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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Seminar of Sahitya Academy on writing at Delhi
KalimNews, New Delhi, October 9: Another interactive day for the writers of 71 countries was held in Rabindra Bhawan of Sahitya Academy at Feroz shah Road in New Delhi organised by Sahitya Academy . They are participating in the 3 days’ literary meet on historical legacy and writing on Commonwealth at New Delhi that started on 8th October. 
Sahitya Academy announced today to introduce Academy Award to young writers (of the age group upto 40 years )of 24 Indian languages from 2011.
On the second day there were different sessions in which several renowned writers of different countries presented their views on the present literary trends in their countries.  It was followed by interactive session and sharing of their ideas and views.  
It is reminded that Hira Chhetri of Kalimpong and Bimal Rai of Darjeeling are the two Gorkhas representing the Nepalese language writers in the Seminar. Hira is a writer as well as journalist while Bimal is the Bureau Chief of Darjeeling chapter of the only Nepalese colour vernacular daily News paper printed from Siliguri. During and off the session they met writers of all nations of all age groups and also with the Indian literary stalwarts too. Certificates were awarded to all the participants.
Sikkm CM visits homes
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, Gangtok, 9th October: Sikkim Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling visited the Balika Niketan, a destitute home for girl children below Tadoug Bazar, East Sikkim on the evening of 9th October 2010. The destitute home is run by Arithang Social Welfare Association through the fund provided by Social Justice and Empowerement Department, Government of Sikkim. There are at present 55 girl children in the home. The Chief Minister was accompanied by D.B.Thapa, Minister, UD & N.K.Pradhan, HD  Minister HRDD,  J.B.Subba, Secretary Buldings and S.K.Gautam, Housing   Secretary, Social Welfare  and councilors amongst others.
During the interaction with the government officials, ministers, urban local body representatives and the Arithang Social Welfare Association the Chief Minister directed the Secretary to work for preparing a policy through which such destitute home all round the state can be given adequate assistance by the government. A policy decision in this regard has to be taken by the government covering all the aspects like hygiene, medical aid, financial assistance etc., he stated. He also directed the Secretary, Welfare to prepare a detail report on the various destitute homes in the state and submit it to the Chief Ministers Office. The state government has started Mission-Poverty Free Sikkim and there are certain vulnerable sections of society which needs to be given special emphasis for achieving this target. They are old people who cannot work and who even do not have any one to look after them, physically challenged people who do not have any one to look after them, destitute children and etc, he said. Unless and until we work  for these people, Mission-Poverty Free Sikkim cannot be said to be achieved in real sense, the Chief Minister explained. The Chief Minister gave an example of a family of three in Aritar, East Sikkim which has touched him very much. The family has a mother who is deaf, dumb and is of unsound mind, the son is physically challenged and the ultimate wish of the father is that he should die after his wife and the only son. This is because the father is very much worried as to what will happen to his wife and son after his death. So, he wants his wife and son to die before him. These types of people have to be looked after, he stressed. He also directed the Secretary, Building & Housing to start the renovation of Balika Niketan as early as possible and also prepare a detail report and estimate on the various such homes all round the state.
Earlier representative from the Arithang Social Welfare Association expressing her satisfaction towards the government for the welfare activities placed certain demands like hike in the aid being given to the children, hike in the salary of the staff and free medical treatment to the children of the destitute home.
The Chief Minister also provided cash incentive to the teachers of the destitute home and to the society for running the home.
Bharati Tamang meets state chief secy
SNS, SILIGURI, 9 OCT: The AIGL president, Mrs Bharati Tamang, met the state chief secretary, Mr Samar Ghosh, in Darjeeling today. During the meeting, she again raised the demand to transfer the Madan Tamang murder probe from the CID to the CBI. She also expressed her party’s Opposition to the interim council being envisaged for the politically-restive Hills. Mr Ghosh arrived in Darjeeling on Friday on a two-day official visit ~ the first one since he assumed charge as the chief secretary on 30 September. 
GJM delegates meets BJP leaders
KalimNews: A 8 member GJM leaders are in Delhi for the tripartite talks to be held on 11 October. The team is led by Roshan Giri along with Dr HB Chhetri  L.B.Pariyar, Triloke Dewan comprises of Dawa Lama, Dipen Malay, Ashoke Lama and Hari psd Niraula During their stay in the Capital they met Sushma Swaraj and local MP Jaswant Singh.
Livelihood school inaugurated
