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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alternative setup instead of DGHC is final

KalimNews:GJMM is confident that the alternative setup proposal proposed by both the Central Govt and State Government will fulfill the aspiration of the Gorkhas as an alternative to the separate statehood demand. It is bee confirmed by the statements made by Dr.HB Chhetri, spokesperson and Roshan Giri, General Secretary of GJMM.
It is evident that GJMM will agree to form a new setup by dissolving DGHC and probably by making an amendment in the Bill superseding the 1988 accord, in the present Parliament session. 
Opposing the proposal CPRM, ABGL and GNLF are now on the papers and yet to be in the action. CPRM has demanded disclosure of the content of the proposal by 10th March instead of 15th March as promised by Bimal Gurung President of GJMM. Bimal Gurung while in the first phase of starting his party had repeatedly promised that the dream of Gorkhaland will come true by 10th March 2010. Though GJMM party leaders had been trying to rectify this deadline was just to encourage the people , it is assumed that Bimal Gurung was confident of it till September 2009. It was reported that he is very much superstitious and he was told by a Guru who gave the name of the party and colour design of the flag of GJMM, that he will succeed in achieving Gorkhaland by 10th March 2010, so he can lead the Gorkhas and start a new party.
GJMM has been claiming that in the fourth tripartite talks held in December the Government came with  the setup proposal and it denied to talk about it and now they have forwarded another proposal of similar setup with more power. Political analysts and opposition leaders have opined that GJMM was quite clear about the proposal of the Government but due to the public pressure at that time it didnot dare to agree about it. Now it is trying to force the public to agree on it . It is also alleged that fearing an intra party revolt GJMM has almost restored most of the suspended party leaders.    

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