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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prof. M.P.Dahal  addressing the students (Above) and Renowned Folk singer Hira Devi Waiba Chief Guest  (below) presenting a folk number in the programme          Pix:D.K.Waiba
Shilda’s lesson for govt: Make up your mind on strategic and tactical objectives
K.P.S. Gill, the “Supercop” credited with crushing the militancy in Punjab, analyses for The Telegraph the Maoist attack on the Shilda camp as a field officer and notes down the lessons the Bengal government should learn to avoid a repeat of such strikes. On the invitation of The Telegraph during the Lalgarh operations by central forces last year, Gill had visited the region and written a four-part series in the paper titled ‘Truth about Lalgarh’
The trajectory of the Maoist challenge in West Bengal is a stark demonstration of both the Maoist strategy of expansion and the inability of the state and its agencies, despite long histories of experience and voluminous materials easily available on the subject, to comprehend this strategy.
Thus, while continuous and systematic Maoist consolidation was being noticed by independent analysts, including those at the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM), the leadership at Kolkata had its head buried firmly in the sand, insisting that the Maoists would fail to take root in the state because of the brilliance of the ruling CPM’s land reforms and policies of social uplift.

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