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Friday, October 1, 2010

Gorkha Tripartite talks on October 11... Pakhrin smells conspiracy in GRA ... Tshering Sherpa joins ABGL

KalimNews: The ninth tripartite talks between the Center, state and GJMM will be held on 11th october 2010. The official level talks will be held in North Block of New Delhi at 11.30 am,  the letter from the home ministry states. The eighth round of tripartite talks was held on september 9 and the ninth was supposed to meet on 30th September but postponed.
After this round of talks, the next round of talks would probably be the third  and final political level of tripartite talks in which  an accord will be signed.
The report card of home ministry issued today said that the fourth round of tripartite talks on the demands of the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) was held on September 7, 2010 and the next round will be held on October 11, 2010.
TT, Oct. 1: The next round of official-level talks between the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha and the state and the central governments will take place in Delhi on October 11, Union home minister P. Chidambaram said today.
Confirming that the party has been informed about the new date, Morcha general secretary Roshan Giri said in Darjeeling: “We have received a letter from the joint secretary of the ministry of home affairs, J.K. Chattopadhyay, informing us that the next round of talks will be held on October 11. We are expecting the talks to centre around the composition of the interim set-up, the election process and the transfer of the tauzi department.” The tauzi department looks after the land vested with the tea gardens.
IBNS, New Delhi, Oct 1  : Ban on bulk Short Message Services (SMSes) and Multi-media Messaging Services (MMSes) was extended till Oct 4 by the Government of India on Friday as a precautionary measure for maintaining peace after the Ayodhya title suit verdict.  
Pakhrin smells conspiracy in GRA
KalimNews: Dawa Pakhrin former GNLF leader who resigned and stayed to remain only in Bharat Navrajya Nirman Mahasangh said that the government of India and West Bengal has conspired to deprive Gorkhas to their legitimate right for a separate state. If Bimal Gurung signs in the accord of GRA , then the future of Gorkhas will be doomed forever along with his. Pakhrin is Vice President of the federation. 
Pakhrin addressing a press conference said that his federation will fight for creation of Gorkhaland in the national level. GJMM leaders are after the money and before being in the Interim setup body they have enriched their bank balances, he said. Pakhrin added, once they will be the in the power the government will grant surplus funds which will make them cold towards the dream of Gorkhas. He furher said that the problems of Ad -hoc staff of DGHC should be settled before the accord, it is the prime need.   
Mamata dares CM to visit Darjeeling 
TT, Calcutta, Oct. 1: Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee today dared chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee to visit Darjeeling, where he had not gone in “the last 10 years” and accused him of neglecting the hills.
Mamata was reacting to Bhattacharjee’s accusation at a rally here this afternoon that the Trinamul leader had visited Darjeeling earlier this week “to join hands with those who want to divide this state”.
At a rally of the CPM-backed Paschimbanga Ganatantrik Mahila Samity in Calcutta, Bhattacharjee said: “The Trinamul leader is visiting the hills and waving her hand at people who want to divide the state. Why did she visit the hills? What was her intention? Actually, she went there to join hands with those who want to divide this state. They are saying it’s for railway work. But railway work is being done only through advertisements in newspapers by spending lakhs of rupees.”
In response, Mamata said this evening: “I am tired of reacting to Buddha babu’s nervous outbursts. Now, he is attacking me for visiting Darjeeling. If he had some love for the hills and the people out there, he should have visited Darjeeling. But why didn’t he go there in the past 10 years? Is Darjeeling outside India?”
Accusing the CPM government of neglecting the hills for over three decades, Mamata said: “The state government has tried to create a divide between the people of the hills and the plains. Actually, Buddha babu is jealous of the very fact that I went to the hills and got a warm reception from the people there. He cannot tolerate people of the hills, as they don’t like the CPM. They have seen through the CPM’s game.’’
Even though Mamata accused Bhattacharjee of not visiting Darjeeling in the past 10 years, the district administration said the chief minister had gone to the hill town in February 2006 to lay the foundation stone of the Balasun drinking water project as well as to meet Subash Ghisingh, the then caretaker administrator of the DGHC. This was more than one-and-a-half-years before Bimal Gurung floated the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha in October 2007, bringing an end to the GNLF’s rule in the hills.
Mamata today said the hill people wanted peace to prevail there and she had got a “heart-warming reception’’ from them.
