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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

SDF clean sweep in GP bye election

Kumar Kancha's appeal for help on YouTube
My republica, KATHMANDU, Oct 26: Kumar Kancha, Nepal’s ace singer, remembered for his song “Jindagi ko ke bhara cha ra” is now fighting for his own life.
He is currently bedridden with paralysis at the S L Raheja Hospital in Mahim, Mumbai. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the singer appeals to his fans  and Nepali music lovers to help him financially.
  “For those who can help me financially, please do and for those who can’t I ask for your prayers,” he adds. Kancha, who hails from Dailekh, is living with his wife and two sons in Mumbai. “I have been bedridden for a month now. I have been left paralyzed from the waist down after a spinal cord operation. I hope to perform in front of you as before and ask for your monetary help,” he appeals. 
For financial support, well-wishers can go to Nepal Investment Bank and donate money in the account number 01205030283984.
Pistols seized from Bhutanese refugee 
RSS, JHAPA, Oct 26: The Armed Police, Beldangi Security Base Camp, seized two pistols and home-made alcohol from a hut of a Bhutanese refugee at Belgandi-2 in Jhapa on Monday night.
Inspector Suraj Chhetri said police seized two pistols and 60 liters of alcohol from the hut No. 4 of Khadka Subba.
A team led by Chhetri searched the hut suspecting that Subba might have kept illegally brewed alcohol and made the seizure. However, Subba managed to abscond. The seized pistols were handed over to Area Police Office, Damak, Tuesday.
Chettri said police destroyed the seized alcohol in the presence of local leaders and Camp management Committee.
Paul the World Cup octopus dies in Germany
AFP, BERLIN, Oct 26:  Paul the octopus, who shot to fame during this year´s football World Cup in South Africa for his flawless record in predicting game outcomes, has died, his aquarium in Germany said on Tuesday.
"Management and staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight," the aquarium said in a sombre statement. 
"Paul amazed the world by correctly predicting the winners of all Germany´s World Cup clashes, and then of the final," said Sea Life manager Stefan Porwoll.
"His success made him almost a bigger story than the World Cup itself ... We had all naturally grown very fond of him and he will be sorely missed," said Porwoll.
Paul beat the odds during the World Cup by correctly forecasting all eight games he was asked to predict, including Spain´s 1-0 win over the Netherlands in the final. For the prediction, two boxes were lowered into the salty soothsayer´s tank, each containing a mussel and a flag of the two opposing teams.
Watched by a myriad of reporters, Paul would head to one box, wrench open the lid and gobble the tasty morsel, with the box he plumped for being deemed the likely winner.
Paul´s body is now in cold storage while the aquarium decides "how best to mark his passing."
However, Paul´s fans need not despair. The aquarium has already been grooming a successor, to be named Paul like his mentor.
"We may decide to give Paul his own small burial plot within our grounds and erect a modest permanent shrine," said Porwoll.
"While this may seem a curious thing to do for a sea creature, Paul achieved such popularity during his short life that it may be deemed the most appropriate course of action."
Clean sweep by SDF in GP Bye polls
Prabin Khaling, KalimNews, Gangtok,26 Oct: Re-enacting its performance in the last  Panchayat Elections, the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front Party is all set to have a clean sweep in the ongoing  bye-elections to various Gram Panchayat Wards and the Zilla Panchayat Territorial Costituencies as well.
According to our Gangtok correspondent it became almost clear  on the day of scrutiny of nomination papers at various district headquarters today, that the SDF Party is going to win all the seats for which the bye-elections are being held, without contest as there is  no contest at any of these seats barring one.
 The DC East Mr. D.Anandan told that three out of total seventeen nomination papers were rejected while one nomination paper was withdrawn by the candidate.He told that out of a total of fourteen nominations for eleven GPU Wards in the East district, two nomination papers, one each in two GPU wards, were rejected after the scrutiny while one independent  candidate withdrew his nomination in another ward. Similarly, out of  two Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies, one was having two contesting  candidates and nomination papers of one of them was rejected.
