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Monday, December 20, 2010

Govt Offices in Hills to open till 3rd Jan ... Asks CBI in Nicole case .. 279th Birthday Anniversary of Lepcha King observed ... Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) is our basic and fundamental demand despite of formation of – AAGSU ... Showcause soon for 423 teachers

Morcha resets interim deadline
Vivek Chhetri, TT, Darjeeling, Dec. 20: The Gorkha Janmukti Morcha has pushed back its deadline for implementation of the interim set-up to January 3 — an indication that the party is looking to ink the settlement at any cost even as its earlier timeframe expired today.Morcha president Bimal Gurung had earlier said the party would not accept the set-up if the government failed to firm up the deal by December 20.
Today, the party indicated that it was willing to buy more time and decided to allow all government offices to remain open till January 3 starting tomorrow. “We want to create a congenial atmosphere for the tripartite talks as indications are positive in Delhi,” said Raju Pradhan, the assistant secretary of the Morcha.
J.K. Rai, a central committee member, attributed the reopening of offices to Christmas. “Apart from the festive season, salaries and pension have to be disbursed. This is why we have opened the offices. On January 3, the party will hold a public meeting,” said Rai.
The party is likely to announce its future course of agitation — if by then no concrete step has been taken to form the set-up — by January 3.
Sources maintain that the issue of closure of government offices was raised by Union finance minister Pranab Mukherjee, when Gurung-led Morcha delegation called on him and Rahul Gandhi in New Delhi on Friday. “Mukherjee was not happy that offices had been shut down when the need of the hour was to create a congenial atmosphere,” said a source. The Morcha delegation is likely to meet Union home minister P. Chidambaram in Delhi either tomorrow or the day after.
Despite accusing the state government of delaying the implementation of the interim set-up, the Morcha is still hopeful that the next round of talks will take place before January 3.
The series of public meeting by the hill party came to an end today with the Morcha-affiliated Akhil Bharatiya Bhutpurba Sainik Adra-Sainik Morcha holding a rally here.
The party is under pressure from the ABGL that demanded that it make public the final settlement it is mulling with the state and the Centre.
“While some Morcha leaders claim that the body already has legislative powers, others seem unclear about it. We want the Morcha to publish a document on the interim set-up by January 1 for the benefit of the general public,” said Narayan Chhetri, a spokesperson for the ABGL.
Reply to court on Nickole
TT, Calcutta, Dec. 20:The Bengal government today told a division bench of Chief Justice J. N. Patel and Justice Asim Roy that the CID had suspended a sub-inspector and a constable in connection with the Nickole Tamang escape case.
Advocate-general Balai Ray was replying to the bench’s directive given on December 10 when it asked the government to state what steps it had taken to pull up those responsible for Nickole’s escape on August 22 from CID custody. Nickole is one of the prime accused in the murder of ABGL leader Madan Tamang. The hearing was in connection with the filing of a habeas corpus petition by Nickole's wife Pema Tamang who demanded that the state government produce her husband in court dead or alive.
TH, Kolkata:The Calcutta High Court on Monday directed the State Government to serve notice on the Central Bureau of Investigation within a week to probe the disappearance of Nikol Tamang, prime accused in the murder of prominent politician Madan Tamang in Darjeeling on May 21.
The State Government had earlier sought transfer of investigation to the CBI. So long it has been the State's Criminal Investigation Department which has been in charge of the case.
A Division Bench of the Court comprising Chief Justice J. N. Patel and Justice A. K. Roy passed the order.
The Court had earlier directed the State Government to file a report on the progress of investigations following a habeas corpus application by Pema Tamang, wife of Nikol Tamang.
Nikol Tamang, an activist of the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha, had been arrested in August in connection with the murder but escaped from police custody while lodged in Pintail village near Siliguri six days later.
Tamang still remains untraced.
TitBits, KalimNews: TMC has organised a Maha Michhil ( rally) in Siliguri starting from Bagha Jatin Park. TMC state youth President Subhendu Adhikari is attending the rally on 21 December. Local city buses is likely to be off the road in Siliguri town.
Gopi Narayan Pradhan a renowned literary figure of Meghalaya is the recipient of Sahitya Academy Award 2011 for his collection of poems Aakaashley pani Thau Khoojirahechha in Nepali. Pradhan, former professor of St. Anthony College of Shillong will receive Rupees one lakh a citation and Angavastra. 
Members of Federation of new states staged a dharna near Gandhi Samadhi in New Delhi demanding formation of smaller new states including Gorkhaland. Dawa Pakhrin vice President of this federation and President of GRNM represented Darjeeling hill demanding Gorkhaland. 
GJM delegation will meet P Chidambaram, Union Home Minister today.
The Cost of LPG may rise from Rs. 50 to 100 . Selling price of Onion in the market is Rs 60 p kg.
279th Birthday Anniversary of Lepcha last King Gaeboo Aachyok Celebrated in Kalimpong
A portion of a fort at Damsang gari
A maney near the fort
Queen's Well
Queen's Bathing place
Celebration at Mela Ground
Gaulan Lepcha, MLA, Kalimpong addressing the audience
Picture by Chinlop Fudong Lepcha
TT, Kalimpong: Lepchas in their traditional attire at the Mela Ground in Kalimpong on Monday to observe the 279th birth anniversary of King Gaeboo Aachyok. Speakers at the event also protested the state government’s alleged inability to provide the Lepchas with jobs in police and other forces without compromising their status as the original inhabitants of the Darjeeling hills and Sikkim. The Lepchas have launched a movement to seek recognition as original inhabitants of the region. 
KalimNews:Lepchas of Darjeeling District celebrated the 279 th birth anniversary of the Lepcha King Gaeboo Aachyok in Kalimpong. Thousands of Lepchas from all over the district assembled in Mela ground and shouted "Achuley" to greet each other. A small worship programme was also organised at Damsang gari a fort and  refuge place of the late King near Algarah about 18 km away from Kalimpong by the District Level Lepcha Tribal association .
Lepchas are the aboriginal people of Eastern Himalayas and are found not only in the Darjeeling district but also in Sikkim and Nepal in huge number. Gaeboo was a political leader who fought with the Bhutanese and English people to save his vanishing tribe.
Gaeboo is thought of born in the Lungshyol near Mangzing about 10 km away from Oodlabari in the Gorubathan Block Division. According to records his territory extended from Paro Bhutan to Rhaenock in Sikkim. He was not very popular among the Bhutanese King as he use to protest against the oppression of Bhutanese King and his associates to the Lepcha subjects and he was compelled to leave Bhutan for good.  
