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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Press Club of Sikkim to play football match against International Team

GANGTOK, April 10: The Press Club of Sikkim (PCS) will be hosting a friendly football match against a selected team of 70 international teams of  the Adventurists on Sunday at Paljor Stadium.
The international teams participating in ‘The Rickshaw Run’, a charity run organized by The Adventurists are presently rolling into Gangtok one by one in their colourful auto-rickshaws. Most of the seventy teams from various European countries which had started from Cochin, Kerela on March 28 are expected to reach the finishing line at Gangtok by tomorrow. 
Not contended with merely arriving at Gangtok after completing a 4000 km run, the tourists are determined to complete their adventure with a football match against the local journalists. The PCS has accepted their invitation to play the friendly match at Paljor Stadium on April 11. The match will be kicking off at 2 pm. The PCS has invited all the football lovers and its well-wishers to come to Paljor Stadium to witness a unique match and cheer for both the host and tourists’ teams. 
Vikash Pradhan, the Chief of Field Operations for South Asia of The Adventurists has thanked the Sikkimese people and State government for providing a warm reception to the international teams when they entered Sikkim. “We look forward for a great match and we request the people of Gangtok to see the media persons of the State of Bhaichung Bhutia play against us. 
Some of our team members have learnt great maneuvers while tackling the traffic on the Indian roads which will come handy in tomorrow’s match”, said Pradhan. The PCS is also looking forward towards the friendly match and its members today completed a four day practice session at Tadong government college ground.

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