“The reception and the felicitation that I got from the hill people can never be forgotten. It was very heart-warming. I went there as railway minister and hence, didn’t hold any party rally. The hill people want peace, which the CPM doesn’t want. The party wants to create a divide between the hills and the plains. Seventy-two hours have elapsed since my visit. Have you heard of any trouble since then?” she asked.
Reacting to Mamata’s comment, CPM’s Darjeeling district secretary Jibesh Sarkar said: “The chief minister can always visit the hills if he wants to. Police are there to ensure his visit. But he doesn’t want to make the condition of the hill people difficult by going there as the Morcha is against our party and will create problems.”
TNN, KOLKATA: They may not be willing to face each other on the social platform, but chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and his bete noire Mamata Banerjee have never missed an opportunity for a verbal spar. Friday marked a fresh episode in the war of words between the CM and the state's main opposition leader. The Trinamool Congress chief offered a new pair of specs as a gift to the chief minister who went on record saying that the railway projects were only on paper.
It was Bhattacharjee who fired the first salvo, labelling Trinamool workers as a "bunch of anti-socials" and hitting out at her for her trips to Lalgarh and Darjeeling. Within an hour, Mamata retorted with a "besh korechhi, abaar jabo (have done it right, will go again)".
The attack from Bhattacharjee came at a rally called by the All India Democratic Women's Association. Mamata's reply came at a hurriedly called press conference.
The CM in his speech claimed that the Union minister's Darjeeling trip had nothing to do with the railways. "Did she go for any railway project? What project? They are in newspaper advertisements only. Every day new trains are announced, where they come from, where they go no one knows," he said.
Mamata clarified that she went to the Hills with a development package from the railway ministry and not under any political banner. "My party workers wanted to hold a public meeting at Mall, but I said no. I went there for the sake of development."
Hitting out at the CM, Mamata said, "Buddhababu please go and find out whether the projects are happening or not. Our projects are on in Dankuni, Noapara, Kanchrapara, Chittaranjan, Sankrail... You are getting angry since you can't do anything yourself. Apart from using bulldozer, CPM has done nothing in the past 34 years. Please don't get angry, Buddhababu. Let there be competition in work. CPM has neither mission nor vision. It only wants to cling to power. You couldn't do anything, but we have done. If you can't see the trains, I can gift you a pair of specs," she said.
The oft-repeated allegations on Trinamool's nexus with Maoists and GJM, was again heard from the chief minister on Friday.
"Why is she so friendly with the Maoists? Why does she want the central forces to be withdrawn from West Midnapore? The Maoists are killing our workers to clear the field for Trinamool to raise their flag. People of West Midnapore will not allow that to happen. With whom did you shake hands in Darjeeling? They want to set the Hills on fire and break away," he said.
Mamata, in reply, pronounced her love for people from the Hills and plains and then blamed CPM for violence in the Hills. "It has been 72 hours since I returned from the Hills and there has been no violence. Had he loved the Hills, he would have gone to Darjeeling. He hasn't done that in the past 10 years. It is the CPM which is behind all these separatist organisations," she said.
Accusing the Left Front government of neglecting North Bengal, Mamata said she will apprise the Prime Minister about the situation in the Hills during her visit to New Delhi over the weekend. 
Tshering Sherpa joins ABGL
TT, Oct 1: In the Morcha rival camp, Subash Ghisingh’s silence on the politics of the Darjeeling hills has prompted more leaders and supporters from the GNLF to join the ABGL.
A former GNLF councillor from Kafer in Kalimpong subdivision Tshering Sherpa, gram panchayat pradhan of Nimbong Kamal Katwal, and retired bureaucrat Tika Khati today joined the ABGL at its office in Ladenla Road this afternoon.
They were accompanied by ABGL vice-president Rajen Mukhia, a former GNLF leader from Panighata, in a 20-car motorcade that came up to the hills.
“Since Ghisingh is choosing to remain silent and has no political programme for quite some time, we have decided to quit the GNLF and join the ABGL. The politics of revenge and the chasing out of people from the hills should come to an end immediately. Everyone must work for the development of the hills,” said Sherpa, whose house in Kafer had been vandalised allegedly by Morcha members.
Khati, who was also chased out of the hills and presently resides in Siliguri, said: “We are trying to come back and restore the democratic rights of the people.”