It is said that Gaeboo appeared during the first Bhutanese attack in Sikkim in 1668, during the reign of third (fourth?) King Debaraja, Chhoegyal Mijure Tempa of Bhutan during 1668-1670. A legend says that Gaeboo sought the help of Tibetan King for weapons to fight with the Bhutanese king.
A report says that during the period of fifth Dalai Lama, Bhutan invaded Sikkim and the southern parts were invaded. And during this war Gaeboo fought against Bhutan and was killed in the war. But the Sikimese history ignores the role of Gaeboo.
Another legend states that Gaeboo fought the Bhutaneese army from Damsang gari which is about km 18 away from Kalimpong near Algarah. Another legend also states that he fought the Bhutanese army from a fort called Dalim gari near Gorubathan and he was killed there. Though opinions and history differ but the existence of Gaeboo is approved by one and all.
In the celebration held today Lepcha leaders revived their demand of recognition of Lepcha language and inclusion of the language in the primary level as well as requirement of controversial Gorkha certificate for recruitment in military and para military forces.
Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) is our basic and fundamental demand despite of formation of (GDC)– AAGSU

Nanda K Dewan addressing the Press Conference
KalimNews, Kalimpong:A press statement issued by the AAGSU states that ‘The basic demand of All Assam Gorkha Students’ Union (AAGSU) – the formation of Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC) in Assam stands alive despite of the formation of the Gorkha Development Council (GDC) recently which donot fulfill the hopes and aspiration of the Gorkha populace of Assam’ said Jagadish Khanal, President AAGSU. During a press conference held at Gauhati Press Club today Khanal said so. 
He further added that, ‘This was decided in Sunday’s central executive meeting that in near future AAGSU will agitate for autonomous council and meet the union ministry besides the state cabinet’.
The central executive meeting held at its head office at Gorkha Thakurbari (Nepali Mandir, Paltan Bazar in Guwahati on 19th Dec 2010 Sunday in the evening welcomed the formation of Gorkha Development Council (GDC) whose members including Chief and Deputy Chief had sworn on 1st Dec 2010 in WPT Conference Hall Guwahati however AAGSU reiterated that the GDC since its process of formation till the date of swearing, it nowhere reflect the hopes and aspiration of the Gorkha populace of Assam as demanded by the AAGSU in the Gorkha Autonomous Council (GAC).
The leaders of the influential Gorkha students spoke on various state issues like Mega dams, NRC and inflation and inter border dispute. Stand of AAGSU on mega dams stands same with all the 26 democratic students’ organization of the state. Keshab Sharma Gen Secretary of AAGSU said that the students body rightfully demands upgradation of NRC phase wise but the process should be neat and clean and error free. ‘No genuine Indian individual including the indigenous Gorkhas of Assam under any circumstances should be left out in the NRC upgradation process’ added Mr. Sharma
‘Inflation in Assam has been record in few years which has broken the back bone of middle class and BPL families today. Government should immediately check this sky rocketing prices of essential commodities’ said Nanda Kirati Dewan Information and Publicity Secretary of AAGSU. He further added that price hike is the work of pro government anti poor agents and vendors those own and run syndicates in Fancy Bazar, Machkhowa and other parts of the capital and state and it is taking place right under the nose of the self successful proclaiming Tarun Gogoi government. We decry this inflation and we condemn the concerned ministry’s failure to check inflation. Mr. Dewan further added that interstate border dispute has harmed the peace and tranquility of the North Eastern state. We will not tolerate any more incidences like Langpih or Charaipung. State Home Ministry under the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi should take proper administrative initiative to immediately stop and resolve the interstate border dispute.
The central executive meeting declared the Gadmara Dekiajuli in Sonitpur conference being held under the banner of breakaway faction of AAGSU under expelled former AAGSU leaders Mr. Bhaskar Dahal from Amteka Chirang BTAD former Advisor, Mr. Krishna Newar from Namtola Sibsagarh former Vice President and Mr. Tharka Adhikari from Singri Dekhiajuli former General Secretary as unconstitutional as per the AAGSU’s constitution and protocols. All these three leaders have been expelled from primary membership of AAGSU in an extended executive meeting in Odalguri few months back after the disciplinary committee found them involved in unconstitutional activities against the protocols of AAGSU and the Gorkha populace of Assam. This committee under Mr. Dahal was declared unconstitutional and illegal by most of the former General Secretaries and Presidents of AAGSU and by the entire delegates of the session by passing a unanimous resolution in the Morigoan Special Convention on 2nd and 3rd Oct 2010 where the new central committee of AAGSU was constitutionally elected. The meeting also decided to celebrate its 35th foundation day in Tezpur with a one day colourful progamme on 26th Dec 2010.