The DC North  Mr.TN Kazi told that there were no other nomination filed for the  one Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituency and two  GPU wards in the  North district barring those filed by the SDF candidates and all of them were found to be correct.Similarly, in West district also, there were no other nomination filed for the six GPU wards in the district barring those filed by the SDF candidates and all of them were found to be correct.The DC West Mr .Santa Pradhan told that out of two Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies, one was having two contesting  candidates and nomination papers of one of them was rejected . However,  contest is expected to take place in the  Lower Tokeday GPU Ward in South district since there are still two candidates in the poll fray.The DC South Mr. AK Singh told that all of the Zilla Panchayat Territorial Constituencies and three GPU wards have only the ruling SDF Party candidates in the fray.
Sikkim girl holds second position in National Science Seminar

JmÝVmoH$, 26 AQ>mo~a&  am{ï´>` {dkmZ g§Jmoð>r 2010 _m {g{¸$_o {dÚmWuH$mo CËH¥$ï> àXe©Zbo amÁ`H$mo Zm_ am{ï´>`ñVa_m Jm¡admÝdrV ^EH$mo N>& JmÝVmoH$H$mo nmëOa Zm_½oc Jëg© (nrEZOr) gr{Z`a goHo$ÊS>ar ñHy$cco nwZ… EH$nëQ> am{ï´`>ñVa_m {g{¸$_H$mo Zm_ MMm©_m ë`mEH$mo N>>& ñHy$cH$s N>mÌm An©Um ~ñZoVco am{ï´>` {dkmZ g§Jmoð>r 2010 OñVmo CƒñVar àXe©Zr_m Xmoòmo ñWmZ àmá JaoH$s {N>Z²&
Cº$ am{ï´>` ñVaH$mo {dkmZ g§Jmoð>r_m amÁ`H$mo à{V{Z{YËd Jaoa nrEZOr ñHy$cco nm±Mm¡nëQ> {d{eï> ñWmZ AmoJQ²X¡ H$s{V©_mZ àmá JaoH$mo hmo&  ^maV A{Z {díd {dkmZ-hm_r hm± N>m¡? {df` Cº$ am{ï´>` {dkmZ g§Jmoð>r  2010-_m Xmoòmo ñWmZ AmoJQ>oa {g{¸$_ _{H©$EH$s N>mÌm ~ñZoVco AmO nÌH$mahê$g±JH$mo Hw$amH$mZr_m Am\y$cmB© `mo ñWmZ_m nw¾ n[adma, ñHy$cH$m {ejH$-{e{jH$mdJ© A{Z _w»` ê$n_m {dkmZ {df`H$m {ejH$H$mo _hËdnyU© XoZ ahoH$mo ~VmBZ²& gwlr ~ñZoVcmB© am{ï´ >ñVaH$mo {dkmZ go{_Zma_m nwaCZ A{Z amÁH$mo à{V{Z{YËd Jaoa nrEZOr ñHy$ccmB© am{ï´>`ñVa_m nwaCZ {ejH$ B^mZ XmoOu boßMmH$mo C„oIZr` ^y{_H$m ahoH$mo N>& {ejH$ coßMmH¡$ AWH$ àmgH$mo _cñdê$n nrEZOr ñHy$cco A{hcogå_ nm±MdQ>m am{ï´>` {dkmZ go{_Zma AÝVJ©V² Mma go{_Zma_m _hdnyU© CncãYr àmá JaoH$mo N>&