Still fear in hills alleges congress
KalimNews:GJMM is blamed of not allowing congress party supporters to declare and pronounce that they belong to congress. During an interaction organised by Youth congress in different areas of hills congress supporters told that students could not join youth congress due to fear of their safety.Saurav Chakraborty state president of Chhatra Parishad and observer for the hill areas  and state congress leader Subin Bhowmick were told that fearing the attack of GJMM supporters they are not ready to take the risk. They sought their safety before joining the youth congress as they were asked to complete the membership drive by 4th october.
Sikkim University to capture oral history of Sikkim
Narrations from living legends on those early periods of Sikkim
Prakha, GANGTOK, October 1: Sikkim University has embarked on a mission to record the inherent wisdom and experiences of the older generation of Sikkim in digital format which will be archived in its library for posterity.
The mission, ‘Oral History’ project was started by the university in July earlier this year and the first episode containing history of Sikkim rendered orally by five senior citizens is now ready.
The Sikkim University vice-chancellor, Prof Mahendra P Lama said that the project is about recording, preserving and interpreting historical information based on personal experiences and opinions of the selected speaker. Under the project, the university will interview elderly citizens of Sikkim to talk about their experiences in varied areas of activities and ancestral incidents.
The vice-chancellor added that the project is an invaluable way of preserving the knowledge and understanding of older people and is an effort to preserve the history of Sikkim through the series and experiences of its residents.
“For the project, the university aims to speak to persons who are above 80, both women and men. These interviews will then be converted into a text format to be archived permanently. It will be carried out in various phases under different themes. The first phase has been completed which contains a jest of what we would be covering in the coming phases”, said Prof Lama.
The objectives of the project is to capture history of any kind on a oral narration basis, make use of such history for further research and restructuring development dynamics, linking past with present and projecting future, conserve cultural, social and resource heritage and reinventing and revisiting the past of Sikkim.
“Our immediate aim is to make people aware of rich and extraordinary divergent heritage both within the country and outside. The long term aim of the oral history project is to not only relocate our oral traditions and practices but also put the entire historical narrations in the national and global perspective”, said the vice-chancellor.
In the first episode prepared and unveiled on September 24, there are five speakers from various backgrounds. They are former bureaucrat and also a living history of Sikkim CD Rai, farmer Tshering Dubo Laripa from Sang, East Sikkim, Gangtok based businessman Motilal Lakhotia, farmer Hangu Bhutia from Sang, East Sikkim and Namgay Tasho, housewife from Gangtok.
In the episode, Rai (83) narrates on the early history of Sikkim during the 1940s in the backdrop of World War II and India’s independence. He mentions about lack of educational institutions in Sikkim due to the landlordism practices forcing students here to study in neighbouring Darjeeling region.
Rai, himself had studied in Darjeeling after elementary education in a private school at Namchi in South Sikkim. He also dabbled in politics at Darjeeling during the 1940’s before coming back to Sikkim after the Indian Independence.
Rai has given an interesting narration on how majority of Sikkimese were ignorant about the fact that India has attained freedom from the colonial regime and was in the process of integrating the princely states with the union. There was also low knowledge of organizational politics at that time in Sikkim, he remembers.
However, as Rai puts it, he could not give a complete narration on the pre-merger history of Sikkim due to paucity of time in the first episode and is looking forward to next episodes of Sikkim University to record the experiences he shared while playing an important part of the early political periods of Sikkim.
Rai’s son, Prem Das is currently the Lok Sabha member from Sikkim.
The first episode is of 20 minutes duration and will be stored in the university library here in Gangtok where any student or researcher can have access.
University authorities informed that the works for the second episode of the ‘Oral History’ project have commenced. The second episode would be covering more than 5 speakers listed in the first episode. The authorities said that the second episode would be more streamlined and specific to topics like education and agriculture of the past which was witnessed by the older gentry.
Legal Service training held
Prakha, Gangtok 1st October: The District Legal Service Authority, East District (DLSA) has Launched Six Day Long training of Para Legal Volunteers on 1st October 2010 at the conference hall of District Administrative Centre, Gangtok. The Six day long training was inaugurated by the Chief Justice Mr. P.D Dinakaran, Honourable Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim and the Patron-in-Chief, Sikkim State Legal Services Authority (SSLSA).
