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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Security tightened in Darjeeling...AIGL condolence meeting- low turnout..5 killed

PTI, Darjeeling: Security has been beefed up in Darjeeling with Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and police personnel posted due to Gorkha Janamukti Morcha's (GJM) proposed rally to demonstrate its show of strength after the brutal killing of Gorkha leader Madan Tamang. security measures have been made in the entire hill town to maintain law and order due to the GJM rally as police said they would take no chance.
Police was also posted in strength at North Point School ground, venue of the rally. president Bimal Gurung had earlier announced to gather five lakh people at tomorrow's rally as most of the political parties, particularly CPI(M), claimed that Morcha's support was diminishing after the angry protests following the murder of Akhil Bharatiya Gorkha League chief on May 21.

Meanwhile, a condolence meeting was held here this afternoon, which was attended, among others by GNLF, CPRM, BJP and allies of 7-party democratic alliance formed by Tamang.'s widow Bharati demanded arrest and exemplary punishment of her husband's killers.
An all-faith prayer was also held at the meeting. 
KalimNews adds: For the first time two GNLF leaders Dawa Pakhrin and Rajen Mukhia attended an anti GJMM public meeting in Darjeeling. AIGL President Bharati Tamang, R.B.Rai, C.K.Shrestha, Dawa Pakhrin, Rajen Mukhia, Renuleena Subba (former MLA) along with other leaders addressed the meeting. 
The turn out was poor compared to the enormous gathering of the funeral day procession of Late Tamang. Every speaker dared to speak against GJMM which didnot allow other parties except CPRM to hold any political meeting in the hills. Meanwhile a vehicle and 15 GNLF supporters armed with Khukuris were arrested by Police in  near Siliguri, later 3 with the vehicle was released. Police said that we do not know which party do they belong but people are prohibited to carry Khukuri and other arms. 
CID has preleminarily named 24 in its first report  in the Madan Tamang murder investigation case. Police has asked  either to close down or to remove GLPcamps in different areas and the message is conveyed to the different GLP Camps by the respective police stations. In Gorubathan about 200 GLPs are stationed. (Pix:ABP & Darjeeling Times)
C. K. Shrestha, the former Working President of Bharatiya Gorkha 
Parisangh at the condolence meeting today. Photo by Barun Roy. Click on 
the image to enlarge. Barun Roy, Himalayan Beacon, DARJEELING (Report & Pix):  All India Gorkha League today organized a condolence meeting at Upper Clubside where the late Gorkha League President Madan Tamang had been assassinated on the 21st of May. The meeting was attended by leaders and representatives from numerous parties and apolitical organisations including the leaders of the Gorkha League and the family members of Late Madan Tamang. 
People at the condolence meeting organised by the Gorkha League 
today. Photo by Barun Roy. Click on the image to enlarge. Among the prominent leader who attended the meeting were Communist Party of Revolutionary Marxist (CPRM) General Secretary Ratna Bahadur Rai, former Member of Parliament and Congress leader Dawa Narbula, D. K. Bomzan President, Gorkha Rastriya Congress, C. K. Shrestha, former Working President, Bharatiya Gorkha League, son of Late Charu Mazumdar, Abhijit. Mazumdar and the leader of the Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist) among others. 
CRPM General Secretary R.B. Rai (Second from Left - first row) 
along with Bharati Tamang (Fourth from Left - first row), the widow of 
Late Gorkha League President Madan Tamang and the present President of 
Gorkha League. Photo by Barun Roy. Click on the image to enlarge. The leaders during their address to the people condemned the assassination of the Gorkha League President calling it a ‘most daring act of terror’. A number of leaders also called for a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into the assassination.
The Gorkha League had previously requested the people and representatives of various social organisations to attend the condolence meet in increasing numbers. However, a handful of people were seen at the Clubside today. 