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, Gyalshing, October 07: Area MLA, P.L.Subba inaugurated the Livelihood School for Computer Software for Yangthang Constituency at Panchayat Hostel, Gyalshing.
The chief guest in his address said that the present world is in need of skilled manpower and therefore the government under the leadership of  Pawan Chamling has taken up this initiative so as to meet up with the present world. Further, he said that Sikkim is only the state in India where government is providing multiple free skill development courses with financial assistance and loans to those who wish to set up their business. He also encouraged the trainees to practice speaking English during the course which is extra benefit that they can achieve.
B.B.Muringla, who was also the guest of honour in his speech, extended his best wishes to the trainees and urged them to make best use of the privileges provided by the government.
Earlier S.D. Dhakal the Chief Administrator, State Institute of Capacity Building, Karfectar, while delivering his welcome address said that the present world is the age of computer and the trainees after the completion of the course can run their computer business which is in great demand in the market. Further, he highlighted about the Livelihood School initiated by the government to make every youth capable and prepared to face the new challenges. He also informed the panchayats to send their candidates for the new course “Gentleman Grooming” initiated by the Capacity Building at Karfectar , which is slated to begin from first week of November 2010.
The programme was also attended by M.B.Rai, Chairman, Sikkim Milk Union, B.B.Bista, Up-Adakshya West District Zilla Panchayat, B.B.Subba, DDO (W), Pravaker, SDM, Zilla members, Nagar panchayats, Gram Panchayas and the trainees.
World media slams 'blunder-prone' Commonwealth Games
TNN, NEW DELHI: The Incredible India mood, briefly generated by the spectacular opening ceremony, has evaporated as far as the world media is concerned.
AFP's put out a report that's been picked by many big newspapers that begins by saying, "From 'toxic' pools to empty stadiums to faulty boxing scales, the first week of the Delhi Games has served up daily blunders that have deepened India's embarrassment. The event is the most expensive in the history of the competition, but could set records for another reason: being the most accident and gaffe-prone."
The Australian newspaper has carried a scathing article, headlined, "Games are running on empty: A poorly run event may spell the end of the contest".
Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph,London,is running a mocking series, "What's wrong in Delhi today?" The strapline says, "Empty stands, blocked lavatories, collapsing scoreboards, vomiting swimmers and striking officials, it's been a shocking few days for CWG organizers".
The Australian says, "In science, it's known as the observer effect: the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed. But, as the Commonwealth Games could soon discover, the same might also hold true for a phenomenon not being observed. The Delhi Games are barely being watched."
Canada's highest circulation newspaper,Toronto Star, has a report saying, "Commonwealth Games' latest bug: Concerns pool making swimmers sick".
Two comments published in Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper's website best sum up the mood abroad. One of them says, "We should leave this toilet bowl and come home!" Another one goes, "Yikes...And these clowns have nukes!."
The Australian report adds, "The Delhi Games are barely being watched. So empty are the grandstands at most venues that the Indian government has written to the organising committee ordering it to throw the event open, free, to schoolchildren. Even those few Delhites willing to pay for tickets are being thwarted. If it's not the lack of transport or overly zealous security deterring them from going to the Games (even house keys are being confiscated), it's the fact that when they queue for tickets, the venue box offices aren't working. This lack of enthusiasm is seeping through to every corner of the Commonwealth," the report says.
It adds, "Fiascos occur at every Games. But the unrelenting torrent of them in Delhi is wearing down even the hardiest and most enthusiastic of Games athletes and officials - and, dare it be said, journalists - all of whom are asking themselves whether this is still fun any more."
South Africa's Mail and Guardian report quotes Australia's chef de mission Steve Moneghetti complaining about the opening ceremony. "We were treated like cattle. It was disgraceful," he said adding that his athletes were forced to wait in searing heat before they appeared.
As for the comments, just sample these from Globe and Mail. One reader writes, "If you hold the Games in a cesspool, what do you expect?" One reader suggests that the entire Games should have been cancelled on lack of cleanliness. The Australian has also published a speculative story wondering if pigeons should be blamed for Delhi belly in the pool. It says, "The England team has also sought reassurances on the water quality, amid speculation that pigeon droppings may have contaminated the water. Pigeons are roosting in the rafters of the building and their droppings are visible in the grandstands.
"Insiders estimate that 40 of the 66 British swimmers competing in Delhi (representing, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have had stomach upsets, with varying degrees of severity."  