AmO ñHy$cH$mo {dkmZ à`moJemcm_m ^EH$mo ECQ>m nÌH$ma gå_ocZcmB© gå~moYZ JX£ An©Um ~ñZoVco {dkmZ {df` Yoa¡ H${R>Z Z^EH$mo `Ú{n `gcmB© cJZerc ^Ea AÜ``Z Jao Yoa¡ CncãYr hm{gc JZ© g{H$Zo ~VmBZ²& ^{dî`H$mo cm{J H$ñVmo cú` N> ^Zr nÌH$mahê$Ûmam gmo{YEH$mo àíZH$mo CÎma_m {VZco {M{H$Ëgm {dkmZcmB© Z¡ AmâZmo cú` ~ZmCZo A{Z EH$ g\$c ór amoJ {deofk hþZo _ÝVì` ì`º$ J[aZ²& gwlr ~ñZoVco {g{¸$_ gaH$maH$mo {dkmZ A{Z àm¡Úmo{JH$s {d^mJÛmam àË`ooH$ df© Am`moOZ JZ} {O„m ñVar`  {dkmZ àXe©Zr_m Xmoòmo ñWmZ A{Z amÁ`ñVar` àXe©Zr_m n{hcmo ñWmZ AmoJQ>oa am{ï´>ñVa_m ^mJ {cZo Adga nmEH$s {WBZ²& AmOH$mo {dÚmWuhê$ {dkmZ {df` ^Zon{N> S>amCZo A{Z AÜ``Z JZ© H${R>Z _mÞo {df`cmB© ZH$mX£ {VZco A{K ~VmEAZwgma, Ho$hr CncãYr hm{gc JZ©H$mo {ZpåV n[al_ a cJZercVm AmdíH$ hþÝN> A{Z Cº$ XwB© Hw$am nmcZ Jao {dkmZ {df` H${R>Z a Jmõmo ZhþZo Hw$amo_m OmoS> {XE&  
am{ï´>`ñVaH$mo Cº$ {dkmZ go{_Zma_m gdog _wÝÐmco àW_ ñWmZ A{Z An©Um ~ñZoVco Xmoòmo ñWmZ àmá JaoH$s {WBZ²& gwlr ~ñZoVco XoeH$mo {d{^Þ ñHy$c~mQ> AmEH$m {dÚmW©hê$cmB© n{N> nmX£ Xmoòmo ñWmZ AmoJQ²X¡ 12 hOma ZJX am{e à_mU-nÌ A{Z ñ_¥{V {MÝh hm{gc JaoH$s {N>Z²&
~§JcmoaH$mo {^ídoe^m[a`m BÝS>gpñQ´>c EÊS> Q>oZmocmo{OH$c å`w{O`_ ~§Jcmoa_m JV 8 AQ>mo~aH$mo {XZ ^EH$mo Cº$ am{ï´>` {dkmZ go{_Zma_m XoeH$m {d{^Þ amÁ`H$m {dÚmWuhê$co ^mJ {cEH$m {WE&
ZoeZc [agM© àmo_oga VWm AÜ`j grEZAma amdH$mo CnpñW{V_m gånÞ Cº$ go{_Zma_m gwlr ~ñZoVH$m {ejH$ B^mZ XmoOr© coMmco n{Z ^mJ {cEH$m {WE& Cº$ _hdnyU© CncãYr_m{W Iwer ì`º$ JX£ {ejH$ coßMmco nÌH$mahê$cmB© OZmEAZwgma, amÁ` gaH$maco {dkmZH$mo {d{^Þ {dYmhê$_m{W gmoY JZ} àeñV¡ Adgahê$ V`ma JZ©wnZ} ~VmE& amÁ`H$m Yoa¡ {dÚmW©hê$ `gàH$maH$mo am{ï´>ñVaH$mo go{_Zma_m nw¾ `mo½` a gj_ ^EH$mo R>ha JX£ A~ \y$Q>~c_m ^mBMwL ^mo{Q>`m, AmM}ar_m Vê$UXrn amB© gah {dkmZ {df`_m n{Z ECQ>m AmBS>c V`ma JZ©wnZ} ~VmE& nÌH$ma gå_ocZ_m JV df© 2009-H$mo am{ï´>` {dkmZ go{_Zma_m Xmoòmo ñWmZ àmá JZ} `g¡ ñHy$cH$s {dÚmWu Hw$ÄOmL coMm n{Z CnpñWV {WBZ²&