There was strong police presence and a number of vehicles were directed away from the venue. Speaking anonymously to ‘The Himalayan Beacon’, a prominent academician from the town said, “It is sad that the people have stayed away from the meeting. They are either afraid or simply disgusted from everything happening in the hills.” 
people gathered at Upper and Lower clubside during the condolence 
meeting organised by Gorkha League. Photo by Barun Roy. Click on the 
image to enlargeA. Dewan who had turned up to attend the meeting from Dali said, “The majority of the people in the hills are now awake. But there are no true leaders to lead them. If there has been a low turn out today the people cannot be blamed, it is these parties which have not been able to rise up to the occasion and stand up against Gorkha Janmukti Morcha. 
Pretty soon those who have risen up against the GJM would also once again begin to support GJM due greatly to the lack of leadership and in all probability Madan Tamang would have died for nothing, forgotten as are those who had fallen before him.”
An Exclusive Interview with Bharati Tamang, AIGL President wife of late Madan Tamang (from Darjeeling times- Saturday, 29 May 2010 14:20 : Gorkha League, the oldest party of Darjeeling hills unanimously nominated Bharati Tamang as the new party president. Bharati Tamang, wife of committed and fearless leader of Gorkha League, the towering personality, Madan Tamang, was the only person that Madan Tamang used to fear; says a close member of Gorkha League. Huge party’s responsibility and people’s aspirations have been shouldered upon the lady. The DT correspondent tries to construe her past and future commitments…
DT: Under such a grim situation, you have taken the huge responsibility of the party, what have you thought of ahead?
BT: Right now I am going through trauma; I have not been able to extend my homage properly to my late husband. However, I am compelled to engross myself now with the party’s activities, beside, so many family responsibilities.
I accepted the post of ABGL president to fulfill the wish of the people and the dream of my husband. Peace and harmony among the people of Darjeeling was the dream of my late husband. Our efforts will be on restoring peace and democracy in a civilized way not in a barbaric way.
However, I have not yet clearly outlined the future course of action, but we have Political bureau, which will decide the upcoming strategies of our party.
DT: Can you explain about the Political Bureau and the existing members?
BT: It is our core committee, consisting of eight members of our party. They are S Zimba, Laxman Pradhan, Pratap Khati, Mani Sharma, Manohar Dewan, S K Pradhan etc. We are constantly in touch and having several meetings, we are currently taking the people’s opinions.
DT: Do you think in the present context of the hills, approaching civilized way would be successful?
BT: This is the democratic country, we respect democratic system and every solution can be solved though dialogue, not terrorizing people. 
DT: What are your immediate programs?
BT: Tomorrow we are organizing a tribute program at the site where Late Madan Tamang was assassinated, which will be held in peaceful and disciplined manner, there will be no political slogans. Likewise, we have plans to observe such programs in many other places of the hills for the next forty nine days.
DT: Do you think that the funeral procession was exploited by other parties?
BT: To some extent yes! We had written the apt slogans and distributed to our supporters but as the funeral procession progressed it was beyond control.
DT: Do you have any counter program for GJMM’s May 30 public program? Like say Janta Curfew?
BT: We are in the state of shock…we are not bothered with GJM program; we do not want to confront with GJM. We don’t want to create chaos and enmity among our brotherhood; rather we would encourage unity among our people.
DT: If in case GJMM accepts Setup or Interim Council with greater territorial advantage will you oppose?
BT: Definitely we will oppose. This is the reason why my husband died. Any arrangement that bring us within the Bengal slavery, we will not tolerate.
DT: What did Ashok Bhattacharya, Jibesh Sarkar and Suman Patak say today during their visit at your home?
BT: They were here with condolences from the Chief Minister and assured that anyone involved in the assassination of Madan Tamang will not be spared.
DT: What would be the role of Democratic Front after the sad demise of Madan Tamang?
BT: That will remain as usual; it will have its own agenda. We will maintain our strong correlation as usual.
I also strongly believe in collective leadership as my late husband did, we can achieve only if we are united, we cannot accomplish anything single handedly.

Ma’am, since you are now a public figure, many of our people do not know about you properly, if you don’t mind, I would like to go into your past professional and personal life with regard to you and Late Madan Tamang.
DT: Can you tell us about your education and past professional career?