The main objective the training is to provide basic legal knowledge and human right awareness to the Gram Panchayat and the Zilla Panchayats as volunteers of the society. It aims that after acquiring the knowledge of legal rights they in turn will inform and educate the members of society about the benefits of rights which is provided them by the constitution of the country thereby creating an informed and educated society.
In his Inaugural Speech the Chief Justice urged the panchayats to be conversant with the basic knowledge of law and create awareness amongst the general public about their rights and responsibilities. It is a step of Judiciary to make justice access for all on socio political rights, he added. He said that educating the society about their legal rights is an additional endeavor of the Legal Service Authority towards the government policy of total literacy and education to all in the state. He suggested the assembled panchayats to take utmost benefit from the training and make people aware about their legal rights and duties.   
Judge, High court of Sikkim and the Executive Chairman, SSLSA and also the Guest of Honor Mr.S P Wangdi, express his happiness and appreciated the Panchayats for participating in the training programme. He said that knowledge of their legal right is very important for development of the society and this is an opportunity to grab the knowledge of legal rights.
He proudly informed the gathering that the two locally trained resource persons were invited to train about the rights to the trainees. He also introduced the resource person Mr. Dilip Pandey, Assistant Professor, Sikkim Government College and Ms.Yanjee Pinasha, Advocate, Namchi who had been professionally trained in the field.  
Earlier Mr. S. Lepcha, District and Session Judge and Chairman, SSLSA, East and North deliver welcome speech and vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Suraj Chettri, Secretary, DLSA East.
The function was also attended by Registrar General, High Court of Sikkim, District Magistrate, Gram Panchayats and Zilla Panchayats, Members of SSLSA, SDLA and Sikkim Bar Association, Officers of District Administration Centre and Sikkim Police.
A GAJAL क्षितिज समर्पण
हावामा अन्न फलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।
पानीमा आगो बलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।
रिसले आगोजस्तै थियौ, हतियार थ्यो हातमा,
आगोलाई गोली चलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।

मन्दिर गई ढुङ्गा पूजेर, पाप पखालिदैन,
दुनियाँलाई छलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।
भन कति दिन टिक्थ्यो, आखिर सब भ्रम न हो,
त्यो ढुङ्गालाई पलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।

धेरै ऋतुहरु व्यहोरी र सकेको,“क्षितिज”लाई,
एकैपटक ढलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।
कलम भाँचिदियौ, औंला काटीदियौ बिचराको,
र अक्षरहरु जलाउन खोज्यौ संभव भएन ।
+ पुन्मा—३ “एकान्त कुना” जाजरकोट ।
हालः बुलबुले एफ.एम.वीरेन्द्रनगर,सुर्खेत
Bhutan puts on hold controversial orders on foreigners
PTI, New Delhi, Oct 1: In orders that could have hurt its friendly ties with India, Bhutan had asked all foreign businessmen and workers in border districts to leave by today but the issue has been resolved with the move being put on hold.
Indian Embassy has taken up the issue with Bhutan government which has promised not to implement the orders, sources told PTI.
This has averted a situation where the "unique" and friendly relations between the two countries could have been affected.
Bhutan's Gelephu-based Regional Trade and Industry Office under the Ministry of Economic Affairs had issued a notification on August 24, directing all "trading sectors" in the border districts to "send back all the non-nationals" employed by them "out of the country" by September 30.
Towers on jumbo stretch- ramesh visits mow-down site at moraghat
Abhijit Sinha, TT, Banarhat (Jalpaiguri), Oct. 1: Jairam Ramesh today said watchtowers would be raised along known 44 elephant corridors as a first move to curb jumbo deaths on tracks in north Bengal.
The Union minister of environment and forests laid stress on forest initiatives instead of banking on the railways which have so far expressed inability to accept any proposals from Ramesh’s ministry.
“There were proposals like doubling of the other rail track (via Jalpaiguri-Mainaguri and Dhupguri to reduce pressure on the Siliguri-Alipurduar route) and halt movement of goods trains at night through the Dooars track. But right now, we need to make some sort of intervention, which is why we have decided to raise watch towers near the rail track on the known elephant corridors,” said Ramesh, who today visited Moraghat where seven elephants were mowed down by a goods train on the night of September 22. The spot is on the Siliguri-Alipurduar tracks and is not part of any notified elephant corridor.