Dalai Lama addressed Science seminar
qXdg amB© , H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& dV©‘mZ {dkmZbo ~m{har {df¶dñVwH$mo ImoO A{Z ˶g~mao {dH$mg Jaoa Ma‘ gr‘m‘m nwè¶mEH$mo N>& VWm{n, A{hbo n{Z AÝVa{dkmZ~mao ^Zo ~m{har {dkmZH$mo VwbZm‘m H$‘¡ {dH$mg ^EH$mo N>& AÝVa {dkmZH$mo {dH$mg hþZ Amdí¶H$ N>& Cnamoº$ Hw$am {dkmZ, AmܶmË‘ a {ejm~mao Am¶mo{OV AÝVaam{ï´>¶ gå‘obZH$mo CX²KmQ>Z Ad{Y ~m¡Õ Y‘©Jwê$ XbmB© bm‘mbo ^ZoH$m hþZ²&
gå‘obZH$mo CX²KmQ>Z Jaon{N> Y‘©Jwê$ XbmB© bm‘mbo {MÝVZ ^dZ‘m Am¶mo{OV H$m¶©H«$‘bmB© gå~moYZ JX£ ^Zo, dV©‘mZ e¡{jH$ joÌ‘m {dkmZ~mao Yoa¡ {dH$mg ^BahoH$mo N>& ˶g‘m àm¶… ~m{har {dkmZ~mao {dH$mg ^BahoH$mo N>& {^Ìr {dkmZ~mao {dH$mg hþZ ˶mo^ÝXm Amdí¶H$ N>& {^Ìr {dkmZH$mo {dH$mg ^E AmYw{ZH$ {dkmZH$mo {dH$mg nyU© hþZo Jwê$bo OmZH$mar JamE& Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$ambmB© gwZon{N> ˶g~mao narjU a ImoO JZ©w Amdí¶H$ N>& narjU a ImoOn{N> ˶mo am‘«mo hmo ^Zo ˶gbmB© ñdrH$ma JZ©wnN>©& ~wÕbo "‘¡bo ~moboH$mo Hw$ambmB© n{hbm {V‘rhê$bo ImoO a narjU Ja ˶gn{N> ~wPoa ‘mÌ Am’y$‘m bmJy Ja' ^Þo JW}& ˶g~mQ> ~m¡Õ Y‘©‘m Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$ambmB© Z~w{PH$Z a ˶gbmB© narjU a ImoO JZ} JaoH$mo nmBZo Y‘©Jwê$bo OZmE& {VZbo CnpñWV g‘wXm¶‘mP ^Zo, àmW©Zm Jaoa ‘mÌ empÝV hþ±X¡Z, Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$ambmB© H$m¶m©Ýd¶Z JZ© Amdí¶H$ N>&
Ym{‘©H$ Hw$ambmB© H$m¶©‘m CVmZ©w àmW©Zm JZ©w^ÝXm Ry>bmo hmo& ˶gH$mo {ZpåV Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$am~mao‘m ì¶mdhm[aH$ hþZ Amdí¶H$ N>& A{hboH$mo eVmãXr‘m {dkmZ~mao Yoa¡ {dH$mg ^BahoH$mo N> ^Zo ˶g~mQ> àm¶… ‘m{Zghê$bmB© gÝVwï> ~ZmCZo H$m¶© ^BahoH$mo N&
VWm{n, ~m{har {dkmZH$mo {dH$mg‘mÌ ^Zo S>abm½Xmo ahoH$mo Y‘©Jwê$ XbmB© bm‘mbo ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ Jao& {VZbo ^Zo, Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$amH$mo {dH$mg {^Ìr ê$nXo{I Z¡ hþZ Amdí¶H$ N>& ˶gH$mo {ZpåV ImooO a narjUH$mo Amdí¶H$Vm nN>©& ¶g~mao‘m CXmhaU {X>>±X¡ Jwê$ bm‘mbo ^Zo, ImoOH¡$ H$maU d¡km{ZH$hê$bo Hw$Z¡ n{Z {df¶~mao Yoa¡ kmZ hm{gb JZ© g’$b ^BahoH$m N>Z²& ~m¡Õ Y‘m©dmbå~rhê$bo n{Z ¶g~mao ImoO a narjU Jaon{N> ‘mÌ Ë¶gbmB© H$m¶m©Ýd¶Z JZ}  JaoH$mo XbmB© bm‘mbo OZmE&
Zm‘½¶mb BpÝñQ>Q>çwQ> A’²$ {Q>~oQ>mobOr a amÁ¶ gaH$maH$mo g§¶wº$ VÎdmdYmZ‘m Am¶mo{OV Cº gå‘obZ‘m Y‘©Jwê$ bm‘mbo ^Zo, g~¡ Hw$ambmB© Zam‘«¡ ‘mÌ ^Þ Zg{H$Zo a H${Vn¶ Hw$amhê$H$m n[a^mfmhê$ JbV ^BahoH$mo gÝX^©‘m {VZbo ^Zo, amOZr{VbmB© g~¡bo "Zam‘«mo' ^Þo JN>©Z²& ‘oamo {dMma‘m amOZr{V JZ} ì¶{º$ am‘«mo N> ^Zo amOZr{V am‘«¡ ^Ea OmÝN>& amOZoVmH$mo {gÕmÝV Zam‘«mo aho amOZr{V Zam‘«mo hþÝN>& VWm{n, amOZr{V OZVmH$mo {ZpåV Amdí¶H$ N>& amOZr{V Zam‘«mo hmoBZ àm¶… amOZoVmbo amOZr{VbmB© Zam‘«mo ~ZmEH$mo ‘mÌ hmo& ˶g¡Jar, d¡km{ZH$hê$bo n{Z Zam‘«m H$m¶©hê$ Jao {dkmZ n{Z Zam‘«mo ^Ea OmZoN>& ¶gH$mo AW© Hw$Z¡ n{Z Hw$amH$mo ApñVËdbmB© gH$mamË‘H$ a ZH$mamË‘H$ ~ZmCZ‘m ˶g Hw$amg±J g§b¾ ahoH$m ì¶{º$hê$‘m{W {Z^©a hþZo XbmB© bm‘mbo {dMma 춺$ Jao& AmܶmpË‘H$ kmZH$mo ‘mJ©~mQ> hm‘rbo AmâZmo MoVZmH$mo {dH$mg JZ©wnN>©& OwZMm{h>>± {dkmZ‘m{W AmYm[aV N>, {VZbo ^Zo&
Hw$Z¡ n{Z {df¶ ~wÂZbmB© àUmbrH$mo Amdí¶H$Vm nN>©& ~m¡Õ Y‘© {dkmZ, Xe©Z a ì¶mdhm[aH$ {df¶‘m{W AmYm[aV ahoH$mo Y‘©Jwê$ bm‘mbo OmZH$mar JamE& ¶g¡ ‘mJ©‘m’©$V² ~m¡Õ Y‘m©dmbå~rhê$bo Am’¡$bmB© ¶g joÌ‘m {dH$mg J[aahoH$m N>Z²& ~m¡Õ Y‘©H$mo B{Vhmg~mao OmZH$mar JamC±X¡ Jwê$ bm‘mbo ^Zo, 8-9Am¢ eVmãXr‘m ~m¡Õ Y‘© ^maV~mQ> ewê$ ^Ea {Vã~VV’©$ ’¡${b>>±X¡ JEH$mo A{Z nd©Vr¶ joÌ‘m nwJoa amo{H$En{N> {Vã~V~mQ> nwZ… ^maVV’©$ AmEH$mo hmo& ¶g¡ gÝX^©‘m XbmB© bm‘mbo ^maV ‘oamo Jwê$ hmo a ‘ {dídmgr {eî¶ hþ± ^Zo&
{g{¸$‘ amÁ¶~mao àH$me nmX£ XbmB© bm‘mbo ^Zo, {g{¸$‘‘m Yoa¡ Y‘© nmbZ JZ} ‘m{Zghê$ ~ñN>Z², OwZ ECQ>m am‘«mo Hw$am hmo& VWm{n, {g{¸$‘H$mo  gm§ñH¥${VH$ n[aM¶ {XZwnXm© ~m¡Õ g§ñH¥${V PëH$ÝN>& g‘mO g§ñH¥${V‘m{W {Z^©a ahZo hþZmbo ~m¡Õ g§ñH¥${VH$mo gwajm JZ© Amdí¶H$ ahoH$mo Jwê$bo ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ Jao& àmW©Zm Jaoa ‘mÌ Y‘© hþ±X¡Z, AmâZmo MoVZmH$mo {dH$mg JZ© Aܶ¶Z a {ejmH$mo Amdí¶H$Vm nN>©& {VZbo ^Zo, ‘ ¶hm± Ho$hr {XZ ~ñNw>& ˶gn{N> ‘ ¶hm±~mQ> OmÝNw>& ¶gW© ¶hm±H$mo g‘mO ~MmCZo {Oå‘odmar ^Zo ¶hm±H¡$hê$bo JZ©wnN>©& {H$Z^Zo, AmâZmo g‘mO‘m MoVZm ë¶mCZo {Oå‘odmar Am’¡$bo {bZwnN>©&