BT: I did my schooling at St. Teresa School, Darjeeling and graduated in Humanities from Loreto College, Darjeeling. Later when I was doing my B.Ed., I got the job opportunity at Government Press.
I was a govt. employee as a News Reader in Govt. Press Darjeeling under West Bengal government, situated near Raj Bhawan. I retired in 2006.
Darjeeling town is my birthplace; I was born in 1946 and married in 1975
DT: Did your husband have any objection on your professional career?
BT: I was working before I got married. Initially he had told me it is not necessary to do the job, but I convinced him that I should make a use of my education. So he left me to my wishes. Besides I always had so many responsibilities towards my family.
DT: Did you have any interest in politics?
BT: I was not so interested but when I listened and looked at my husbands’ activities towards the society, I always appreciated and I used to be encouraged.
DT: But in recent news we find that you never participated in the field programs but in any political program inside your house organized by your late husband, you always seemed to be active and supportive?
BT: Yes, after all it used to be my husband’s initiative, the good works for the society. I could not standby when my husband was busy.
DT: This signifies you are interested in politics?
She smiles….
DT: What are your interests or your hobbies?
BT: Knitting, gardening, cooking are the subjects of my interest…
DT: I never had an interview with Madan Tamang other than politics. What was your husband’s interest beside politics?

BT: He was a Naturalist too. He loved Gardening. He was an Arts student but his botanist friends used to consult with him because of his interest on plants made him so proficient on the field, especially rhododendron, we have here more than 60 varieties of Rhododendron. He was an expert on Tea too. He was fond of books. He bought books every place he visited. He has abundant amounts of books on various subjects of his interest.
He is also a member of Rhododendron society of England, National Geography etc.
He graduated from St. Joseph’s College, Darjeeling but his mark-sheet is still lying in the College, which he never required.
DT: What do you say about your husband Madan Tamang?
BT: He was so loyal a husband, he was always ready for any help, I never thought about procuring house hold matters. We hardly had any quarrels, he had very good understanding. He used to serve morning Tea every day... Can you believe, he would maintain the domestic work including cleaning of bathroom, serving foods to dogs etc. he used to call me ‘Rita’ as my nick name.
He used to lead very simple life. He was content with simple and plain food. He never took any cigarettes, pan, alcohols etc. that’s why he was a physically fit person.  He was very much disciplined, strict and sincere person.
His dream was to make a Garden in memory of his late parents, which now remains incomplete.
5 Killed in Sikkim road accident  
Prabin Khaling, Gangtok, May 29: Five persons were killed when the vehicle they were traveling skidded off the road and crashed some 500 feet down a cliff at Neya Baram between Yangang and Lingmoo under Ravangla subdivision in South Sikkim today.
Hejran Pradhan, Abishek Agarwal, Aron Tamang, Ongthen Bhutia and driver Surkraj Tamang were killed at the spot, said Superintendent of Police (South) Manoj Tiwari.
The incident occurred at around 1:40 pm when the vehicle (SK02A-3601) was proceeding towards Lingmoo from Yangang, said the police. All the deceased are from Yangang and are said to be between 16 and 25 years of age.
Abishek Agarwal had yesterday cleared the CBSE Class X exams with 51 percent. Antecedents of other victims are not yet available.
The bodies are presently being recovered from the cliff and would be sent to Singtam hospital in East district for post mortem, police said.
It is suspected that the vehicle had skidded off the road due to the foggy weather and slippery road due to the morning rainfall.
KalimNews: Kalimpong Press Club  was reconstituted in the Annual General Meeting of the club held today and the following members were elected as Office bearers for the next two years.President-Arun Kumar Rasaily: Vice President-Samten Kabo: Secretary-Arun kr.Rai: Asst. Secretary-Pradip Lohagun: Treasurer- Sujan Siral: Asst. Treasurer-Mani Tamang: Executive Members- Shanti Thatal, Manoj Rai, Kishore Bantawa and  Sekhar Subba: 
Working Committee-Coordinator-Hira Chhetri: Members-D.K.Waiba and Samiran Paul, Legal Advisor- Pravakar Dewan: Chief Advisor- P.R.Pradhan: Advisors- Kumar Chhetri, B.K.Shilal, K.P.Gautam, Sanjay Mintri, Suman Gurung and Zion Lepcha.
