumbai

KalimNews : Kalimpong's daughter Roshni Rai received Mumbai Runner's Best Runner Award on 22 January in Mumbai for adjudging best female runner in the recently held Mumbai  Marathon (42 km). She was honoured with this award in a function held at Juhu-Ville Parle Gymkhana Club. 
As disclosed by Rai to KalimNews from Mumbai a secret poll among all the runners was held and she was chosen the best female runner on counting of votes. 
She also received another award Hall of Fame for coming within 5th position in different events. Roshni Rai had stood first in two I-races (10km), 3rd in Ultra Marathon (50km) held in Bangalore on 14th Nov, 2010, 3rd in Boriveli National Park Half Marathon (21km) and being only Indian to take part in Prague international marathon in 2010.
While speaking with the KalimNews she felt her happiness and said that it was a good indication that the Gorkha youths specially the girls have been achieving name and fame in India. They should come forward to make our long cherished dream a reality by joining together, she said.
KalimNews congratulates Roshni Rai, for making the Gorkha youths proud . 
Roshni hails from a small township of Pedong in Kalimpong Sub-division and is legal executive of Colgate Palmolive in Mumbai.
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Unanswered questions
KalimNews, Kumani, 22 January: Bimal Gurung is not joining the Delhi delegation instead he is consistently demanding to let him complete his Long March to Sunkosh. Thousands of Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and Gorkha Janmukti Nari Morcha supporters of 28th No. Constituency gathered at Khumani More today and supported the GJM President. They said that GJYM members are losing  patience and may anytime break the barricade of police and enter into the Jalpaiguri area. Throughout the entire day they were shouting with the slogans of threatening the administration and demanding safe entry to Dooars.
Since Wednesday GJM and police are on the two sides of  iron barricades in the border of Darjeeling and Jalpaiguri district about 200m near Khumani more on the way to Chalsa from Jholung. Bimal Gurung is being inspired by the GJYM supporters that they are with him. Every police station is being gheraoed everyday in the entire district with a demand that Gurung should be allowed to continue his Padyatra to Sunkosh and 144 CrPC clamped in the Jalpaiguri should be discontinued. Relay hungerstrike as demonstration is organised in almost all the parts of Dooars demanding Gorkhaland and safe passage to the GJM chief. To support him MLA Wilson Champramari too has started relay hunger strike. 
Dr Harka bdr Chhetri too had threatened the administration that any day the GJM supporters may break the barricade and enter the prohibited area. Bimal Gurung himself have said I will not return without completing my mission and addressing people of Jaigaon.
What if the administration doesnot answer on the expiry of the three day ultimatum of the GJM that expires on sunday? Can GJM violate the law and enter the Dooars and continue the Long March till Jaigaon? Will the police use its baton and others to the GJM on violation of the law?
Will the talks of 25th January turn to a new direction or will it be a follow up of  the previous talks for GRA? These are the questions to be answered on these respective days itself.
Sukna snip on seniority
SUJAN DUTTA,TT, New Delhi, Jan. 22: P.K. Rath, the first serving Lieutenant General to be found guilty by a court martial, was today given a “severe reprimand” and is set to lose his seniority by two years after his punishment is confirmed by the government.
The court martial, in its sentence, has also ordered a 15-year loss of service for his pension. Lt Gen. Rath is due to retire on March 12.
The general’s family has said he will challenge the ruling. Lt Gen. Rath can contest the verdict, which yesterday found him guilty of collusion with a realtor in north Bengal, in the armed forces tribunal and then in the Supreme Court. The verdict and the sentence have to be confirmed by the army and the government.
Lt Gen. Rath was the deputy chief-designate and the General Officer Commanding of the north Bengal-headquartered Trishakti Corps. The court martial found him guilty of colluding with Siliguri-based realtor Dilip Agarwal and other officers to transfer 71 acres adjacent to the Sukna military station in the strategic Siliguri Corridor.
“He has been allowed to go scot-free... this is in no way an exemplary punishment (after) he has been found guilty of moral turpitude,” said Major General (retired) Nilendra Kumar, former Judge Advocate General. (The Judge Advocate General is the senior-most law officer in the armed forces.)
But the court martial of a serving Lt Gen. is unprecedented in the Indian Army. There is no benchmark against which to measure the move.
The sentence does not mean that Rath is set to lose his rank even if he is treated as junior by two years to his batchmates who may also be lieutenant generals. He will continue to be the three-star general he is till he retires in March.
“The sentence is quite meaningless because it will not have any visible impact as a punishment,” said Kumar, citing the Regulations for the Army under the Defence Services Regulations.
The rules say “an accused convicted on a charge of moral turpitude must be dismissed from service and given imprisonment”.
The 15-year deduction of service for pension would mean that Rath could lose about Rs 7,000 a month from his benefits at current rates. A Lt Gen. draws a pension of about Rs 42,000 per month.
A “severe reprimand” too would have an impact only if an officer is likely to move up the hierarchy. The only rank senior to a lt gen. is a general’s — and only the army chief can have four stars on his epaulettes.

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