¶g¡Jar, H$m¶©H«$‘‘m {d{eð> A{V{WH$m ê$n‘m CnpñWV amÁ¶H$m amÁ¶nmb ~mpë‘H$s àgmX qghbo ^Zo, AmܶmpË‘H$ kmZH$mo {dH$mg‘m Z¡{VH$ {dkmZ ˶gH$mo AmYma hmo& AmܶmË‘m AZÝV hþÝN>& {dkmZ a AmܶmË‘m~mQ> hm‘rbo {díd~mao gm±Mmo kmZ hm{gb JZ©g³N>m¢& ¶gW© {dÚmb¶‘m n{Z {ejH$hê$bo {dkmZ~mao {dÚmWuhê$bmB© am‘«mo kmZ {XZ Amdí¶H$ nN>©&
¶g¡Jar, amÁ¶H$m ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>bo Y‘©Jwê$ XbmB© bm‘mH$m AmJ‘Zbo amÁ¶dmgr‘m MoVZmH$mo {dH$mg hþZo {dídmg 춺$ Jao& ‘m{ZgH$mo AmÝV[aH$ ‘ZbmB© ñdÀN> ~ZmCZo {ejm ECQ>m am‘«mo àUmbr hmo, {VZbo ^Zo& g~¡ Y‘© nmbZ JZ©nmBZo amÁ¶H$mo ê$n‘m {g{¸$‘ ECQ>m Z‘yZm amÁ¶ ~ZoH$mo à{V~ÕVm 춺$ JX£ ‘w»¶‘ÝÌr ndZ Mm‘{bL>bo ^Zo, ^JdmZ ~wÕH$mo "Aqhgm na‘mo Y‘©' ^Þo {gÕmZbmB© AnZmEa amÁ¶‘m H$m¶© ^BahoH$mo N>& Og‘m’©$V amÁ¶ h[aV {‘eZ 2006-ewê$ JaoH$mo ‘w»¶‘ÝÌrbo OmZH$mar JamE& ¶g {‘eZ~mQ> amÁ¶dmgrbo n¶m©daUH$mo gwajm,  ¶gà{V ‘m¶m a ¶gH$mo ‘hËd~mao kmZ nmBahoH$m N>Z²&
gå‘obZH$mo n{hbmo {XZ XþB© {dXoer d¡km{ZH$ dr EboZ dobog a [aMmS>© Oo. S>o{dgZbo Am-AmâZm H$m¶©nÌ noe Jao&
H$m¶©H«$‘‘m Y‘©Jwê$ XbmB© bm‘mH$m Xe©Z JZ© amÁ¶ {dYmZg^m Aܶj Ho$.Q>r ½¶mëN>oZ, ‘ÝÌr, {dYm¶H$JU a gaH$mar nXm{YH$marJU A{Z ~m¡Õ Y‘m©dmbå~rhê$ ‘w»¶ ê$nbo CnpñWV {WE&
Preserve nature- Dalai Lama
TT, Gangtok, Dec. 20: The Dalai Lama today urged the Sikkim government to keep the Buddhist culture alive in the state, citing the number of monasteries and the religious leanings of the people here.
“There are different religions in Sikkim. But as a whole the state has a Buddhist community with many monasteries. One important aspect of the Sikkimese identity is the Buddhist culture. Therefore it is very important to preserve it,” said the Tibetan spiritual leader.

The Dalai Lama was delivering the inaugural address at an international seminar on Science, Spirituality and Studies organised by the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology at Chintan Bhavan here.
He said there is a danger that people here will forget the Buddhist culture therefore the government must make a special effort to protect it not only through prayers but also through education.
The Tibetan spiritual leader also observed that Buddhist culture focuses on the community as a whole, while Buddhism as a religion is an individual matter.
He narrated how Muslims in Tibet follow their own religion but live a life guided by the Buddhist culture. “There is a Muslim community in Tibet. They follow their religious faith but their way of life is based on the Buddhist culture,” he said.
The Dalai Lama also expressed his happiness to be in Sikkim. “I am very happy and emotional to be here because Sikkim is very close to Lhasa. I was born in Lhasa and spent three-four years of my life there. I saw a lot of progress here,” he added.
During his speech, that lasted for a little less than an hour, the Dalai Lama said though Buddhism had reached Tibet from India, the Tibetans are the actual holders of the Nalanda tradition. “We have kept intact the real Nalanda traditions. We are the chelas of Buddhism and India is our guru. We share a guru-chela relationship and we are reliable chelas.”
Speaking on the theme of the seminar, an effort of the Sikkim government to bring together scientists and scholars to incorporate “moral ethics” into education, the Dalai Lama observed that ethics should not be based on religious faiths. It should be imparted using common sense. “We need to promote moral values but not through lamas, teachers or priests. We need to do it through scientific findings. It should be imparted in such a manner that the person should realise that the moral values will bring happiness to him and his family. If we tell them that the values are for religion then not many will listen.”
Chief minister Pawan Chamling said: “We are now focusing on quality education. Unless there is equal standard of education, we will not be able to fulfil our mission of equitable development.” He was present at the seminar along with governor B.P. Singh. A host of scholars and spiritual leaders from all over the world are taking part in the four-day conference that will end on December 23.

