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Sunday, March 28, 2010

GLPs' will self immolate if ..

KalimNews: Bimal threatened the State and Central Government of self immolation by GLPs if the sixth tripartite talks fail to come to grant any autonomous body in lieu of DGHC. While visiting the victims of Police atrocities in Sukuna he addressed GJMM supporters. He stated that GJMM in no circumstance will  bargain for the area claimed by it to be included in the proposed autonomous body and it is final. There was less people in the meeting with less enthusiasm and flocksof GLPs reports Ananda Bazar Patrika and Uttar Banga Sambad. 
In his address Bimal also threatened Ghising and advised him to remain silent.

Government will not hold Municipality election of Mirik Municipality.  In may Municipality election of 82 municipalities including Kolkata will be held in the sate. As per a Government source Municipality election of Mirik is postponed due to law and order problem in the area.  

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