In the meeting reports were presented and amendments in the Bye-Laws were made and  future plans were shorted out. Membership to two new members were granted in the meeting. Mr. N.P. Thapa , Manager of Sunakhari Samachar was the Chief Guest and Mr. Zion Lepcha was the Election Officer while Pradip Lohagun conducted the meeting. 
Bengal ready for 'semi-final' today

PeoplePTI, Kolkata:Seen as a ‘semi-final’ before the 2011 state Assembly elections, the electoral battle for 81 municipalities in West Bengal will be held on Sunday.
For the ruling Left Front, which is in power in most of the civic bodies, it will be a litmus test after the string of electoral defeats since the 2008 panchayat polls and last year’s Lok Sabha elections. It is to be seen if it will reap dividends from the Congress-Trinamool split. For the Trinamool and the Congress also, it will be a test to ascertain if the individual strengths of the two parties can see them through.
The 141-ward Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has emerged as a bone of contention between Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and WBPCC President Pranab Mukherjee with the duo trading barbs thick and fast. The war of words between the Trinamool and the Congress started with the former unilaterally announcing its candidates for the KMC and offering its ally just 24 of the 141 wards. 
The Congress had demanded 51 wards, including the ones where it either came first or second in the 2005 KMC polls.
Banerjee had even accused the Congress of helping the CPM by dividing votes and taken potshots at them by claiming that her party was not in the UPA at the “mercy” of anyone, but on its own strength.
The WBPCC chief, on the other hand, criticised Banerjee for attempting to marginalise his party in the state. Mukherjee had questioned whether the Trinamool had won 19 Lok Sabha seats in 2009 on its own strength or with support from his party.
The two parties, however, have reached local level adjustments in some municipalities including those in Burdwan district.
West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacherjee, meanwhile, had also recently torn into the Trinamool Congress, accusing it of being a lawless party.
Interestingly, the civic polls will be contested at the backdrop of Banerjee’s claims of a possible
advancing of next year’s Assembly elections.
Of the 81 civic bodies, 51 are held by the Left Front. These include those in districts like North 24 Parganas where the Left citadel has crumbled. Of the 21 municipalities, Left runs the board in 19.
Poll hours:
7 am to 3 am (Voters to carry voter identity cards or any other valid residential proof)Counting and results: June 2
Important numbers:
State Election Commission — 2280-1392/ 5277/ 5805   Kolkata Police Control room — 2214-3024 / 2214-3230 / 2214-1310
Municipalities going to polls:
* Kolkata Municipal Corporation
* Hooghly district — Twelve muncipalities
* Burdwan district — Six muncipalities
* Birbhum district — Three municipalities
* Bankura — Three municipalities
* West Midnapore — Six municipalities
* East Midnapore — Two municipalities
* Howrah — One municipality
* North 24 Parganas — 21 municipalities
* South 24 Parganas — Three municipalities
* Nadia — Seven municipalities
* Murshidabad — Six municipalities
* Jalpaiguri — One municipalities
* Malda — Two municipalities
* Cooch Behar — Four municipalities
* Purulia — Three municipalities
All booths in Kolkata, Salt Lake high-sensitive
As Bengal goes to polls, security concerns are paramount in the state following police reports apprehending violence and bloodshed on election day. The CPM and Trinamool Congress had also expressed similar fears earlier.
The state government has, meanwhile, declared all booths in Kolkata and Salt Lake as highly sensitive.
“We are not taking any chances and are deploying forces to the maximum strength to prevent any untoward incident during poll day. For the past few days, strict checking at the borders of districts are being conducted,” said DGP Bhupinder Singh.
The state government, which asked for 135 companies of Armed forces from other states and the Centre, has got only 68 companies. Armed forces have already started patrolling the streets of Kolkata, including sensitive areas. Apart from CRPF, armed forces of Punjab Police, SSB jawans, Kerala Police and others have been pressed into action in Bengal.

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