Sikkim subject certificate a different issue
qXdg amB© ,H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ A{Z {g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q> XþB© AbJ-AbJ {df¶ ahoH$mo a Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌbmB© {g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q> ~am~arH$mo A{YH$ma àmá hþ±X¡Z ^Þo {g{¸$‘ S>o‘moH«o${Q>H$ ’«$ÊQ> (EgS>rE’$)-H$m nyd© {O„m Cnmܶj Ho$.~r Mm‘{bL>bo ‘ÝVì¶ ì¶º$ Jao& {VZbo Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ a {g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q>bmB© ECQ>¡ VwbZm JZ©whþ±X¡Z ^Zo&
Amdmgr¶ à‘mU nÌ àmnH$ ì¶{º$bo {g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q> ~am~arH$mo gw{dYm ZnmCZo Cnmܶjbo OmZH$mar {XE& gÎmmê$‹T> nmQ>u {g{¸$‘ S>o‘moH«o${Q>H$ ’«$ÊQ>H$mo nyd© {O„m H$m¶©H$mar g{‘{VH$mo ~¡R>H$ Ad{Y ‘w»¶ A{V{WH$m ê$n‘m CnpñWV EgS>rE’$ nyd© {O„mH$m Cnmܶj Ho$.~r Mm‘{bL>bo AmâZmo gå~moYZ H«$‘‘m ^Zo, Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ a {g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q> XþB© AbJ-AbJ {df¶ hmo& ¶g {df¶‘m {VZbo nmQ>uH$m H$m¶©H$Vm©hê$bmB© ñnï> hþZnZ} AmˆmZ Jao&
{VZbo ~¡RH$‘m CnpñWV EgS>rE’$ H$m¶©H$Vm©hê$g‘j ^Zo, Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ ¶g^ÝXm n{hbmH$mo gaH$mabo n{Z {dVaU JaoH$mo {W¶mo& ˶g g‘¶ 5-6 hOma ‘m{Zghê$bo nmEH$m {WE& Va EgS>rE’$ gaH$ma‘m AmEn{N> 1995-Xo{I bJmVa J¡a-{g{¸$‘ gãOo³Q>Ymarhê$H$m {ZpåV g‘mYmZ ImoÁZo gaH$mabo à¶mg JaoH$mo OgH$maU 1975-H$mo 26 AàobbmB© AmYmadf© ‘mZoa Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ {dVaU JZ} gm|M ~ZmBEH$mo hmo& Amdmgr¶ à‘mU-nÌ àmá Jaon{N> amÁ¶‘m AZwàdoe‘m{W amoH$ bJmCZ g{H$Zo {VZbo Xmdr Jao& EgS>rE’$ ‘w»¶mb¶‘m Am¶mo{OV ~¡R>H$‘m Cnmܶj Mm‘{bL>bo ^Zo, nmQ>u Aܶj ndZ Mm‘{bL>H$m XÿaXeu Zr{V a H$m¶©hê$H¡$ H$maU amÁ¶‘m ¶{V bm‘mo g‘¶Xo{I nmQ>uH$mo H$m¶©H«$‘ a {dH$mg Omar ahoH$mo OZmE& ‘w»¶‘ÝÌrH$m ¶g H$m¶©à{V EgS>rE’$H$m g~¡ H$m¶©H$Vm©bo gh¶moJ nwè¶mCZwnZ} {VZbo AmˆmZ Jao&
¶g¡ H«$‘‘m nyd© {O„mH$m ¶wdm g§¶moOH$ Ed§ {dYm¶H$ ~r~r amB©bo ^Zo, nmQ>u‘m {e{jV ¶wdm VWm ‘{hbmhê$bmB© {bEa H$m¶©H$Vm©hê$ A{K ~‹T>ZwnN>©&
nmQ>uH$m H$m¶©H$Vm©hê$bmB© amÁ¶‘m ^BahoH$m J{V{d{Yhê$ ~mao‘m kmZ hþZnN>©& nmQ>u H$m¶©H$Vm©hê$ à˶oH$ ‘wÔm~mao‘m ñnï> hþZnZ} ¶wdm g§¶moOH$ amB©bo AmˆmZ Jao& AmO gånÞ ¶g H$m¶©H«$‘‘m nmQ>uH$m d[að> nXm{YH$marJU ‘w»¶ ê$nbo CnpñWV {WE&
Theft in Rhenock
qXdg amB©H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& nyd© {OëbmH$mo [aZmH$_m AkmV ì`pŠVhê$bo Ka_m Mmoar JaoH$mo g‘mMma àH$me‘m AmEH$mo N>& CŠV Mmoar [aZmH$H$mo ê$L>Xw“ {Zdmgr [aÝN>oZ XmoOu ^mo{Q>`mH$mo Ka_m 18 a 19 {Xgå~aH$m {XZ ^EH$mo Wmhm bmJoH$mo N>& nw{bg gyÌ~mQ> àmá OmZH$marAZwgma, ^mo{Q>`mH$m n[adma JV 4 {Xgå~aXo{I Z¡ Ka~m{ha {WE& O~ {VZrhê$ AmâZmo Ka \${H©$E {VZrhê$bo AmâZmo Ka_m Mmoar ^EH$mo Wmhm nmE& ¶gníMmV {VZrhê$bo ñWmZr` WmZm_m AkmV ì`pŠV{dê$Õ àmW{_H$s XVm© Jao& Amamonrbo KaH$mo _w»` àdoe-Ûma Vmo‹S>oa Mmoar JaoH$m N>Z²&
nr{‹S>V ^mo{Q>`mH$m ^ZmB©AZwgma {VZH$mo Ka~mQ> 13 hOma VrZ g` é{n`m±, ECQ>m S>r^rS>r ßbo`a, EH$ Vmobm gyZH$mo ECQ>m MoZ, 17 dQ>m {gë^a H$moBZ, ECQ>m _moVrH$mo hma,16 dQ>m ~hþ_yë` ñQ>moZ a AÝ` H¥${Ì_ ZoŠboghê$ n{Z Mmoar ^EH$mo N>& nw{bgbo AkmV Amamonr{dê$Õ Ymam 457/380 AÝVJ©V _wÔm XVm© Jaoa ¶g~mao Om±M ewê$ JaoH$mo N>>&
Body found in Namchi
qXdg amB© , H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& ZmåMr ~Oma_m EH$ l{_H$H$mo ed nw{bgbo CÕma JaoH$mo g‘mMma àmá ^EH$mo N>>& CŠV ì¶{º$ 26 dfu¶ _Z~hmXwa N>oÌrH$mo ê$n_m {MpÝhV J[aEH$mo N>& {VZr ZonmbH$m dm{gÝXm hþZ² ^Zo ZmåMr‘m l{‘H$H$mo ê$n‘m H$m_ JW}& nw{bg gwÌ~mQ> àmá OmZH$marAZwgma, N>oÌr 18 {Xgå~aXo{I AmâZmo ZmåMrpñWV Yå~w S>m±S>mH$mo ECQ>m {H$am`H$mo Ka~mQ> ~onÎmm ^EH$m {WE& {hOmo {VZH$mo _¥V eara ZmåMr ~Oma_m ^o{Q>`mo& N>oÌrH$mo _¥Ë`wH$mo H$maU Wmhm hþZgHo$H$mo N>¡Z& nw{bgbo KQ>Zm~mao Om±M J[aahoH$mo N>&
Women cricket training
qXdg amB© , H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& {g{¸$‘ {H«$Ho$Q> Egmo{gEeZH$m ‘{hbm Iobm‹S>rhê$ am{ï´>¶ñVaH$mo à{VñnYm©‘m A§eJ«hU JZ} bú¶gå‘ nw¾H$m {ZpåV Aä¶mgaV² N>Z²& "{H«$Ho$Q> ECQ>m CËH¥$ï> Iob hmo, hm‘rbo Am’y$bmB© g‘{n©V Jaoa Aä¶mg n{Z J[aahoH$m N>m¢, ‘{hbm {H«$Ho$Q> Iobm‹S>r {H$H$‘ ^mo{Q>¶mbo ^{ZZ²& "‘¡bo ñHy$bo OrdZXo{I Z¡ {H«$Ho$Q> Iobà{V Mmgmo amIoH$mo {W>E±, ¶g¡bo O~ ‘ ¶mo Iob Aä¶mgH$mo {ZpåV {g{¸$‘obr ‘{hbm {H«$Ho$Q> Q>mobrH$mo nj‘m Aä¶mg {e{da‘m AmE±& ^{dm n{Z ¶mo Iob‘m Ho$hr Adgahê$ N>Z² AH$m© Iobm‹S>r ny{U©‘m Jwê$L>bo ^{ZZ²&