These watchtowers will be manned throughout the night and information on elephant movement near the tracks will be conveyed first to forest superiors who will pass it on to the railways.
“There are 44 corridors, 20 of which are within forests (notified) while 24 are outside forest areas like this accident site. We are ready to bear the expenses for the constructions of these watchtowers. Regarding other areas which are not marked but elephants are known to be crossing the rail tracks we have asked for information from the state.”
When Ramesh accompanied by state forest minister reached Moraghat, the local people, including supporters of the Akhil Bharatiya Adivasi Vikas Parishad, expressed their anguish at Ananta Roy for not visiting the spot earlier. “You came all the way from Delhi but the state minister, who resides in Cooch Behar, did not bother to visit and has come here only today. How can we believe that the state forest department is serious in conserving elephants?” one of the local people said.
Asked on the railway ministry’s rigid stand, Ramesh said: “I have written to Mamata Banerjee and have talked to her today and will meet her in another couple of days. However, I want to make it clear the rigidity would not serve the purpose.”
He also instructed Atanu Raha, the principal chief conservator of forests of the state, to prepare a presentation. “I and the railway minister, along with officials of the departments concerned can sit together and the PCCF can make a detailed presentation of the elephant issue as well as probable solutions. The meeting will be fixed very shortly,” he said. 
Exit blot on SMC anniversary
TT, Siliguri, Oct. 1: Trinamul Congress councillors resigned from all the committees of the Siliguri Municipal Corporation today, the day the civic board completed a year in office.
While Trinamul leader Gautam Deb announced that they would no longer be part of the board any more, Congress mayor Gangotri Datta alleged that the Trinamul councillors seemed to have joined hands with the CPM to malign the board. She also ruled out her resigning from the post and dissolving the board.
Sources said the resignation of 14 Trinamul councillors from various civic committees would not have any impact on the functioning of the 47-ward SMC.
Deb said it was clear from the last meeting that the mayor wanted to run the board with the help of the Left Front. “When we wanted to expose the irregularities and corruption of the previous board run by the CPM, the mayor, instead of cooperating with us, was trying to protect the Left party. After completion of one year in office, the board, it seems, has deviated from its goal. If we continue with it, we will betray the common people of Siliguri who elected us. Keeping this in view, we have decided not to participate in the functioning of the board, unless they (the Congress) severed all ties with the CPM,” the Trinamul leader said.
Yesterday, the CPM leader of the Opposition in the SMC Nurul Islam said they were exploring the possibilities of tabling a no-confidence motion against the present board. Deb refused comment on the Left plan. “We don’t have any liability to rescue the board and we are not going to comment on what the CPM will do. Unless the present board is dissolved, there is no question of joining it,” Deb said.
Mayor Datta, who arrived from Calcutta this morning, ruled out the possibility of dissolving the board or her resigning from the post.
“Since the formation of the present board, all decisions have been taken after discussing them with Trinamul councillors. But it is unfortunate that the Trinamul leaders, instead of giving any constructive suggestions, criticised the board always. If the Trinamul councillors continue to blame us, I must say that they are with the CPM and are trying to malign our image. During the past one year, whatever we have achieved will be shared in a civic convention here on October 6,” she said.
Ex-CPWD official in graft net
TT, Calcutta, Oct. 1: The CBI’s anti-corruption unit today arrested D.K. Saxena, a former chief electrical engineer of the central public works department, while he was allegedly receiving a bribe of Rs 1 lakh and a gold chain from a contractor in Siliguri.
CBI sources said Saxena, who served in Siliguri, had retired from service yesterday. He went to the office today to collect the bribe from Subhankar Das, who was also arrested. Another contractor Debasish Ghosh, too, was picked up by the CBI for paying Saxena Rs 1lakh yesterday. The CBI also raided Saxena’s residence in Delhi’s Greater Kailash I and recovered Rs 1 crore.
Sourav visit
TT, Siliguri: Former Indian cricketers Sourav Ganguly and Mahinder Amarnath will flag off a road race here on October 7. Organised by the Baghajatin Atheletic Club, the race covering 15km will begin at Bagdogra and end on the club premises at Collegepara here. Cash prizes of Rs 1 lakh will be distributed among the winners.