Wholistic Health  check up programme
J§JVmoH$& _w»`_§Ìr dm{f©H$ gånyU© ñdmñÏ` Om§M H$m`©H«$_ (Š`mM) {d{YdV ê$n go nyd© {Obm Ho$ {d{^Þ BbmH$m| _| H$b go ewé hmo J`m h¡& ewê$AmVr {XZ _| gmo_~ma qgJVm_ {Obm AñnVmb _| ñdmñÏ` Om§M H$amZo Ho$ {bE ^mar g§»`m _| bmoJm| H$s ^rS> bJr Wr& gw~h 9 ~Oo go ewê$ hþE ñdmñÏ` Om§M _| bmoJm| Zo ~S>o CËgmh Ho$ gmW ^mJ {b`m& gånyU© ñdmñÏ` Om§M Ho$ {bE {Obm AñnVmb _| Hy$b 14 {d{^Þ ñQ>m°b bJm`r J`r Wr& {Og _| g^r Am¡nMm[aH$VmE§ nwar H$aZo Ho$ {bE H$_©Mmar`m| H$mo V¡ZmW {H$`m J`m Wm& Am_ bmoJm| Ho$ Bg CnpñW{V {d{^Þ YmaUmAm| go ào[aV nm`m J`m& nyd© {Obm {M{H$Ëgm {Z[ajH$ Eg nm§S>o Zo H$hm h¡ {H$ bmoJm| Zo {M{H$ËgH$ VWm ñdmñÏ` {deofkm| Ho$ gmW {d{^Þ {df` na MMm© {H$& CÝhm|Zo ~Vm`m {H$ {H$gr Zo {g\©$ Xdm H$s _mJ {H$`m Vmo {H$gr Zo AnZo ñdmñÏ` Ho$ ñQ>oQ>g H$s OmZH$mar _mJr& _m¡Ho$ na g^r _o{S>H$m°b,ß`mam _o{S>H$m°b, Zm°Z _o{S>H$m°b (A{YH$mar), H$_©Mmar, J¡a gaH$mar g§JR>Z, n§Mm`V gXñ` VWm AÝ` bmoJm| H$s gh`moJ ahm&
{g{¸$_r bmoJm| H$mo ñdmñÏ` ~Zm`o aIZo H$s gaH$ma {H$ Bg _hËdnyU© `moOZm H$mo g\$b ~ZmZoo Ho$ {bE g^r Ho$ gh`moJ H$s Anojm ^r {H$`m J`m h¡& Bg go amÁ` Ho$ Zm_ am{ï´>` VWm AÝVam{ï´>` ñVa _| ñWm{nV hmoJm& dhr nyd© {Obm Ho$ AÝ` BbmH$m| _| gmåXm|J, gm§J, nm{H$_, a§\y$, àmW{_H$ ñdmñÏ` H|$Ð _| ^r Š`mM H$m`©H«$_ ewé {H$`m J`m h¡& dhr am|Jobr Am¡a [aZm°H$ Ho$ {bE g§`wº$ ê$n _| [aZm°H$ _| `h H$m`©H«$_ Am`mo{OV hmoJm& dhr {Obm AñnVmb Ûmam Bg Ho$ n[agodm Ho$ {g_m Ho$ 10 {H$bmo{_Qa Ho$ Xm`ao _| `h H$m`©H«$_ IwX g§MmbZ H$a ahm h¡& nhbr MaU Ho$ Bg H$m`©H«$_ H$mo {gJVm_ {Obm AñnVmb Zo 25 AŠQ>mo~a H$mo Jmo{bQ>ma qgJVm_, 26 AŠQ>mo~a H$mo em§{V ZJa Am¡a nmZr Q>¢H$s, 27 