{g{¸$‘ {H«$Ho$Q> Egmo{gEeZbo ñWmZr¶ VWm J«m‘rU joÌH$m CËH¥$ï> {H«$Ho$Q> Iobm‹S>r M¶ZH$mo {ZpåV amÁ¶H$m {d{^Þ à{ejU {e{daH$m Ho$ÝÐhê$ ñWmnZm JZ} à¶mg Omar amIoH$mo N>& ¶ñVm Iobm‹S>rhê$H$m g~¡ àH$maH$mo Amdí¶H$VmbmB© nyam Jaoa Egmo{gEeZbo ¶wdm Iobm‹S>rhê$bmB© àmoËgmhZ J[aahoH$mo N>& Egmo{gEeZbo amÁ¶ñVar¶ brJ å¶mMhê$ Am¶moOZm Jaoa {d{^Þ dJ©‘m IobmCZo n{Z JaoH$mo N>& "¶mo joÌ‘m {H«$Ho$Q> IobbmB© {dH${gV JZ} {Xem‘m hm‘rbo à¶mg Omar amIoH$m N>m¢, ¶wdm ‘{hbm A{Z nwê$f Xþd¡ dJ©H$m Iobm‹S>rhê$H$m {ZpåV à{ejU {e{daH$mo ì¶dñWm Jaoa Egmo{gEeZbo CËH¥$ï> Iobm‹S>rhê$ M¶Z JZ} à{H«$¶m Omar amIoH$mo Hw$am Egmo{gEeZH$m g{Md Q>rH$m gwã~mbo ~VmE& {g{¸$‘ {H«$Ho$Q> Egmo{gEeZbo amÁ¶‘m {H«$Ho$Q> IobbmB© g#mmbZ JZ} H$m¶© J[aahoH$mo N> ^Zo ¶mo g§JR>Z ~moS>© A’²$ {H«$Ho$Q> H$ÝQ´>mob A’²$ BpÊS>¶m (~rgrgrAmB©)- gXñ¶‘m AÝV^©wº$ ^EH$mo N>&
ñ‘aU ahmog², {g{¸$‘ amÁ¶dmgrbo Iobà{V Yoa¡ ê$Mr am»Zo JN>©Z²& amÁ¶~mQ> ’y$Q>~bH$mo joÌ‘m ¶gA{K Z¡ ^mBMwL> ^mo{Q>¶mbo amÁ¶, am{ï´>¶ a AÝVaam{ï´>¶ñVa‘m Z¡ Zm‘ H$‘mBgHo$H$m N>Z²& {VZH¡$ H$maU A{hbogå‘ amÁ¶dmgr‘m ’y$Q>~bà{VH$mo ê$Mr KQ>oH$mo N>¡Z& ¶g¡Jar, hmb¡ E{e¶Z Jo‘H$mo ì¶{º$JV à{VñnYm©‘m XoeH¡$ n{hbmonQ>H$ aOX nXH$ h˶mCZo {g{¸$‘o Iobm‹S>r Vê$UXrn amB©bo JXm© amÁ¶dmgr‘m YZwH$m±‹S> Iobà{VH$mo ê$Mr AP ~‹T>oH$mo nmB±X¡N>&
Land transfer of Sikkim University very soon
qXdg amB©H$mqc‘ݶzO, JmÝVmoH$, 20 {Xgå~a& amÁ` gaH$mabo AmJm_r XwB© _hrZm[^Ì {g{¸$‘ Ho$pÝж {díd{dÚmb` (Eg`y)-bmB© O_rZ hñVZmÝVaU JZ} àgmg J[aahoH$mo Hw$am àH$me_m AmEH$mo N>& X{jU {OëbmH$mo nm~moL> \$mQ>H$Xo{I `mL>`mL>gå_H$mo g‹S>H$ _mJ© V`ma hþZogmW Eg`ybmB© O_rZ hñVZmÝVaU JZ} à{H«$`m gånÞ J[aZoN>& hmb 27 {H$bmo{_Q>a bm_mo g‹S>H$ {Z_m©UH$mo H$m`© `wÕñVa_m M{bahoH$mo Hw$am X{jU {OëbmH$m {Oëbmnmb EHo$ qghbo OZmEH$m N>Z²&
ñ_aU ahmog², amÁ` gaH$mabo Eg`y {Z_m©UH$m {ZpåV X{jU {OëbmH$mo `mL>`mL>_m VrZg` EoH$a> O_rZ A{YJ«hU JaoH$mo N>& Eg`ybmB© O_rZ hñVmZmÝVaU JZ} {df`_m{W AmO {VZbmB© \$moZ_m\©$V gånH©$ JXm© {Oëbmnmb qghbo Eg`yH$m {ZpåV O‘rZ A{YJ«hU JZ} H$m`© g_má ^BgHo$ n{Z {deof `mL>`mL>pñWV àñVm{dV Eg`y {Z_m©U ñWb àdoe JZ} g‹S>H$ _mJ© {Z_m©U_m {T>bmB© ^EH$mo hþZmbo hñVZmÝVaU H$m`©_m dmYm CËnÞ ^EH$mo OZmE& {VZbo g‹S>H$ {Z_m©U gmW¡ àñVm{dV joÌ_m nmZr a {~Owbr nwè`mCZo H$m_ n{Z Mm±‹S>¡ g_má J[aZo OZmE& {VZbo Vr VrZ nydm©YmaH$mo A^md_m O_rZ hñVZmÝVaU JZ© C{MV ZhþZo ~VmE& {VZbo AmJm_r XwB© _hrZm[^Ì Eg`ybmB© O_rZ hñVZmÝVaU JZ} bú` {bEa H$m_ J[aahoH$mo Wn OmZH$mar {XE&
O_rZ hñVmZmÝVaU n«{H«$`m_m {T>bmB© ^BahoH$mo H$maUà{V AP ñnîQ> nmX£ {VZbo ^Zo, dfm©H$mo H$maU g‹S>H$ {Z_m©U JZ} H$m`© {ZYm©[aV g_`_m gånÞ JZ© g{H$EZ& dfm©H¡$ H$maU gaH$mabo {díd{dÚmb` {Z_m©UH$m {ZpåV O_rZ XmZ JZ} {dñWm{nV n[admahê$bmB© Ë`hm±~mQ>> hQ>mCZ g{H$EZ& {VZbo A~ nmZrH$mo _m¡g_ g{H$EH$mobo AmJm_r EH$ _hrZm{^Ì O_rZ XmZ JZ} 45 n[admabmB© O‘rZ Imbr JZ} Zmo{Q>g Omar JZ} OmZH$mar {XE& Va `g^ÝXm n{hbm gaH$mabo Vr n[admahê$bmB© nwZ… ~ñZo Mm±Omo {_bmCZo ~VmE& `gH$m {ZpåV {Oëbm àemgZbo amÁ` gaH$maH$mo {ZX}eH$mo à{Vjm J[aahoH$mo ~VmC±X¡ amÁ` gaH$ma~mQ> {ZX}e nmCZgmW nwZ… ~ñZo à~ÝY H$m`© gånÞ J[aZo ~VmE&
gaH$mabo n{hbm {dñWm{nV n[admabmB© ~ñZo à~ÝY JamCZo {df`bmB© àmW{_H$Vm {XahoH$mo N>Ÿ-{VZbo ^Zo& {dñWm{nV n[admahê$bmB© nwZ… ~ñZo Amdmg ~ZmCZH$mo {ZpåV nMmg EH$a O_rZH$mo Amdí`H$ ahoH$mo {VZbo Wn OmZH$mar {XE&
Trinamul job push for rail hero
TT, Jalpaiguri, Dec. 20: Northeast Frontier Railway officials will recommend an award for the mason who averted a disaster at an open level-crossing here yesterday.
A delegation of the Trinamul Youth Congress, whose leader Mamata Banerjee is the railway minister, has demanded that Sheikh Sultan be given a job in the railways for his bravery.
A four-member team of the NFR arrived at the Jalpaiguri Town station today to conduct an inquiry into yesterday’s incident in which the New Jalpaiguri-Haldibari Passenger jumped a signal and proceeded towards the station with a level-crossing gate yet to be closed. More than 20 people on foot, besides rickshaws and other vehicles were crossing the tracks at that time.
The team, led by the NFR’s area manager at New Jalpaiguri B.K. Mishra, also met Sultan at the office of the station manager, J.K. Bala.