India outraged at Aussie cops’ ‘sick’ hate email 

ENS, News Delhi: Just days after a New Zealand TV anchor’s comments on the Delhi Chief Minister sparked off a diplomatic row, top Australian police officers have been caught in a racist e-mail scandal joking about the electrocution of an Indian train passenger and suggesting that it could be “a way to fix the Indian student problem” in Melbourne.
Police officers of the Australian state of Victoria circulated what the press there has called “sickening video footage” showing the death of the man, who was travelling on the roof of a crowded train in India, The Herald Sun reported today.
When the train stopped at a station, the man stood up and touched an overhead power cable. Onlookers screamed as he was electrocuted, showed the clip contained in one of the offending e-mails, the newspaper said.
The e-mail containing the video began circulating in the Victoria Police computer system and the racist comments were added.
External Affairs Minister S M Krishna has stepped in and South Block summoned Australian High Commissioner Peter Varghese to tell him that New Delhi viewed the revelations as “shocking” and a “matter of serious concern”.
Sources said Krishna took the decision to summon the Australian envoy after consulting Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who was briefed by Indian High Commissioner in Australia Sujata Singh over the telephone.
Said Krishna: “Implication of police officers in such behaviour, specially vis-a vis Indian community in Australia, is shocking and a matter of serious concern...such attitude has no place in any society. We understand investigations are already underway. We sincerely hope that apart from taking action against concerned officials, Australian authorities will also take necessary and effective measures to address concerns about safety of all people of Indian origin in Australia.”
Varghese said the Australian and Victorian governments — along with the Victorian police — condemned the incident in the strongest possible terms. “This is an email which is is unacceptable and it is completely contrary to the principles of respect and tolerance we seek to embed in Australian society,” he said, after meeting MEA’s secretary (east) Viajaya Latha Reddy.
Varghese said the Commissioner of Police in Victoria had said that he would be taking the matter “very seriously” and disciplinary process was underway. “It involves two officers. One officer has left the police force while the investigation was underway. The second officer is facing serious disciplinary charges,” he added.
In a statement, the MEA said that “it was conveyed to (the Australian High Commissioner) that such an entrenched bias among sections of law enforcers towards the Indian community is a matter of serious concern. Such behaviour and attitudes have no place in any society.”
The Herald Sun said it has discovered some of the force’s highest-ranked officers have been implicated in the scandal.
The e-mails probed by the Ethical Standards Department contain pornographic, homophobic, racist and violent material.
Chief Commissioner Simon Overland described the e-mails as “disturbing, offensive and gross”. This comes when the force’s command is trying to ease racial tension after a number of assault cases involving Indian students living in Melbourne.
“This is completely offensive and contrary to the views and values at the heart of the Victorian community — tolerance and respect,” said Victorian Premier John Brumby.
Federation of Indian Students spokesman Gautam Gupta said: “It is outrageous that police officers would joke about the death of anyone. This is humour in very, very bad taste.”


टाँसिएका छन् पोस्टर
पोस्टरमा छ
ङीच्च दाँत देखाएर हाँसिरहेको
नेताको फोटो
ढाकछोप गर्दागर्दै
छोपिन नसकेको कुटीलता
र जतनसँग ढाकिएको आडम्बर
छेउकुनाबाट चियाइरहेको छ।
हजूरआमाले नियालेर हेरिन्
प्रस्ट देखिन् तीखा बङ्गारा
यस्ले केही चपाइरहेको छ
हाम्रो सपना
हाम्रो जीवन
र एउटा सिङगो राष्ट्र ।
कहाँ लगेर जोगाउने होला
नातीनातिनाको भविष्य
सोचमग्न भइन् हजूरआमा
र आँसु पुछिन्।

आनन्दराम पौडेल
John Lennon the legend of BEATLES remembered on his 70th Birthday - 9 October  
 (Born 9 October 1940 – Died 8 December 1980)

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