AŠQ>mo~a bmb~mOa Am¡a {MgmonmZr, 28 AŠQ>mo~a _ÝXra bmBZ qgJVm_ ~mOma, 30 AŠQ>mo~a MwbmQ>ma Am¡a gmdZo, 1 µZ§~§da Aßna qbMo J«m_ n§Mm`V BH$mB©, 2 Zd§~a bmoAa qb{M J«m_ n§Mm`V BH$mB©, 3 Zd§~a {nnb S>m§S>m qgJVm_ ~Oma _| ñdmñÏ` Om§M H$aoJm& Bg Ho$ gmW hr Xþgar MaU Ho$ ñdmñÏ` Om§M 15 go 23 Zd§~a VH$ {gadmZr N>b_Wm§J J«m_ n§Mm`V BH$mB _| g§nÞ hmoJm&
Shillong team in quarter finals
J§JVmoH$& Am°b B§{S>`m JdZ©g JmoëS> H$n \w$Q>~m°b Qw>Zm©_¢Q> Ho$ àr ¹$mQ>a \$mBZa amC§S> Ho$ A§{V_ _¢M _| {g{¸$_ nw{bg H$mo {ebm§J Ho$ bmOm|J \w$Q>~m°b Šb~ Zo ewÝ` Ho$ {dê$Õ Mma Jmob H$a  AmgmZr go ham H$a ¹$mQ>©a \$mBZb _| àdoe {H$`m& Iob Ho$ ewê$AmVr Xm| {_ZQ> _| hr bmOm|J Ho$ ZmBOo[aZ` {IbmS>r Ogu Z§~a 10 H$boMr AmoH$mo`r Zo nhbm gmZXma Jmob H$s& Bg Ho$ ~mX {Za§VZ VrZ ~ma {_bo  AÀN>m _m¡H$m bmOm|J Ho$ Xb Zo Jdm`m& Xþgar hm\$ _| ewê$ go hr {g{¸$_ nw{bg na Xdmd ~ZmZo Ho$ dmX Xmo ~ma {_bo _m¡H$m Jdm`m na 48 dm§ {_ZQ> na bmOm|J Ho$ {IbmOr Ogu Z~§a 17 Zo Jmob H$a Xb H$mo Am¡a _O~wV pñW{V _| nhþMm`m& Bg Ho$ dmX  60 d| {_ZQ> _| nwZ… AmoH$mo`r Zo Xþgar Jmob XmJm& Bg Ho$ dmX  85 d| {_ZQ> _| ñ~grQ>çwQ 16 Z§~a IobmS>r aogr H$mbm[a_mdmB Zo Mm¡Wm Jmob H$a Xb H$s {OV {ZpíMV H$s& >
Iob XmoZmo Va\$ go amo_m§MH$ hmoVo hþE ^r {g{¸$_ nw{bg Ûmam H$moB© Jmob Zhr H$aZo na CZ Ho$ g_W©Z _| dXu _oo§ hr ñQ>o{S>`_ _| CnpñW {g{¸$_ nw{bg Am¡a ñWmZr` Xe©H$m| H$mo {Zame hmoZm nS>m& H$b nhbm ¹$mQ>©a \$mBZb {W«ñQ>a Zonmb Ho$ Am¡a ~§Jmb _wå~B Ho$ ~rM hmoJm& kmV hmo H$s {nN>bo gmb ~§Jmb _wå~B© Zo W«r ñQ>ma H$mo nhbo hr amC§S> _| ham {X`m Wm& H$b Zonmb Ho$ {bE {hgm~ ~am~a H$aZo H$s {XZ ^r h¡&
Multi media campaign of SACS -136 AIDS patient in Sikkim