Mishra wanted to know Sultan’s version of what took place yesterday. The team then went to the level-crossing and inspected the gates and the signalling system there.
The railway official later told reporters that he had come to conduct an inquiry into the incident following the instructions of the divisional railway manager of the NFR’s Katihar division. “We are happy that Sultan’s bravery and presence of mind prevented a major incident from taking place. I will recommend a reward for him,” Mishra said after a round of handshake with the mason.
Reacting to the demand for a job for Sultan, Mishra said it would be decided by his superiors. “I will send a report to the divisional railway manager at Katihar.”
Sultan, a resident of Haldibari, said he lived a life of hardship with his wife and two sons. “I will be really grateful if someone gives me a permanent job,” he said.
Contacted over the phone, the DRM of Katihar, B.L. Patil, praised Sultan. “His prompt action and stopping the train is indeed praiseworthy,” Patil said. He, however, refused comment on the possibility of Sultan getting a job in the railways.
Showcause soon for 423 teachers 
- Anomaly queries on job test scores & marksheets
TT, Jalpaiguri, Dec. 20: The school education department will slap showcause notices on 423 primary schoolteachers, asking them to explain the anomalies in their Madhyamik marksheets — suspected to be fakes — and in the scores in their recruitment tests, where they have been accused of getting more than they deserved.
The announcement has triggered a debate among the newly appointed teachers, who have demanded to know how, and on the basis of which logic, could they be made responsible for the marks they got in the job exams. “We had not marked ourselves, then why are we being held responsible?” a protester today said.
The Jalpaiguri district primary school council has received a letter, intimating it about the showcauses, from the deputy secretary of the school education department, S.C. Ghosh.
The chairperson of the council, Kallol Roy, said at a media conference here this afternoon that explanations had been sought from 423 newly appointed teachers as an inquiry committee set up by the department found various discrepancies in the marks scored in the job tests and in the Madhyamik marksheets.
“The official notices will reach these teachers within 10 days and they will have to answer to them within 15 days of receipt. The deputy secretary has stated in his letter that if the replies are not satisfactory or the answers not submitted within the deadline, the department will take appropriate action,” Roy said.
The results of the teacher recruitment exams were declared in July. A department inquiry was held the next month when allegations of nepotism were raised. It was then found out that there were serious anomalies in the marks the candidates received and in their Madhyamik marksheets as well. Elaborating, Roy said there were candidates who scored much more than what they deserved. “The inquiry committee also found anomalies in the marks received by many of them in Madhyamik after verifying from the secondary education board,” Roy said, avoiding questions on whether the submitted marksheets were fake.
After the inquiry committee submitted its report, the education department asked 16 teachers, of the 1,091 newly appointed candidates, not to report to duty. Earlier, this month, school education minister Partha De said about 320 more such teachers would be “temporarily suspended”.
In the evening, the members of an organisation formed by newly appointed teachers demonstrated at the office of the district primary school council and submitted a memorandum to the chairperson.
“We are living in constant fear of losing our jobs and we are not responsible for any anomalies. We will launch an intense movement if even one of us lose our jobs,” said Parthasarathi Chakrabarty, the secretary of the committee. “And about being showcaused for marks scored in the entrance exams, how can it be our fault? We didn’t ask them to give us marks. We don’t even know, how we were marked and by whom,” he said.
The Trinamul Congress and the Youth Congress have both demanded that the names of all the 423 candidates to be showcaused be made public.