Science show
TT, Siliguri: A show where students can see experiments with liquid nitrogen was inaugurated at the North Bengal Science Centre on Friday. Children can see the Cold Show that will be held once everyday at the centre by paying Re 1. “What we have introduced involves simple and fun experiments using liquid nitrogen that exists at a temperature of -196 degrees Celsius,” said R. Manigandan, the project co-ordinator at the centre.
Garden date
TT, Alipurduar: Ramjhora Tea Estate that has been shut since 2002 will reopen on October 9, said Jalpaiguri district magistrate Vandana Yadav. The garden with 1,140 workers is being taken over by Hind Tea Company that also runs Bamundanga and Shikarpur tea estates in the Dooars. The district magistrate said there would be no retrenchment and work under the NREGS would be provided to the workers of the garden.
Is Gorkha’s reconciliation in Nagaland the need of the hour?

NSCN IM cadres Pic: Arijit Sen
Gorkha Times; Associate Editor Mr. Rupak Chetri traces down the history of Gorkha’s sacrifice, patriotism and loyalty in socialist movement of Nagaland since days of Phizo till date and questions do the Gorkhas need to reconcile now.? Here is a thought provoking article which GT strongly feels that is the need of the hour to give a second thought without using our 6th sense. As the matter is very highly sensitive GT thinks that this article should be read as an opinion of the writer. GT stands by each word and every sentence here in published but necessarily does not advocate the embedded message in it.
History and Flash back:-
The British, who annexed Assam in 1826, constituted the Naga Hills district in 1866 and followed a policy of non-interference towards the hill tribes. As British supremacy in India ended, A Z Phizo, president of the Naga National Council (NNC) declared independence on August 14, 1947. Since then the Naga Hills have been in turmoil, and despite creation of a separate Nagaland state within India in 1963, the movement has continued unabated till now. A movement of which can be called as having aspiration and wishes of the denizens by and large.
The National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) was formed on January 31, 1980 by Isak Chisi Swu, Thuingaleng Muivah and SS Khaplang, who were all opposed to the NNC signing the Shillong Accord in 1975. But as differences cropped up, Khaplang moved out to form the NSCN (K) on April 30, 1988, with the original group coming to be known as NSCN (IM).
After six decades of an often dreadful, bloody, agonizing and sometimes tragic political journey, Nagaland - in terrible need of, and in unending search for a ‘very final political settlement’ that will hopefully usher in permanent peace in this land. And hopefully it has proved it by starting a reconciliation. The leaders belonging to National Socialist Council of Nagaland - Isak-Muivah or NSCN (IM), NSCN (K) and Naga National Council (NNC), have decided to work unitedly.
“Gorkhas need to take the path of oneness “reconciliation at the highest level needed”:
Gorkhas of Nagaland had sacrifice a lot during the national movement since from the time of NNC which was lead by Late Dr. A.Z Phizo and till date. Gorkhas of Nagaland have been loyal to the Naga friends and brethren who propagated secession from India right from the NNC movement.
One such instance of brotherhood and unity among the Gorkhas and Nagas came to my knowledge as my father narrated that we have done a lot during that time, even we gave many rice bags to the comrades, and also safeguard them from Armies in operation cause we are from same race, only the differences is the traditional and culture but inspite of that we are same as they. Also the bravery and valour of both the communities is being applauded world over till date.
Many Gorkha Comrades sacrificed their life in the Naga national movement movement, but a majority of names enlisted were of the Naga tribes, but the names of the Gorkhas were recognized later or the after by various NGOS.
There are many Factions but they have been united in the process of “Reconciliation”. Every Naga tribe applauds for the process but question arise will be our people who will unite among them, although our people who engaged in various faction, doing help to one another groups. certain examples are leading ahead it’s a different case, there are the Gorkha top leaders in NSCN –IM, as a TATAR ( Member of parliament) and GPRN NSCN (political Organizer) and having various Rank and File Members both are from different factions group , let not the time comes where our own Gorkha Brothers shed the blood among ourselves with misunderstanding . An appeal from us lets be united under the banner of RECONILATTION, but I wonders this jobs should be done by our prominent NGOs for quick resolved and round up development.
Need of the hour:
The dire need of the Hour is to play a mediatory role to ‘break the ice” for Gorkhas at different factions of Nagaland. Who will make to do so, it me, it’s you or the various Gorkhas, NGOs living in Nagaland? Already much delay has happened it has to be done at the earliest or else we bring peril to ourselves! (courtesy-


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