J§JVmoH$& amÁ` _| ~S>Vo EMAmBdr ES²>g go bmoJm| H$mo AdJV H$amVo hþE Bg go gwajrV ahZo H$s Cnm` gwPmZo Ho$ {bE am{ï´>` ES²>g {Z`ÝÌU g§ñWm (ZmH$mo) Ho$ N>ÌN>m`m _| {g{¸$_ amÁ` E§S²>g {Z`ÝÌ g_mO (ñ`mŠg) Zo AmO go amÁ` ì`mnr _ëQ>r {_{S>`m Š`månoZ 2010-11 ewê$ {H$`m h¡& `hm§ Ho$ EH$ ñWmZ`r hmoQ>b _| Bg Š`månoZ Ho$ ~mao _| {dñV¥V OmZH$mar XoZo VWm amÁ` ^a _| Bgo g§Mm{bV H$aZo dmbo gh`moJr g§ñWmAm| Ho$ à{V{Z{Y`mo Ho$ gmW {deof MMm© n[aMMm© {H$`m J`m& g_mO Ho$ n[a`moOZm {ZXoeH$ S>m°. ~r qgKr Zo  ~Vm`m {H$ Bg Š`månoZ _| _w»` ê$n go 15 go 29 gmb Ho$ C_a Ho$ ~rM Ho$ bmoJm| Ho$ gådoXZerb _mZm J`m h¡ BÝho EMAmBdr ES²>g Ho$ ~mao _| gOH$ ~ZmZo Ho$ CÔoí` go {d{^Þ _mÜ`_m| go OmJê$H$Vm àXmZ {H$`m Om`oJm& `wdm Ûmam `wdm Ho$ {bE Zmam Xo  H$a Bg H¡$ånoZ H$mo AmJo ~S>m`m OmZo H$s OmZH$ma Xr& {Ogo {d{^Þ à{V`mo{JVm Ho$ _m\©$V bmoJm| Ho$ I§S> ñVa go amÁ` ñVa Va à{VñnYm© H$aZo {X`m Om`oJm& BZ g^r à{V`mo{JVmAm| _| ES²>g Am¡a S´>½gamoYr g§Xoe hmoJm&  BZ g^r à{VñnYm©Am| _| M`Z H$a OdZar 2011 _| J§JVmoH$ _| J«m§S> {\$Zmbo {H$`m Om`oJm& {Og _| {dO`r bmoJm| H$mo aoS> [a~Z AmBH$Z 2010-11 H$m {IVm~ {X`m Om`oJm& Bg Ho$ gmW hr {Obm Am¡a amÁ` ñVa Ho$ {dOoVmAm| Ho$ nwañH$ma {X`m Om`oJm& Bg à{V`mo{JVm _o§ g§JrV, ZmQ>H$, Zw¸$S> VWm Hw$N> ^r {H$`m Om gH$mVm h¡&
H$m`©H«$_ _| Zohê$ `wdm H|$Ð Ho$ jo{Ì` {ZX}eH$ OoHo$ qb~w Zo Zohê$ `wdm H|$Ð Ho$ gmao H$m`©H«$_m| _o§ ES²>g go gwajrV ~MZo H$s g§Xoe XoZo H$s OmZH$mar Xr& dhr H$m`©H«$_ _| AmÜ`mpË_ OJV go ~«÷ Hw$_ma g§ñWm, àog {_{S>`m, [ah¡{dQ>oeZ g|Q>a Ho$ à{V{Z{Y, J¡a gaH$mar g§JR>Z, aoS> [a~Z Šb~ Ho$ à{V{Z{Y VWm ES²>g E§~goS>a VWm d[að> nÌH$ma g§Vmof {Zame  Ho$ ^r CnpñW{V Wr&
H$m`©H«$_ Ho$ ~mX nÌH$mam| go ~mVMrV H$aoV hþE S>m°. qgKr Zo ~Vm`m {H$ amÁ` _| A{^ 136 EMAmB©dr nmoOo{Q>d H$m nVm bJ J`m h¡& BZ _| go 28 bmoJm| H$s _m¡V hmo J`r h¡& _¥VH$mo _| 18 nwê$f Am¡a 10 _{hbm gm_ob h¡& Bgr àH$ma CÝhm|Zo ~Vm`m {H$ qOXm bmoJm| _| 89 nwê$f VWm 47 _{hbm h¡& CÝhm|Zo amÁ` _| EMAmBdr Ho$ g§doXZerb C_a Ho$ {hgm~ _| XoIm Om`o Vmo 20 go 39 df© Ho$ ~rM Ho$ bmoJ Á`mXm h¡& Omo 105 h¡& CÝhm|Zo 2012 VH$ amÁ` Ho$ gmao bmoJm| H$mo ES²>g Ho$ ~mao _o gMoV H$amZo H$s Xmdm {H$`m&

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