In another development, Roy said the school education department cleared the appointments of 265 candidates whose letters had been withheld. “The department, while clearing 265 withheld appointments has not cleared 51 candidates. Five candidates were outright rejected,” Roy said.
Green, wild and special - 100 challenged kids at nature camp
TT, Garuchira (Alipurduar), Dec. 20: Special and orphaned children have come together for almost a week-long nature camp, whose organisers are determined to reach the spirit of adventure to lesser privileged kids.
The camp organised by the Himalayan Nature and Adventure Foundation began at eco complex in Jalpaiguri forest division — on the Indo-Bhutan border — from Sunday with around 100 children between 5 and 15 years.
Hnaf officials have claimed that they are the only organisation in the country that has been holding camps for challenged children for the past 21 years.
Boys and girls from various organisations in Varanasi, Calcutta, Jamshedpur and all over north Bengal are participating in the camp that will end on December 23.
Of the campers, 10 children are from Sriguru Home, an orphanage in Siliguri. The participants have been divided in 10 groups and they are stay ing in tents just below the Bhutan hills.
At the camp, the children will get to exercise, trek and watch birds during the day. They will also be told about the local plants and trees. In the evening, the campers will take part in cultural activities. Programme co-ordinator of Hnaf Animesh Bose said: “Organising such a camp is a tough job because looking after the physically challenged children is difficult. With the guides and other officials, the total number of people at the camp will not be less than 150.”
He added at least Rs 3 lakh is spent on the event annually. “We bear most of the expenses while nominal charge is taken from the campers,” said Bose.
The official said several organisations that sent the children in earlier years have said the camp benefits them.
“Organisations like the Kiron Society in Varanasi and the Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy in Calcutta are interested because they notice a huge improvement in the children’s abilities after the camp. Often the children can identify a bird just by hearing its call and they can identify trees by touching the leaves,” said Bose.
He added that every year children from different orphanages also join the camp.
“When the children from the orphanages see that the physically challenged children can do so many things, they are also inspired,” said Bose.
He said Garuchira, 85km from Alipurduar town, has been chosen as the camp location because of its beauty and also to give the people of the remote area a chance to earn some money.
The divisional forest officer of Jalpaiguri, Kalyan Das, said: “When the Hnaf officials came to me (for permission) to camp I did not believe them at first because the place is very remote. Now that they are holding the camp here, the eco centre will get more prominence.”
He added that the local youths would guard the place at night because three days ago wild elephants had damaged the water lines built for the eco complex.
Mom talks of ‘death’ politics then & now- Police say slain activist was PCPA member
TT, Raiganj, Dec. 20: The family of a victim of campus violence has observed that politics over bodies continues even 14 years later even as the SFI observed a state-wide strike today to protest the death of a student in a Howrah college on Thursday.
On July 31, 1996, Samir Debnath was shot dead during a clash between the SFI and Chhatra Parishad over the admission of Class XI students at Raiganj College. Following his death, the Congress and the CPM went all out to prove that the 17-year-old was their supporter and politicians swarmed his house with a flood of promises for the family, his relatives claim.
Sudharani, Samir’s mother, today said she recently saw on television the news of the death of another student (Swapan Koley) in a college violence. “The same kind of politics is being played out as was done with my son. The political leaders will soon forget his family. I am disgusted with this kind of cheap politics.”
Samir, the son of a farmer, used to stay with his family in Roypur, 3km from here. “He was the only one among our six brothers to clear the Madhyamik exams in 1996 and wanted to take admission to Class XI. He had filled up the form and went to the college to take a look at the list hung up by the authorities,” said his elder brother Tarun.
A clash broke out on that day between the SFI and the Congress with both parties using firearms, Tarun said. “When Samir tried to take shelter in the college office, he was shot on the head. We took him to the Raiganj hospital from where doctors referred him to Calcutta. I collected funds and hired an ambulance to shift him, but he died on the way,” Tarun said.
When Tarun returned with the body, there was a flood of sympathy from the SFI and the Chhatra Parishad. “Both claimed that my brother used to be their outfit member and asked us to allow them to take out a procession with the body,” he said. However, Tarun said as Samir was not a member of any party, he and the neighbours cremated the body.
“Both unions called bandh separately to protest his death. Thereafter in all programmes, the rival unions used to name the dais after my brother and both wanted our parents to be present on the dais. The leaders of both the unions promised jobs to one member of the family. But after a few months, they stopped visiting us,” Tarun recalled.
Ragging panel members resign
TT, Siliguri, Dec. 20: Two members of North Bengal University’s anti-ragging committee have resigned from their posts, sparking concern among students and prompting the Chhatra Parishad to call a strike on campus tomorrow to protest the alleged inaction against those accused of torturing their juniors.
D.P. Boot and Nikhilesh Roy submitted their resignations to vice-chancellor Arunabha Basumajumdar after the majority of the Executive Council members of the varsity voted down the recommendation to rusticate six senior students of philosophy for “physically and mentally tormenting” 17 juniors.
Milder punishments like suspension and expulsion from hostels, recommended for eight other accused, were also dismissed.
“The committee carried out thorough investigation for three days, collected evidence, took depositions and found 14 seniors guilty of ragging their juniors. The severity of ragging was such that the six seniors deserved rustication. The victims had approached the committee so that they would get justice but the offenders were let off without any punishment. This will encourage more incidents of ragging on the campus. It is no use remaining in the committee if recommendations are turned down,” said Boot, a member of the Executive Council as well.
According to varsity sources, some more members of the anti-ragging committee are planning to resign.
Several incidents of ragging in a varsity hostel came to light when a first semester post-graduate philosophy student wrote about them to the VC before leaving the campus on December 3.
Students, especially the new comers to the varsity, are worried now that the accused have been allowed to go scot-free after identification.
“Those involved in ragging are moving freely on the campus. We are feeling insecure,” a first-year student said.
A senior NBU official, however, said the vice-chancellor sent details of the ragging and the EC meeting that followed to governor and varsity chancellor M.K. Narayanan yesterday.
When the recommendations of the anti-ragging committee were dismissed by the EC, vice-chancellor Basumajumdar in a meeting on December 16 had hinted that he would intimate the governor about the development.
To protest the inaction against the accused, the Congress’s student wing, the Chhatra Parishad, has called a strike at the varsity tomorrow. “The CP strike has been called to protest the inaction against the offenders,” said Ronald Dey, president of the CP unit at the varsity.
The SFI, which controls the student union of the varsity, had earlier said it was against the anti-ragging committee as it had been set up without the UGC permission. The student wing of the CPM had also alleged that SFI supporters had been singled out and victimised by the anti-ragging committee.

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