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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clipping of the scene just after the murder of Madan Tamang AIGL leader. Philip Eiffeil a French Tourist the videographer writes thus in French

Darjeeling?..A massacre can be drinking tea..the abstract
Under my window's oppposite, murder of a leaderof a party of  representatives of Gorkaland (Darjeeling) Madan Tamang. The morning was good with party music. A bizarre spirit reigned there, a security service that looked quite large with cops but a bit rustic with people (sticks and knives-symbols of state)...I dressed down to buy some fags when I heard two gunshots, a flock of wood, panic and the cops supposed not to shoot over their heads shot some, but seem to know who...last night I ate at a restaurant Free Tibet, the morning was bloody Gorkhaland . a thought for tea drinkers!   I preferred the early morning to be honest but the truth about the world in all its aspects ... we share the serenity and sweetness of life to the rhythm of flutes, gongs and other percussion and then... bam... a sound... and it kills not counting the five dead in rafting the day before.But do not worry I was escorted by a group of English finding a car to escape from Darjeeling to Siliguri because the situation is quiet there,  there is a curfew like situation here and all the curtains are down. That's what I did yesterday by hiring a jeep, then as fast as we 8 can we were down ... The family, sponsors and friends need not worry, everything will hopefully be alright as we were not the target ... I wonder what would expect in Burma.

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